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2nd Salon "SANTORINI" - Awards

Best of 2nd Salon "SANTORINI", HPS Plaque



Last Update 01.03.2015

Category "OPEN-COLOR"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
khalid alsabt Traveler UPI Gold Medal Saudi Arabia
Almutaghawi Fadhel Suspicious eye FIAP Gold Medal Bahrain
song chiyue Keep Watch PSA Gold Medal China
Buenger Harry Stop the time HPSC Gold Medal Germany
Charalambous Constantinos Corridor UPI Silver Medal Cyprus
qishu lin The Fishing Flags in Wind UPI Bronze Medal China
zhu hanju The Veil HPSC Silver Medal China
xia xuejun The Morning Charm In Village HPSC Bronze Medal China
Symiakakis Costas the coffee nb2 UPI Honorable Mention 1 Greece
Al Mansoori Khalil Ebrahim Jamal Woman in Green UPI Honorable Mention 2 United Arab Emirates
Spence Hugh mermaid UPI Honorable Mention 3 United Kingdom
ling yongxiong Sincerely buddhas UPI Honorable Mention 4 Australia
Konsolaki Eleftheria aliki UPI Honorable Mention 5 Greece
cui qing The Hope Of Stone Village UPI Honorable Mention 6 China
Taramides Agis Dimitrios FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Cyprus
Dirgela Dainius under golden lights FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Lithuania
Sabol Petar Too good catch PSA Honorable Mention Croatia
khan md.mahabub hossain drem HPSC Honorable Mention Bangladesh
Hochhaus Alexander Lost in time Diploma 1 Germany
Hult tina signesdottir fragments of red Diploma 2 Norway
Manetti Angiolo Three cyclists Diploma 3 Italy
Hammer Jacqueline Exit Diploma 4 Australia
zhang xiaomeng Pasture The Gooses Diploma 5 China
Damsten Petri The Army of Unknowns Diploma 6 Finland
Bin Eid Sulaiman Between the Fug Diploma 7 United Arab Emirates
aladawi Abdulrahman escape1 Diploma 8 Oman
Chan Dany Love Nuzzles Diploma 9 Canada
zhang xiaoqi Back In Snow Diploma 10 China
McKelvey Ross Irish Harp Judges Choice 1 United Kingdom
Montini Giulio Turchia 6 Judges Choice 2 Italy
Yijun Xia NO TITLE GIVEN Judges Choice 3 China


Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
yang jia The Morning UPI Gold Medal China
li Hong The Cold Window FIAP Gold Medal China
Zoltan Kiss Quick Help PSA Gold Medal Hungary
Yildirim Yildiran On Road HPSC Gold Medal Turkey
Gloor Andreas light and shadow UPI Silver Medal Switzerland
Yousef Mohammed Ali Sculpted by Poverty UPI Bronze Medal Kuwait
Jiang Zhizhou Moon light HPSC Silver Medal China
Shabbir Ferdous Life HPSC Bronze Medal Bangladesh
Alsubhi Ahmad Freedom UPI Honorable Mention 1 Oman
ALFarhan Saad death seller UPI Honorable Mention 2 Kuwait
Manetti Angiolo With my goats UPI Honorable Mention 3 Italy
zu ling The Hard Jonuary UPI Honorable Mention 4 China
Xiaohong Chi water of villages UPI Honorable Mention 5 China
chen junjie On The Way UPI Honorable Mention 6 China
Myburgh Gonnie Together we can make it FIAP Honorable Mention 1 South Africa
BANERJEE ABHIJIT Net Work FIAP Honorable Mention 2 India
Alzadjali Habib Woman and Girl PSA Honorable Mention Oman
Chen Jianqiang In the snow HPSC Honorable Mention China
Wee Kee Edwin Ong Finger 1 Diploma 1 Malaysia
Hyldgaard Bjarne Madeleine 4401 Diploma 2 Denmark
Nguyen Ngoc Thach Returning Path No2 Diploma 3 Vietnam
Gronning Hakon Window of elegance Diploma 4 Norway
Cavalletti Massimo Venice Diploma 5 Italy
Boehm Gerhard Table Top - SW Diploma 6 Germany
O Neill Morgan once upon a time Diploma 7 Ireland
Van Calsteren Louis Flanerie bucolique Diploma 8 Belgium
Wang Li Chasing Diploma 9 China
Horsnell Jenni Tulips and Petals mono Diploma 10 Australia
AlSiyabi Zuhair i am hungry Judges Choice 1 Oman
radi MOHAMMAD Deluxe Judges Choice 2 Jordan
Symiakakis Costas the dinner Judges Choice 3 Greece

