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3rd Salon "MYKONOS" - Acceptances

Last Update 20.02.2013


1. Alves Da Cruz Oscar
     PREPARACION, Accepted (open)
     LA MODELO, Accepted (open)
     GENERACIONAL, Accepted (open)

2. Andrea Meras
     Ciudad Secreta, Accepted (travel)
     En el museo, Accepted (open)
     Ivan de Ollantaytambo, Accepted (open)
     Arlington, Accepted (open)

3. BOCCI - Amleto F.
     Horses Love, Accepted (experimental)
     Lanes Junction, Accepted (open)
     Bike rider, Accepted (open)

4. Cattaruzza - Gabriel
     Leones por mas leones, Accepted (nature)
     Reflejos, Accepted (open)
     El Pacto, Accepted (open)
     Tinta roja, Accepted (open)
     Sol de otono y soledad, Accepted (open)

     725, Accepted (open)

6. D Urbano Miguel Angel
     imagen de tango, Accepted (travel)
     esperando la crecida, Accepted (open)
     comunicacion, Accepted (open)
     guardian de mar, Accepted (open)

7. Franke Luis Alberto
     En lo de Bessonart, Diploma 3 (travel)
     Volver al Pasado, Accepted (travel)
     Paso por la tranquera, Accepted (travel)
     La costumbre de Oscar, Accepted (travel)
     Ratona con su presa, Accepted (nature)
     El pan nuestro de cada dia, Accepted (open)
     La vieja estafeta, Accepted (open)
     Fritz, Accepted (open)
     Rieles en la salina, Accepted (open)

8. Heredia - Hector
     MUJER Y SILLA 3, Accepted (experimental)

9. Lopez Lidia
     Rodolfo en el boliche, Accepted (open)
     Pasando el rato, Accepted (open)
     En aquel tiempo, Accepted (open)

10. Martinez Gloria
     Y creo los amarillos, Accepted (experimental)

11. Nolazco - Francisco
     Esperando la primavera, Accepted (experimental)
     El Viejo, Accepted (experimental)
     El taller, Accepted (open)
     El paso del tiempo, Accepted (open)
     Banco de sombras, Accepted (open)

12. Pichel - Silvia
     Rayas,rayas,rayas, Accepted (nature)

13. Santamaria Claudio
     En las puertas del tango, Accepted (experimental)
     El atelier de Marta, Accepted (open)
     Coty, Accepted (open)
     Reencuentro II, Accepted (open)

14. Turdera - Alejandro
     Nunca ningun lugar sin no, Accepted (open)

15. URBAITEL, Jose Luis
     Iglesia de Iruya, Accepted (travel)
     Barco hundido, Accepted (travel)
     Mirada invertida, Accepted (nature)
     Dona Pacha, Accepted (open)
     Levantando polvareda, Accepted (open)
     Aranas en formacion, Accepted (open)


1. Alessi Leanne
     Reflections of the Past 2, Accepted (travel)
     Recital, Accepted (experimental)
     Watchful Eye, Accepted (nature)
     Introspective, Accepted (open)
     Illumination, Accepted (open)
     Tender Years, Accepted (open)

2. Alexander Phillipa
     Elephant Seal Fight Two, Accepted (nature)
     Penguin March, Accepted (nature)
     Poles Two, Accepted (open)

3. Amato Janice
     Reflections of humpty Dumpty, Accepted (experimental)

4. Anton Tratnik
     Connected, Accepted (travel)
     View from above, Accepted (open)
     Between B&W, Accepted (open)

5. Cheeseman - Barry
     Anguish, Accepted (open)
     Unto Thee, Accepted (open)
     Stoicism, Accepted (open)
     Determined, Accepted (open)

6. Claase Richard
     Orthodox Church, Accepted (travel)
     Im Cold Too, Accepted (open)
     Resting, Accepted (open)

