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4th Salon "RHODOS" - Awards

Best of 4th Salon "RHODOS", HPS Plaque



Last Update 01.03.2015

Category "OPEN-COLOR"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Passuello Elizabeth Red Cherries UPI Gold Medal New Zealand
McKelvey Ross Red Shawl FIAP Gold Medal United Kingdom
ALAMRI MAJID Child Barabay PSA Gold Medal Oman
Forrester Les From Russia With Love HPSC Gold Medal United Kingdom
Al Sulaili Mohammed I Am Girl UPI Silver Medal Saudi Arabia
Gabor Kanovits Lipstick UPI Bronze Medal Slovakia
Hill Duncan S K Fredau HPSC Silver Medal England
Almutaghawi Fadhel Suspicious eye HPSC Bronze Medal Bahrain
haitham alshanfari Nature lines UPI Honorable Mention 1 Oman
manousakis manos jesus UPI Honorable Mention 2 Greece
khalid alsabt Traveler UPI Honorable Mention 3 Saudi Arabia
O Neill Morgan Kim UPI Honorable Mention 4 Ireland
alterkait abdulrahman Woods and students UPI Honorable Mention 5 Kuwait
Becker Werner Hammer Bridge UPI Honorable Mention 6 Germany
Schmitt Joachim Querlaeufer FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Germany
Hammer Jacqueline Exit FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Australia
Alkhamis Abbas Child Faces PSA Honorable Mention Saudi Arabia
Chen Jinghui WALKCLOUND Diploma 1 China
Weichinger Michael Aleska 2 Diploma 2 Austria
de la Torre Javier The Sands of Time Diploma 3 Spain
Mammucari Claudio Guglielmo Diploma 4 Italy
Bali Eirini FUTURE IN LINE Diploma 5 Greece
Wang xiaodong fishing Diploma 6 China
Beretta Lella la dama rosa Diploma 7 Italy
Alsaleh Mamdooh Grandson Diploma 8 Bahrain
Petryna Dmytro Girl with feather Diploma 9 Ukraine
Wong Beow Leng My image Diploma 10 Singapore
Selzer Klaus- Peter Innocent Judges Choice 1 Germany
Bhattacharya Nirmalya TALE OF SORROW Judges Choice 2 India
alzaabi yousef bin shakar alone in sands Judges Choice 3 United Arab Emirates


Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
aladawi Abdulrahman eyes UPI Gold Medal Oman
Srivastava Mukesh The Game Player PSA Gold Medal India
ALAMRI MAJID Sad look2 HPSC Gold Medal Oman
Almanwari Hamad Hope eyes UPI Silver Medal Oman
Kavanagh Teresa Sunbeam UPI Bronze Medal Ireland
al farsi haitham i love school HPSC Silver Medal Oman
Muneer AlBadawi Muhannad hand will not reach HPSC Bronze Medal Oman
chen Jingming Close touch UPI Honorable Mention 1 China
Montini Giulio Old man UPI Honorable Mention 2 Italy
alabdullatif hussam I see you UPI Honorable Mention 3 Saudi Arabia
Pustelnik Birgit Passion for the Railway UPI Honorable Mention 4 Germany
xiao shunqing The Heaven On Earth UPI Honorable Mention 5 China
Alharthi Jokha Puzzled UPI Honorable Mention 6 Oman
Alsubhi Ahmad My world FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Oman
khalid alsabt I will remain with you FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Saudi Arabia
Pudjoko John Hantoro READING PSA Honorable Mention Indonesia
almuhanna yousef poor HPSC Honorable Mention Kuwait
CHERN WEE SZE PAPUAN KID 1 Diploma 1 Malaysia
AlSiyabi Zuhair i am hungry Diploma 3 Oman
Alfheim Olav Inge Reine Diploma 4 Norway
Anas Aldheeb Hussin 1 Diploma 5 Oman
Wong Beow Leng Shy Diploma 6 Singapore
Yousef Mohammed Ali Minw Victim Diploma 7 Kuwait
Shabbir Ferdous Life Diploma 8 Bangladesh
Sawad Abdul Rab The Drum4 Diploma 9 United Arab Emirates
Hovelstad Hans Joergen melancholica Diploma 10 Norway
Almutaghawi Fadhel In need Judges Choice 1 Bahrain
Duncan Valerie The Engine Drivers Son Judges Choice 2 United Kingdom
BHATTACHARYYA SUMAN the afghan girl Judges Choice 3 India

