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3rd Salon "MYKONOS" - Awards

Best of 3rd Salon "MYKONOS", HPS Plaque



Last Update 14.07.2015

Category "OPEN-COLOR"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Nagawan Pimpin A Beauty UPI Gold Medal Indonesia
Patel Dilip J All honour to our lord FIAP Gold Medal USA
Palmunen JanPeter The Look PSA Gold Medal Finland
Herjanto Hendro Climbing Caldera HPSC Gold Medal Indonesia
ling yongxiong Morning 20 UPI Silver Medal Australia
Li Wenyuan Lights in Morring UPI Bronze Medal USA
Liu Shutian The Soul of Mountain HPSC Silver Medal China
jathan prasad DISTURBED UPI Honorable Mention 1 India
Hammer Jacqueline Exit UPI Honorable Mention 2 Australia
CHERN WEE SZE LIGHT THE CANDLE UPI Honorable Mention 3 Malaysia
LYBAERT Daniel Landschap en fietser UPI Honorable Mention 4 Netherlands
LIU MEILING Illusory and true UPI Honorable Mention 5 Taiwan
Larsen Jorun Redhead UPI Honorable Mention 6 Norway
Wild Cheryl The Long Journey Home FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Wales
li xunlei prairie in spring FIAP Honorable Mention 2 China
De Wilde Eddy Anadipsie 4 PSA Honorable Mention Belgium
wen shuanghe Something Happy Happened In Family HPSC Honorable Mention China
Menegazzo Giulio Copengnen Diploma 2 Italy
Bhattacharya Nirmalya TALE OF SORROW Diploma 3 India
Xinfa Zhou NO TITLE GIVEN Diploma 4 China
Brownen Niall Lay Me Down Diploma 5 Ireland
Persano Antonio His way Diploma 6 Italy
Ganahl Andreas Two Faces Diploma 7 Austria
KABIR SYED RABIUL Reflections Diploma 8 India
Montini Giulio The gladiator 1 Diploma 9 Italy
Mohan Astro You cant beat me Diploma 10 India
Jozef Aerts Crested macaques Judges Choice 1 Belgium
Amaratunge Wimal Lights and Rhythm Judges Choice 2 Sri Lanka
Wolf Martina Missy gibt alles Judges Choice 3 Germany


Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Alsubhi Ahmad My world UPI Gold Medal Oman
Mukherji Subhranghshu Past Memories FIAP Gold Medal India
Brammall Raymond Reclining Nude PSA Gold Medal United Kingdom
Wood Annette Train Travellers HPSC Gold Medal Australia
Frenzel Volker Stairway UPI Silver Medal Germany
BANERJEE ABHIJIT Net Work UPI Bronze Medal India
Anas Aldheeb Hussin 1 HPSC Silver Medal Oman
Srivastava Mukesh The Game Player HPSC Bronze Medal India
ling yongxiong Morning 21 UPI Honorable Mention 1 Australia
Charteris Mark Stephen Abbey and aileen UPI Honorable Mention 2 Australia
Das Avishek The 3D Walk UPI Honorable Mention 3 India
Cufar Aleksander Prelet-XBW UPI Honorable Mention 4 Slovenia
Becker Irene The Veil UPI Honorable Mention 5 Hungary
Gabor Kanovits Barni UPI Honorable Mention 6 Slovakia
Pustelnik Birgit Passion for the Railway FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Germany
Volokh Anatoliy rebirth of life FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Ukraine
SARKAR SANGHAMITRA Lost in the world of mask men PSA Honorable Mention India
Palmer Leo Ed Tram Driver HPSC Honorable Mention England
Strudwick Michelle Opposites Diploma 1 Australia
Godec Rok Dangerous sky Diploma 2 Slovenia
xiao shunqing The Heaven On Earth Diploma 3 China
phuoc nguyen vu Childhood time Diploma 4 Vietnam
Nese Ari Reflection 2 Diploma 5 Turkey
Mohanraj Arun Ballet in a box Diploma 6 United Kingdom
Acar Akin head-to-head Diploma 7 Turkey
Almotasam albaloshi fall hard Diploma 8 Oman
Dybesland Bente R Alone in the desert Diploma 9 Norway
Herjanto Hendro A Long Way to Home Diploma 10 Indonesia
AlSiyabi Zuhair i am hungry Judges Choice 1 Oman
Schweden Wolfgang Expression Judges Choice 2 Germany
Suys Willy Heavy Rain Judges Choice 3 Luxembourg