7. Dean Gordon
     Uluru at Dusk, Accepted (travel)

8. Dial - Tina
     Holding On Tight, Accepted (nature)
     Picnic, Accepted (open)
     Tiny Terror, Accepted (open)
     Opal In My Hat, Accepted (open)

9. Dickson - Ken
     Morning search, Accepted (nature)
     Rob and Danella, Accepted (open)

     Early morning salt workers, Accepted (travel)
     Viet Nam Salt Field, Accepted (travel)
     High Flying Motorbike, Accepted (open)
     Are you ok grandma, Accepted (open)
     Renee in Mono, Accepted (open)

     Memorial, Accepted (experimental)

     Naughty Monks, Accepted (travel)
     Mother and Child, Accepted (travel)
     Dingo At Dawn, Accepted (nature)

13. English Dianne
     Magic, UPI Honorable Mention 3 (experimental)
     Nightmare on the High Seas, Accepted (experimental)
     Secret River, Accepted (experimental)
     Oh No, Accepted (open)
     Hollyhock Stands Tall, Accepted (open)

14. English Ian
     The Presence, Accepted (experimental)
     Homesick, Accepted (open)
     Kodachrome Moment, Accepted (open)
     At Home With 008, Accepted (open)

     Elephant Crossing (1), Accepted (travel)
     Bear in Water, Accepted (experimental)
     Female Bear, Accepted (experimental)
     Bear with Fish 2, Accepted (nature)
     Male Bear, Accepted (nature)
     Cubs Playing, Accepted (open)

16. FOSTER, Neville H W
     Mating Lycidae 3412, Accepted (nature)
     My First Flight 0059, Accepted (nature)

     The-Red-Truck, Accepted (open)

18. Gekas Bill
     Cherries, Accepted (open)
     Pleiadian, Accepted (open)
     Umbrellas, Accepted (open)

19. Grundy Susan
     Sophies Clock, Accepted (experimental)
     I Think Its Tom, Accepted (experimental)
     Tranquility, Accepted (experimental)
     Why, Accepted (open)
     Missing, Accepted (open)

20. Hammer Jacqueline
     Eyeball, Accepted (experimental)
     Time To Read, Accepted (experimental)
     Nest Building, Accepted (nature)
     Starlings with Berry, Accepted (nature)
     White Lipped Tree Frog, Accepted (nature)
     Bees Nest, Accepted (nature)
     3 Peas in a Pod, Accepted (open)
     Thoughtful, Accepted (open)

21. Hill Yvonne
     Holding Back Time, Diploma 10 (experimental)
     Time Warp, Accepted (experimental)
     Can I Come in, Accepted (experimental)

22. Ho-Lai Yin Bianca
     Camels in desert, Accepted (travel)
     Carrying, Accepted (travel)
     Poor girls, Accepted (travel)
     Studying, Accepted (open)

23. Hollingsworth Jan
     Highway 61, Accepted (travel)
     Irrigation, Accepted (open)

24. Horsnell - Jenni
     Aurora Bluetail Pair, Accepted (nature)
     Woodswallow with Cricket, Accepted (nature)
     Kite Food Exchange 6, Accepted (nature)
     Orangutan, Accepted (open)
     On the Boards, Accepted (open)
     Juvenile Kite Hovering, Accepted (open)

25. Hunter Alex
     Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Accepted (nature)
     Baboon, Accepted (open)
     Larry No.2, Accepted (open)
     Stranger danger, Accepted (open)

26. James Lu
     The clown face, Accepted (experimental)
     Life cycle of a plant, Accepted (experimental)
     Freedom, Accepted (experimental)
     Furious billows, Accepted (open)
     Shaking, Accepted (open)
     Ahh, Accepted (open)
     Surfinf-a, Accepted (open)

27. KILLEN Roy
     Australian sheep, Accepted (open)

28. Llatse - Jacquie
     Together Alone, Accepted (travel)
     Gaudi, Accepted (travel)
     Coco, Accepted (open)
     John, Accepted (open)