Category "TRAVEL"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
TAY David PoeyCher Incense offering UPI Gold Medal Singapore
Al Sulaili Mohammed School FIAP Gold Medal Saudi Arabia
salehdashti saleh welcome my village PSA Gold Medal Kuwait
wen shuanghe The Bridge In Hometown HPSC Gold Medal China
Montini Giulio Cappadocia baloon UPI Silver Medal Italy
Traub Jasmin OLD MEN UPI Bronze Medal Turkey
haitham alshanfari The living HPSC Silver Medal Oman
Ebrahim Isa Jodhpur family HPSC Bronze Medal Bahrain
Sabzali Rashid Lines UPI Honorable Mention 1 Kuwait
Goh Kok Leong Jack Horse Leading UPI Honorable Mention 2 Singapore
Alfheim Olav Inge Reine XX UPI Honorable Mention 3 Norway
Amir Hossein Kamali Morn UPI Honorable Mention 4 Iran
BILLION LIM FIVE UPI Honorable Mention 5 Malaysia
BANERJEE SOUTAM Play Time UPI Honorable Mention 6 India
Loke Wolfgang Skogarfoss FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Germany
Herjanto Hendro Pray for Peace FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Indonesia
Schneider Gustavo Herman Friends PSA Honorable Mention Argentina
Nese Ari Comlekci HPSC Honorable Mention Turkey
BACLE jean claude Cordee au Mont blanc Diploma 1 France
Grachev Oleg Little monk from Mingun Diploma 2 Russia
Chen Xinxin African Impression Diploma 3 China
Teo Yong Kang Silent night Diploma 4 Singapore
Alruzeiqi Noufal man from Oman Diploma 5 Oman
Themistocleous Stamatis Wreck of the Edro III Diploma 6 Cyprus
Franke Luis Alberto Refugio en la montania Diploma 7 Argentina
Urso Marco The Fur Merchant Diploma 8 Italy
Hamed Hamed Drummer boy Diploma 9 Oman
Bin Eid Sulaiman Calm Diploma 10 United Arab Emirates
alghafri ali Fisherman From Taqh Judges Choice 1 Oman
Skuta Peter Unprepared Judges Choice 2 Slovakia
Nguyen Ngoc Thach Morning Mist Judges Choice 3 Vietnam

Category "NATURE"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Birkeland Tore Johan Summer Night UPI Gold Medal Norway
Csaba Daroczi Snowfall FIAP Gold Medal Hungary
Brennand Gary Cuttlefish PSA Gold Medal Australia
Olivier Margaret SURICATE LOVE HPSC Gold Medal South Africa
Fuernrohr Stephan Mt Fitz Roy Of Greenland UPI Silver Medal Germany
alterkait abdulrahman Dragon UPI Bronze Medal Kuwait
Hill Duncan S K Running Wolves HPSC Silver Medal England
Detzner Thomas Wolves HPSC Bronze Medal Germany
Jensen Roland Kingfisher Love UPI Honorable Mention 1 Denmark
DUNDAR YUSUF living in the end UPI Honorable Mention 2 Turkey
de la Torre Javier Stokksnes UPI Honorable Mention 3 Spain
Miller Mary Finch Looking For Food UPI Honorable Mention 4 USA
Frescura Giovanni wte fighting 4 UPI Honorable Mention 5 Italy
LIU MEILING Red fruitand young birds 02 UPI Honorable Mention 6 Taiwan
Anas Aldheeb Alhota 2 FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Oman
Ramsing Kristensen Henrik Squirrel eating from birch FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Denmark
Kruger Willem Mum with cub tail PSA Honorable Mention South Africa
discart chris eat a bite HPSC Honorable Mention Belgium
Coumbias John nature beauty Diploma 1 South Africa
CHAN HW Very comfortable Diploma 2 Hong Kong
Reiman Thomas Hanging On Diploma 3 USA
Becker Irene On the Wings of the Angels Diploma 4 Hungary
CHEUNG Koon Nam Sea Eagle and Eel 3 Diploma 5 Hong Kong
Voss Manfred List Diploma 6 Germany
SHI Qi Love between mother and son Diploma 7 Hong Kong
Chan Dany Flamingos Taking Off Diploma 8 Canada
Koepf Achim Schwaebisch Hall 37 Diploma 9 Germany
Karunaratne Asela Agression Diploma 10 Sri Lanka
Jourdain Roger Leopard and Dikdik No1 Judges Choice 1 France
Nyborg Bjorn Ole Frost Judges Choice 2 Norway
Lin Kah Wai Black-crowned Night Heron Judges Choice 3 USA

A photographic salon opens its doors to all photographers all over the world. Every photographer amateur or not can participate in this photographic contest.

A photographic exhibition, in one photographic circuit with four salons and four categories each. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature and Travel, up to 16 photos per entrant.

In this photographic competition 500 awards wait the best photos of the photographers to be given to.

A Grand prize of 1 week accomodation in Greece!

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