Category "TRAVEL"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Ebrahim Isa In my hands UPI Gold Medal Bahrain
Duncan Valerie Follow Me FIAP Gold Medal United Kingdom
yang guomei The Starting Tide PSA Gold Medal China
Wong Beow Leng Fishing at dawn HPSC Gold Medal Singapore
rong Qingjun Houses on highland UPI Silver Medal China
chen junjie The Believer UPI Bronze Medal China
BUSI Riccardo Turkish Market HPSC Silver Medal Italy
Sea Theam Meng Drying of Red Chilies HPSC Bronze Medal Malaysia
Srivastava Mukesh Time To Go Home-2 UPI Honorable Mention 1 India
Shehabi Mirza traditional cooking UPI Honorable Mention 2 Bahrain
Teoh Kheng Yong Ancient Phoenix City UPI Honorable Mention 3 Malaysia
Xiao Ge Inverted reflection in water UPI Honorable Mention 4 China
zhao yidan The Early Spring In Misty Rain UPI Honorable Mention 5 China
Zeng Pingfan in ruin UPI Honorable Mention 6 China
kikakis nikos Antanaklasi sta neoria FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Greece
herbillon christian le grand puits FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Belgium
Kluger Manfred on sightseeing tour-1 PSA Honorable Mention Germany
MACINAI MICHELE tuscan golden sunrise 8 HPSC Honorable Mention Italy
li Hong The Sailing Diploma 1 China
Nese Ari Suru Diploma 2 Turkey
Keranen Kauko Baobab avenue Diploma 3 Finland
Xiaohong Chi NO TITLE GIVEN Diploma 4 China
Nguyen Ngoc Thach Morning Mist Diploma 5 Vietnam
BILLION LIM FIVE Diploma 6 Malaysia
Feyzullah Tunc taskale Diploma 7 Turkey
altaif hassan Sheep Diploma 8 Bahrain
Das Avishek Colourful Walk Diploma 9 India
Djuanda Edwin Twilight activity Diploma 10 Indonesia
Fung Chau Yuk Golden gym Judges Choice 2 Hong Kong
Peer Albert Oia before sunset Judges Choice 3 Austria

Category "NATURE"

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
yang guomei The Majestic Appearance In Creek UPI Gold Medal China
Edwards David L Snow Leopard in a blizzard FIAP Gold Medal Wales
Urso Marco Bears Fighting PSA Gold Medal Italy
Geddes Wendy Young Roos Duelling HPSC Gold Medal Australia
Preston Burr No 5 Halley Emperor penguin colony UPI Silver Medal USA
Gahari Dibyo Tweeting UPI Bronze Medal Indonesia
Al Falasi Moza Motherhood HPSC Silver Medal United Arab Emirates
Gokyigit Mehmet whirlwind at sea HPSC Bronze Medal Cyprus
Van Echelpoel Rene Young Black-headed Gull UPI Honorable Mention 1 Belgium
yu mingjian Overlook UPI Honorable Mention 3 China
Acar Akin praying mantis UPI Honorable Mention 4 Turkey
Yijun Xia NO TITLE GIVEN UPI Honorable Mention 5 China
lv xuehai The Eagle UPI Honorable Mention 6 China
Chen Jianqiang The elephants FIAP Honorable Mention 1 China
CHEUNG Koon Nam Eagle Caught a Fish 2 FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Hong Kong
Csaba Daroczi Public bath PSA Honorable Mention Hungary
mao xiaochu The Love Between Mothe And Son HPSC Honorable Mention Greece
Kwan Phillip Snowy Owl Flying Diploma 1 Canada
Parker Craig Bearded seal No3 Diploma 2 Australia
XU JIAN Friends Diploma 3 China
Bhattacharya Nirmalya OWL WITH CATCH Diploma 4 India
Chen Don YungShung Canada geese family Diploma 5 Taiwan
Yeo Eng Siong Showing Claws Diploma 6 Singapore
FRANCINI ERNESTO Return to the nest Diploma 7 Italy
Kruger Willem Mum with cub tail Diploma 8 South Africa
Boynton Mieke A Tree of Earth and Water Diploma 9 Australia
wang ming Play with fish Diploma 10 China
alasousi abdulaziz the king Judges Choice 1 Kuwait
Yong Xu NO TITLE GIVEN Judges Choice 2 China
gu yong Masai Mara Judges Choice 3 China

A photographic salon opens its doors to all photographers all over the world. Every photographer amateur or not can participate in this photographic contest.

A photographic exhibition, in one photographic circuit with four salons and four categories each. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature and Travel, up to 16 photos per entrant.

In this photographic competition 500 awards wait the best photos of the photographers to be given to.

A Grand prize of 1 week accomodation in Greece!

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