29. Llatse - JOHN
     Platform 1, Accepted (travel)
     Lust, Accepted (open)
     Highly Strung, Accepted (open)

30. Mackojc Mark
     Looking Good, Accepted (nature)
     Movement, Accepted (open)
     Perfect Car, Accepted (open)
     Shift in flight, Accepted (open)

31. Michelle D Stokie
     Triptych with Smoke, Accepted (experimental)

32. Moritz-Vicki
     Waiting for Superman, Accepted (experimental)
     Urban Existance5, Accepted (experimental)
     Lure Coursing Hound, Accepted (open)
     Southern Cross Station, Accepted (open)
     Clifton Springs, Accepted (open)

33. Newton - John
     Wanderer No 1 2012, Accepted (nature)
     Time To Let Go, Accepted (open)

34. North John
     Falcon Taking Off, Accepted (nature)
     Ceiling Pattern, Accepted (open)

35. O'Grady
     The Girls, Accepted (open)

36. Parker - Craig
     All alone on an iceberg, Accepted (nature)
     Three King Penguins in water, Accepted (nature)
     Glenworth Horses No1, Accepted (open)
     Long Jetty No1, Accepted (open)
     Skillion Sunrise No1, Accepted (open)
     Looking out the window No1, Accepted (open)

37. Pudney Jan
     Check the time, Accepted (experimental)
     Dreamscape, Accepted (experimental)
     The works, Accepted (experimental)
     Dressage, Accepted (open)

38. Rogerson Janet
     Tidal Reveal, Accepted (nature)

39. Ron Heptinstall
     Norfolk Island, Accepted (travel)
     Natures Window, Accepted (travel)
     Punda, Accepted (travel)
     Uluru, Accepted (experimental)
     Kea, Accepted (nature)
     Long Paddock, Accepted (open)

40. Rowlands David
     European Wasp Feeding, Accepted (nature)
     Sticks Sand and Sky, Accepted (open)

41. Seidel - John
     Rome, Accepted (travel)

42. Slater Sue
     Cattle Egrets, Accepted (nature)
     Keeping Watch, Accepted (nature)
     I am so Thirsty, Accepted (open)
     One Drop, Accepted (open)

43. Smallegange - Ann
     Tulip Curves, Accepted (open)

44. Smith - John R.
     Extreme Moto No 4, Accepted (open)
     Indian Dancer With Red Shawl No 1, Accepted (open)

45. Smith David C G
     Burano Canal, Accepted (travel)
     Looking In, Accepted (experimental)
     In the Tunnel, Accepted (experimental)
     Spinifex Pigeon, Accepted (nature)
     Whale Tail, Accepted (nature)
     Belvedere Dawn Panorama, Accepted (open)

46. Stanaway Rae
     Road toll, Accepted (experimental)
     Information highway, Accepted (experimental)
     shearing time, Accepted (open)

47. Staub Felix
     Elephant Seal Fight 2, Accepted (nature)
     Safely Ashore, Accepted (nature)

48. Stoffl - Bernd
     Almost Home, Accepted (travel)
     Intimidating, Accepted (experimental)
     Shorncliffe Jetty, Accepted (open)

49. T.P Huynh
     Boat Racing, Accepted (travel)
     Slide Showing, Accepted (experimental)
     Balloons Sunset, Accepted (experimental)
     Side Car Leading, Accepted (open)
     Crazy Horse 4, Accepted (open)
     Cowgirls, Accepted (open)

     Look Whos Here, Accepted (travel)
     Cooking Time, Accepted (travel)
     Sunrise at Great Wall, Accepted (travel)
     Braving the Storm, Judges Choice 1 (open)
     Into the Dawn, Accepted (open)
     Gotcha !, Accepted (open)

51. TAME Tom
     Leo, Accepted (open)
     Museum Entrance, Accepted (open)

52. Tsim - Wai Man
     Ferryhon, Accepted (travel)
     Hong Kong Harbour, Accepted (travel)
     Bull Rider, Accepted (experimental)
     In Fishery (1), Accepted (open)
     Wood In Morning, Accepted (open)

