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2nd Salon "SANTORINI" - Awards

Last Update March 8 2019


ParticipantPhoto TitleAWARDCountry/Region
Sim KimPhengBELINDA AND NETGPU Gold MedalSingapore
BANGERA SURESHLady with a LampFIAP Gold MedalIndia
Eguz MeralMeral 813PSA Gold MedalTurkey
Yang LihuiOld woman of Yi nationalityGAP Gold MedalChina
Tommi MassimoLesson in ProgressGPU Silver MedalItaly
Pop OviChessGAP Silver MedalRomania
Huang ZhiwenJumpGPU Bronze MedalChina
GABRIELS SaraMauriceGAP Bronze MedalBelgium
Sarikavazi ParoulaPROSPATHEIA FYGISGPU Honorable Mention 1Greece
Mills John WilliamOn The Russian Frontline WW2GPU Honorable Mention 2South Africa
Zurmuehle MartinValley of LonelinessGPU Honorable Mention 3Switzerland
Sun ChengboTaoist natureGPU Honorable Mention 4China
Van Ham LeonWindy PathGPU Honorable Mention 5Belgium
Campbell LaurieLooking for ShelterGPU Honorable Mention 6United Kingdom
Jiang ChunhuiMy youthFIAP Honorable Mention 1China
Ly Hoang LongMy moustacheFIAP Honorable Mention 2Vietnam
debost danielSur les marchesPSA Honorable MentionFrance
Du Preez DereckLonely MarinerGAP Honorable Mention 1South Africa
Pichler ThomasOrangeGAP Honorable Mention 2Austria
Lie KristantoFemale RockerGAP Honorable Mention 3Indonesia
Home JuliaLove My DressGAP Honorable Mention 4New Zealand
manousakis manossirensGAP Honorable Mention 5Greece
Liu MingchuChildlikeGAP Honorable Mention 6China
Fang LveBoatingDiploma 1China
KOMODROMOU KOULAAutumnDiploma 2Cyprus
OConnell SueHerdsman at DuskDiploma 4United Kingdom
Laskowski RenjaAyla 031Diploma 5Germany
Yang LimingTogetherJudges Choice 1China
You LiangshiVisit the parental homeJudges Choice 2China
Donos CristianDefying GravityJudges Choice 3USA


ParticipantPhoto TitleAWARDCountry/Region
Palermo ClaudioOn the thresholdGPU Gold MedalItaly
Mills John WilliamStormy Great TrekFIAP Gold MedalSouth Africa
Vassilopoulos PanagiotisWater DancePSA Gold MedalGreece
Katergiannakis StefanosnostalgiaGAP Gold MedalGreece
Lie KristantoColibri on SunsetGPU Silver MedalIndonesia
RAVIKUMAR KISHOREStress free lifeGAP Silver MedalIndia
Yan JinglongAn unrestrained childhoodGPU Bronze MedalChina
Shen LianGrazing returnGAP Bronze MedalChina
Tan Lee EngBallet Lady 13GPU Honorable Mention 1Singapore
shenjie wuProtective colorGPU Honorable Mention 2China
Taher SawsanStudent lookGPU Honorable Mention 3Bahrain
Zou MeiKumutag Camel 2GPU Honorable Mention 4China
Kong WeiOutingGPU Honorable Mention 5China
Xu GuanzhongMorning songGPU Honorable Mention 6China
Taylor MarkConnemara mareFIAP Honorable Mention 1Ireland
JENKIN MALCOLMWooden PoseFIAP Honorable Mention 2England
YanBin WangAfrican girlPSA Honorable MentionChina
Stefanoni StefanoSirenaGAP Honorable Mention 1Italy
andersen soerenDog walkingGAP Honorable Mention 2Denmark
ALMESHAL AQEELIraqi Old Man BWGAP Honorable Mention 3Bahrain
Eskelinen JoukoSalla and Heikki 1 3GAP Honorable Mention 4Finland
BHATTACHARYA ARUNAVARural BeautyGAP Honorable Mention 5India
AlBusaidi SamirThe beauty of the desertGAP Honorable Mention 6Oman
Panhuyzen JackyHappy KidsDiploma 1Belgium
BARTHA CSILLASmileDiploma 2Hungary
Malliou EleniCastello a MareDiploma 3Greece
STIPSITS IBOLYAReziDiploma 4Hungary
Wong Yiu WahGirl 67BWDiploma 5Hong Kong
OU GUO JIANGBright ValleyJudges Choice 1USA
carver michaelThe powerJudges Choice 2England
Odenbach StefanThe cubeJudges Choice 3Germany