Category "TRAVEL"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
herbillon christian le grand puits UPI Gold Medal Belgium
Geddes Wendy Salt Workers near Gnoc Diem FIAP Gold Medal Australia
Chan Dany Nian Jiang Simple Daily Living PSA Gold Medal Canada
Nese Ari Suru HPSC Gold Medal Turkey
Ebrahim Isa Jodhpur family UPI Silver Medal Bahrain
Winarto Soerjo Race to the top UPI Bronze Medal Indonesia
DUCTE LE Highlanders 2 HPSC Silver Medal USA
toussimis dimitris Old Tannery in Fez HPSC Bronze Medal Greece
Loke Wolfgang Wailing Wall UPI Honorable Mention 1 Germany
ABDELWAHAB OMAR three camels with leaders UPI Honorable Mention 2 United Arab Emirates
zhao yidan The Early Spring In Misty Rain UPI Honorable Mention 3 China
Peer Albert Oia before sunset UPI Honorable Mention 4 Austria
Al Marhoun Fatimah Ibraheem diffrent life UPI Honorable Mention 5 Saudi Arabia
al hajri salim mohammed the last race UPI Honorable Mention 6 Oman
yang guomei The Starting Tide FIAP Honorable Mention 1 China
BILLION LIM FIVE FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Malaysia
Chen Jianqiang Nepal train PSA Honorable Mention China
Singh Jagjit Unison of Color HPSC Honorable Mention India
tian Ran Houses in Wuming Buddhism College Diploma 2 China
Patel Dilip J Sankbank ride Diploma 3 USA
MARTIN JACKY Hanoi Traffic Diploma 4 France
Fong Sio Hong Li River Boat Crossing Diploma 5 Macau
Jozef Aerts Two cyclists in Kinderdijk Diploma 6 Belgium
Cheuk Shu Crack of Dawn Diploma 7 USA
BANERJEE ABHIJIT Colourful devotees Diploma 8 India
Skuta Peter Unprepared Diploma 9 Slovakia
yalcin hanife persembe yaylasi Diploma 10 Turkey
Manetti Angiolo Sweet Sunrise Judges Choice 1 Italy
Palmer Leo Union Station Dever Judges Choice 2 England
Almutaghawi Fadhel India Judges Choice 3 Bahrain

Category "NATURE"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Birkeland Tore Johan Drinking UPI Gold Medal Norway
Karunaratne Asela Agression FIAP Gold Medal Sri Lanka
Kruger Willem Mum with cub tail PSA Gold Medal South Africa
Jourdain Roger Leopard and Dikdik No1 HPSC Gold Medal France
yang guomei The Majestic Appearance In Creek UPI Silver Medal China
Sabol Petar Swallowing fish UPI Bronze Medal Croatia
Skaug Jorgen Polar Bear Jump HPSC Silver Medal Norway
SELLERS JON Peacock Tree Frog Trio HPSC Bronze Medal United Kingdom
wang ming Play with fish UPI Honorable Mention 1 China
DUNDAR YUSUF living in the end UPI Honorable Mention 2 Turkey
CHAKRABORTY DEBRAJ Viper UPI Honorable Mention 3 India
Acar Akin three fearless UPI Honorable Mention 4 Turkey
Almutaghawi Fadhel Dance UPI Honorable Mention 5 Bahrain
de la Torre Javier Stokksnes UPI Honorable Mention 6 Spain
CHAN HW Snow wild ape 25 FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Hong Kong
Danis Janos Red Dears in Winter FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Hungary
CHEUNG Koon Nam Good Catch 2 PSA Honorable Mention Hong Kong
Chen Jianqiang The elephants HPSC Honorable Mention China
Selzer Klaus- Peter Chamaeleon Diploma 1 Germany
MILAN JeanJacques Coucou Diploma 2 France
Csaba Daroczi Public bath Diploma 3 Hungary
Chan Dany Flamingos Taking Off Diploma 4 Canada
Ferramola Gabriele coccole Diploma 5 Italy
Coumbias John nature beauty Diploma 6 South Africa
discart chris eat a bite Diploma 7 Belgium
dassogno daniele ombra di ragno Diploma 8 Italy
Urso Marco Bears Fighting Diploma 9 Italy
Chen Feng Lin Feeding 32 Diploma 10 Taiwan
Yeo Eng Siong Showing Claws Judges Choice 1 Singapore
Djinic Vladimir Morning Judges Choice 2 Serbia
Jianhui Liao NO TITLE GIVEN Judges Choice 3 China

A photographic salon opens its doors to all photographers all over the world. Every photographer amateur or not can participate in this photographic contest.

A photographic exhibition, in one photographic circuit with four salons and four categories each. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature and Travel, up to 16 photos per entrant.

In this photographic competition 500 awards wait the best photos of the photographers to be given to.

A Grand prize of 1 week accomodation in Greece!

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