53. Vicki Bell
     Memmoreis of Meg, Accepted (experimental)
     iPhone Gianni, Accepted (experimental)
     Leica Man, Accepted (experimental)
     The Horny Deer, Accepted (experimental)
     Red C, Accepted (open)
     KIKI, Accepted (open)
     Renaissance, Accepted (open)

     Perry Sands, Accepted (travel)
     Adult Silver Gull, Accepted (nature)
     Mother And Baby Galah, Accepted (nature)
     Thats My Boy, Accepted (open)
     Breakfast Arriving, Accepted (open)

55. Wendy Geddes
     Solitary, FIAP Honorable Mention 1 (experimental)
     And the Moon ran Red, Accepted (experimental)
     Balancing Fighting Kangaroos, Accepted (nature)
     Blue Eyes, Accepted (open)

56. White Tony
     Sandal Wood Couriers, Accepted (travel)
     Home Time, Accepted (travel)
     Fishermans Ghost, Accepted (open)

57. Willis-Kathryn
     Reflecting On Venice, Accepted (travel)
     Vibrant Vernazza, Accepted (travel)
     White-faced Herons In Flight, Accepted (nature)
     Three Sisters, Accepted (open)

58. Zommers Alfred
     Yellow Mountain Views, Accepted (open)


1. Brigitta Moser
     Shool in Burma, Accepted (travel)
     Relaxed, UPI Honorable Mention 1 (travel)
     Familyjourney, Diploma 7 (experimental)
     Hunters nightmare, Accepted (experimental)
     In hurry, Accepted (experimental)
     Attack, Accepted (experimental)
     Close to mama, Accepted (nature)
     Monkeys love, UPI Honorable Mention 5 (nature)
     Cheetahfamily, Accepted (nature)
     Cheetah and her cubs, Accepted (nature)
     Man and seagulls, Accepted (open)
     young monk in Cambodia, Accepted (open)
     man and dog, Accepted (open)
     Way home, Accepted (open)

2. Dr.Bernkopf Alois
     Indian village-school, Accepted (travel)
     Reiternomade, Accepted (travel)
     Max in action, Accepted (open)

3. Ehrenreich Irene
     lange Schatten, Accepted (open)

4. Elena-Carmen Mihalcea
     Stranger in the night, Accepted (open)

5. Ganahl Andreas
     Ponte dei Sospiri, Accepted (travel)
     Santorini Oia Sunset, Accepted (travel)
     Waterworld, Accepted (experimental)
     Power of Earth, Accepted (experimental)
     Piazza San Marco, Accepted (open)
     Sidecar, Accepted (open)
     Amsterdam Oude Kerk, Accepted (open)
     Fire-fighting Helicopter, Accepted (open)

6. Gmeiner Herbert
     Hindi, Accepted (travel)
     horse, Accepted (travel)

7. Habringer Wolfgang
     Fassade 93, Accepted (travel)
     Weisskopfseeadler 80, PSA Honorable Mention (nature)
     Einfriedung, Accepted (open)

8. HAMMER Barbara
     Habichtsadler, Accepted (open)
     ernster Blick, Accepted (open)

9. HAMMER Franz
     catched2, Accepted (experimental)

10. Hofmuller Norbert
     Konzentration, Accepted (open)
     Eye to eye, Accepted (open)
     City life, Accepted (open)

11. KOSER Milan
     back muscles1, Accepted (open)
     Pavianrevier, Accepted (open)

12. Kuen Andreas
     Portraitmalerin, Accepted (travel)
     A Musician, Accepted (experimental)
     Sibirischer Uhu, Accepted (nature)
     Blaufluegel-Prachtlibelle, Accepted (nature)
     Anna, Accepted (open)
     Verdeckt, Accepted (open)