Category NATURE

ParticipantPhoto TitleAWARDCountry/Region
Murphy DeirdreThree little miceGPU Gold MedalIreland
Yue GangCareFIAP Gold MedalChina
fu weired in curvePSA Gold MedalThailand
CHAUDHURI ASIM KUMARCalotes catches a dragon fly 2AGAP Gold MedalIndia
Wang JianWater balletGPU Silver MedalChina
Yu ChangrenFightGAP Silver MedalChina
Pillik ManfredGrosser BlaupfeilGPU Bronze MedalAustria
Trout BrianAfrican StandoffGAP Bronze MedalUnited Kingdom
SenLiang LiAs fierce as a tigerGPU Honorable Mention 1China
Hinton SallyCheetah PortraitGPU Honorable Mention 2Australia
Liu XiaolingBirds in the heavenGPU Honorable Mention 3China
Li MingColourful mountain 1GPU Honorable Mention 4China
Du Preez DereckTwilight CocktailGPU Honorable Mention 5South Africa
Weller ClaudiaShake wellGPU Honorable Mention 6Germany
Laskowski RenjahaarigFIAP Honorable Mention 1Germany
Trevisani Riccardofishing in the ice holeFIAP Honorable Mention 2Italy
Hou FengLike a powerful armyPSA Honorable MentionChina
van Hauten MarkusVestrahorn morningGAP Honorable Mention 1Germany
Wu JianhuaEnjoy in the rainGAP Honorable Mention 2China
Panhuyzen JackyWhite CloverGAP Honorable Mention 3Belgium
Ho Ka WunElephant 1705GAP Honorable Mention 4Macau
Tagliani RobertoAll ToghetherGAP Honorable Mention 5Italy
Sveen AtlePoledancerGAP Honorable Mention 6Norway
Ramesh GouthamSmall CupidDiploma 1India
Kiss AndreaFallow deer in snowDiploma 2Hungary
Jiang ZhizhouMother and sonDiploma 3China
Wong Danny Yen SinArticDiploma 4Malaysia
Bind ManojIt is my perchDiploma 5India
Lu QuanhouLoveJudges Choice 1China
Schwinges KlausDelfine 11Judges Choice 2Germany
Txema Lacunza NasterraLes Roques PlanesJudges Choice 3Spain

Category TRAVEL

ParticipantPhoto TitleAWARDCountry/Region
Zhao JinlyMysterious Garden of EdenGPU Gold MedalChina
Wang HongshanGrassland eclogueFIAP Gold MedalChina
Ly Hoang LongHmong tailorsPSA Gold MedalVietnam
Jiang ZhizhouThe picture of winter grazingGAP Gold MedalChina
Yu FengliAfrican impressionGPU Silver MedalChina
Long Fengyingpainting on face30GPU Bronze MedalChina
van Hauten MarkusCave manGAP Bronze MedalGermany
BARUA RONYJourney 1GPU Honorable Mention 2Bangladesh
Aleksander CufarHouse 11GPU Honorable Mention 3Slovenia
Zou MeiDongjiang river covered fog 3GPU Honorable Mention 4China
Yang LihuiCeremonyGPU Honorable Mention 5China
Hua JiazhenHorses walking on the snow through GPU Honorable Mention 6China
Virgilio BardossiWinter eveningFIAP Honorable Mention 1Italy
Ament ElizabethPastel in MoraviaFIAP Honorable Mention 2Hungary
Huang XinghangWedding in the desertPSA Honorable MentionChina
Tong JiangchuanThe sea melted into the skyGAP Honorable Mention 1China
Li JianpngDakar PilgrimageGAP Honorable Mention 2China
Liu RishengCeremonyGAP Honorable Mention 3China
Tan Shenyanhave a good time togetherGAP Honorable Mention 4China
LEE WU TZUNGPagodas in morning mistGAP Honorable Mention 5China
Tilavgis EliasAlexanderplatzGAP Honorable Mention 6Cyprus
Helberg LiseVenice2Diploma 1Ireland
AL Mushaifri AbdullaVisit To Sultan Qaboos Mosque Diploma 2Qatar
Lanfeng ChenDepopulated zone 7Diploma 3China
Lemmens JefHappy womenDiploma 4Belgium
Chen XinxinThe Nenets9Diploma 5China
Janos SzaboSnow with iceJudges Choice 1Hungary
BHATI PINKESHwomen Judges Choice 2India
Cheng JungangThe passion of the desertJudges Choice 3China

A photographic salon opens its doors to all photographers all over the world. Every photographer amateur or not can participate in this photographic contest.

A photographic exhibition, in one photographic circuit with four salons and four categories each. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature and Travel, up to 16 photos per entrant.

In this photographic competition 500 awards wait the best photos of the photographers to be given to.

A Grand prize of 1 week accomodation in Greece!

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