     My feeling today, Accepted (experimental)
     Candle-light, Accepted (experimental)
     Waiting for gasoline, Accepted (experimental)
     Gamla stan, Accepted (open)
     Vienna-Citymarathon, Accepted (open)

14. LORBER Herbert
     Rossauslassn 003, Accepted (open)
     Freizeiteisenbahner 07, Accepted (open)
     Speedway 002, Accepted (open)

15. Manfred Hoelzl
     Island1, Accepted (travel)
     Cry of the eagle, Accepted (nature)
     Seeschwalben, Accepted (nature)
     Polar Bear shower, Accepted (nature)
     Greyhounds1, Accepted (open)

16. Nozicka Viktor
     Trondheim Speicher, Accepted (travel)
     Runde, Accepted (travel)
     Spitzbergen 1, Accepted (travel)
     Meute 2, Accepted (open)
     Marathonlady, Accepted (open)
     Rollstuhlfahrer, Accepted (open)

17. Obertscheider Josef
     Orakel, Accepted (experimental)

18. Palfrader Josef
     Zwiegespraech, Accepted (travel)
     Der Schmied, Accepted (travel)
     Abendrot, Accepted (travel)
     Steinschlag, UPI Honorable Mention 4 (experimental)
     Mein Fressen, Accepted (experimental)
     Ich muss auch mal, Accepted (experimental)
     Hau ab, Accepted (experimental)
     Baumweissling, Accepted (nature)
     Schwalbenschwanz4, Accepted (nature)
     Hepaticia5, Accepted (nature)
     Warten auf Godot, Accepted (open)
     Rot, Accepted (open)
     Im Winter, Accepted (open)

19. PECK Renate
     Kroeten, Accepted (nature)

20. PETRITSCH Erwin Erich
     No Phone, Accepted (experimental)
     Feeding Marmots, Accepted (open)

21. Rabl Peter
     Silvi 1, Accepted (open)
     Silvi 4, Accepted (open)

22. Schabetsberger Rudolf
     Gnus, Accepted (nature)
     Gorilla, Accepted (nature)
     Wespe, Accepted (nature)
     Wu Yang, Accepted (open)
     Steilhang, Accepted (open)
     Erzberg, Accepted (open)

23. Schmelz Ewald
     Alien Fertility & Mortal Agony, Accepted (experimental)
     Defendergirl, Accepted (experimental)
     At the Beginning, Accepted (experimental)
     Belle, Accepted (open)
     Monday Morning, Accepted (open)

24. Stefan Stuppnig
     Schattenlagant, Accepted (open)
     Lindau, Accepted (open)
     Altes Haus, Accepted (open)

25. Streitfelder Theo
     Au, Accepted (experimental)
     Top, Accepted (open)
     Dying Swan, Accepted (open)

26. Vock Karl
     Yellow cloth, Accepted (open)

27. WALLNER Alois Anton
     Morus bassanus 80, Accepted (nature)

28. Widmer Beda Sylvester
     Der Sonne entgegen, Accepted (open)

29. Winkler Ludwig
     at the wall, Accepted (experimental)
     some colors, Accepted (experimental)
     Sylvie, Accepted (open)


1. Ahmed Al-Fardan
     Female Protester, Accepted (travel)
     No F1 Protest, Accepted (open)
     Unarmed Child, Accepted (open)

2. Ahmed Hubail
     Face from Jordan, Accepted (open)

3. Ammar Abdulrasool
     Flowers Revolution, Accepted (open)
     Escape From Death, Accepted (open)

4. Hussain Ali
     Eyes language, Accepted (open)
     Three Faces, Accepted (open)
     Baby water, Accepted (open)

5. Isa Ebrahim
     Assassination of childhood, Judges Choice 2 (open)
     Central black, Accepted (open)
     Swimmer, Accepted (open)
     Romanian, Accepted (open)

6. Saeed Dhahi
     Child carpentry, Accepted (open)
     Enjoy Seawater, Accepted (open)
     Work stress, Accepted (open)

7. sayed ahmed almosawi
     chains, UPI Honorable Mention 6 (travel)
     Bedouin Arabs, Accepted (travel)
     bahrain04, Accepted (open)
     bahrain01, Accepted (open)
     bahrain03, Accepted (open)
     the end , Accepted (open)


1. shabbir ferdous
     Men and the sea, Accepted (travel)
     Rush hour in Bangladesh rail, Diploma 8 (travel)
     Winter afternoon, Accepted (travel)
     Family Bond, Accepted (open)
     Salt on Leather, Accepted (open)
     a Million Little Dreams , Accepted (open)
     Life In the WasteLand, Accepted (open)


     Fall, Accepted (experimental)


1. AERTS Jozef
     Woman and boatman, Accepted (travel)
     Deer on green top, Accepted (nature)

2. Beauraind Marcel
     La jeunesse, Accepted (experimental)
     Histoire d un jour, Accepted (experimental)
     Vent du sud, Accepted (experimental)
     Partition pour alto, Accepted (open)
     Jardin d enfants, Accepted (open)
     Premiere noce, Accepted (open)

3. Bleyen Livinus
     Playing Dominoes, UPI Honorable Mention 4 (travel)
     Cleaning the Pool, Accepted (travel)
     Ice Skating Kinderdijk, Accepted (travel)
     Vatican Stairs, Accepted (experimental)
     Red Fox on Ice, Accepted (nature)
     Rutting Season, Accepted (nature)
     Two Bull Elks, Accepted (nature)
     White Faced Owl, Accepted (nature)
     Happy Childhood, Accepted (open)
     Tombstone, Accepted (open)

4. Bracke Luc
     massai schoolboys 3, Accepted (travel)
     lazy cheeta 2, Accepted (nature)
     wounded lion, Accepted (nature)
     ribbon exercise, Accepted (open)
     traan, Accepted (open)
     handbiker 127, Accepted (open)

5. Christian
     Change of destiny, Accepted (experimental)
     Dirty dancing, Accepted (experimental)
     Ghost city, Accepted (experimental)
     Firefly, Accepted (experimental)
     Cabane du peintre, Accepted (open)
     agriculteur, Accepted (open)
     On the dunes, Accepted (open)

     exp 02, Accepted (experimental)
     open 02, Accepted (open)
     open 01, Accepted (open)

7. Couvreur Liz
     Verlegen kindje, Accepted (travel)
     Vader en zoon, Accepted (travel)
     Kind met Kind, Accepted (travel)
     Shopping street, Accepted (experimental)
     Puffin, Accepted (nature)
     El Corida de Santarem 5, Accepted (open)
     Skisjoring, Accepted (open)

8. De Groof Eddy
     Gedachten, Accepted (experimental)
     Balloon, Accepted (open)
     Jong geitje, Accepted (open)
     To dry, Accepted (open)
     Laat avond vlucht, Accepted (open)

9. discart chris
     bad example, Accepted (travel)
     children toys, Accepted (travel)
     love on the rialto, Accepted (experimental)
     colorful venice, Accepted (experimental)
     carmen, Accepted (open)
     energie, Accepted (open)
     hunting, Accepted (open)

10. DISTER Richard
     Patan jain temple 1, Accepted (travel)

11. Frida Farid
     Frisco, Accepted (travel)
     in the desert, Accepted (travel)
     heart on the wall, Accepted (travel)
     Die Daltons, Accepted (nature)
     Richesse interieure, Accepted (open)

12. Kaelen - Stephane
     Joker and Harley Quinn, Accepted (experimental)
     Magic Lips, Accepted (experimental)
     Reflexion infinie, Accepted (open)
     Sainte reflexion, Accepted (open)

13. Laheye Freddy
     Happy and Sad, Accepted (travel)
     On the rice field, Accepted (travel)
     Fisherman with Cormorants, Accepted (travel)
     Stormy Weather, Accepted (open)
     Tania, Accepted (open)

14. Lammens
     Mother and child, Accepted (travel)
     Hairdresser, Accepted (travel)
     Monk junior, Accepted (travel)
     Catch him, Accepted (nature)
     owl, Accepted (nature)
     Lilac breasted roller, Accepted (nature)
     whippet race, Accepted (open)

15. Lemmens Jef
     Farmer family, Accepted (travel)
     Sea life, Accepted (travel)
     Whitefish, Accepted (nature)
     Looking to reflection, Accepted (nature)
     Fisherman, Accepted (open)
     Gent, Accepted (open)
     Husky trekking, Accepted (open)

16. Meeus Philippe
     Ile et voilier, Accepted (travel)
     St Michel les moutons, Accepted (travel)
     Homme et velo, Accepted (travel)
     Disney les 3 ballons ex, Accepted (experimental)
     Escroc, Accepted (open)

17. NICOLL Francis
     Calligraphie 2, Accepted (travel)

18. Panhuyzen Jacky
     Pirate Man, Accepted (travel)
     Lays, Accepted (travel)
     Misty Taj, Accepted (travel)
     Ijsvogel, Accepted (nature)
     India Man, Accepted (open)

19. Philippe Draux
     Karo2, Accepted (open)
     Forge2, Accepted (open)

20. Plovie
     Music in the street, Accepted (travel)
     Fantastic three, Accepted (travel)
     India sadus, Accepted (travel)
     Dead vlei, Accepted (nature)
     Vulture attack, Accepted (nature)
     Ladiescup tennis, Accepted (open)
     Sidecar motorsport, Accepted (open)
     Time trial quickstep, Accepted (open)

     In Cappadocia 2, Accepted (travel)
     Le Tuf, Accepted (travel)
     Les Mouettes et l Enfant BW, Accepted (open)
     Petales de Roses, Accepted (open)

22. robert deglin
     eten klaar maken.jpg, Accepted (travel)
     zebra samen drinken.jpg, Accepted (nature)

23. Simon Claude
     Grand duc, Accepted (nature)
     Luna in black, Accepted (open)
     Abate violette, Accepted (open)
     Night and day, Accepted (open)

24. VAN DEUN Marc
     Mijn moeder, Accepted (open)

     Red Deer in the Fog, UPI Bronze Medal (nature)
     Giervalk met prooi, Accepted (nature)
     Jonge Vuurlibel, Accepted (nature)

26. Van Gilbergen Freddy
     I hear it, Accepted (open)

27. Van Mensel Dre
     Attack, Accepted (nature)
     Eating Gyrfalcon, Accepted (nature)
     Evening Flight, Accepted (nature)
     European Herring Gull, Accepted (nature)

28. Van Weert Dirk
     Wilde Haren, Accepted (experimental)

29. Vandebroeck Jhony
     Gulzige wolf, Accepted (nature)
     Spetterende sprint, Accepted (open)
     Zware val, Accepted (open)
     Blauwe wereld, Accepted (open)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Branko Pejakovic Peyo
     Jewelry, Accepted (experimental)
     Lady with a book, Accepted (experimental)
     Who are you, Accepted (nature)

2. Kascelan Milorad
     Roads mist 27, Accepted (travel)
     Stoker 3, Accepted (travel)
     Song of the hearth, Accepted (travel)
     Fishing 8, Accepted (open)
     Shepherd 07, Accepted (open)


1. Brian, Decio
     Brasilia, Accepted (open)

2. Guimaraes, Rodolfo
     Infrared Way, Accepted (experimental)


1. Pencheva Elena
     No name, Accepted (experimental)
     No name, Accepted (experimental)
     No name, Accepted (experimental)
     No name, Accepted (experimental)

2. Yonhev Petko
     friends, Accepted (open)
     view, Accepted (open)


1. Chan - tin sang
     Color bottle, Accepted (experimental)
     Images, Accepted (experimental)
     High Jump, Accepted (experimental)
     Body and soul, Accepted (experimental)
     Flying Puffin with tinyfish, Accepted (nature)
     Gray Jay Landing, Accepted (nature)

2. Dany Chan
     Grizzlies Fighting Over Salmon Run, Accepted (nature)
     Male Lion On The Prowl, Accepted (nature)
     Grizzly Feeding On Salmon, Accepted (nature)

3. Davis - Nanciellen
     Fez Tannery Vat Workers, Accepted (travel)
     El Chalten Waterfall 3, Accepted (open)

4. Kwan Phillip
     Snake Charmer, Accepted (travel)
     Morning Ceremony, Accepted (travel)
     Pagoda of Bagan, Accepted (travel)
     Snow Monkey Family, PSA Gold Medal (nature)
     Snowy Owl Landing, Accepted (nature)
     White-Tailed Eagle and Crane, Accepted (nature)
     Bear Running, Accepted (nature)
     Leading the Race, Accepted (open)
     Bull in Air, Accepted (open)

5. Lisa Horvath
     woman in New Delhi, Accepted (travel)

6. Niem - Yung
     Please let me go, Accepted (open)
     A mysterious boy, Accepted (open)
     Caspian Tern family, Accepted (open)

7. Phung Noi
     Praying Outdoors, Accepted (travel)
     Slope, Accepted (travel)
     Sunlight, Accepted (travel)
     Boats in a Row, Accepted (travel)
     Country Show, Accepted (experimental)
     Casting With The Nets, Accepted (open)
     The Tender, Accepted (open)
     Happiness Firework, Accepted (open)
     Dragon Boat Speed, Accepted (open)

8. Siu, Patrick w.
     Pair of hummingbirds, Accepted (nature)
     Pacific advanture, Accepted (open)

9. Tam - K. C.
     Against the waves, Accepted (open)
     Roped, Accepted (open)


1. EWERT Ana
     Observing heights, Accepted (travel)

     Oxcart, Accepted (travel)

3. VASSELIN Martina
     An audacious trip, Accepted (travel)


1. bingzhen yan
     Competition, Judges Choice 2 (travel)
     Bimo of Yi, Accepted (travel)
     Homestead, Accepted (open)
     Hope, Accepted (open)

2. bushen zhang
     Game, Accepted (open)
     Take a bath in snow day, Accepted (open)
     Bask the buddha, Accepted (open)

3. Chang-Mico
     Lustrous, Accepted (experimental)
     The blue butterfly, Accepted (experimental)
     Butterfly magic gold, Accepted (experimental)
     Inspiration of leap into water, Accepted (open)
     Cicadas chill, Accepted (open)
     Ann wishful, Accepted (open)
     Endoscope, Accepted (open)

4. changjiang zhang
     Rice field in the sun, Accepted (open)
     Drama girl, Accepted (open)
     In the city, Accepted (open)

5. chaoxian nie
     Terrace of Yuanyang, Accepted (open)
     Rural scenery, Accepted (open)

6. Chen Fang
     Pray, Accepted (travel)
     The blue elf, Accepted (nature)
     The Expectation of the Girl, Accepted (open)
     The Value of Innocence, Accepted (open)
     Gorgeous behind 2, Accepted (open)

7. Chen Jinghui
     DESERT TRIP, Accepted (travel)
     FERRY, Accepted (open)
     COLORFUL TOWNSHIP, Accepted (open)
     FIRST SNOW, Accepted (open)

8. Chen Lie
     Real Life, Accepted (travel)
     The Phantom of Tidelands, Accepted (travel)
     Half the Sky, Accepted (travel)
     The Shadow of Netts, FIAP Honorable Mention 2 (open)
     Morning, Accepted (open)
     Common Life, Accepted (open)

9. Chen Xingcan
     Happy Prayer, Accepted (travel)
     Leisure of Massai, Accepted (travel)
     Tornado, Accepted (travel)
     Be Together, Accepted (nature)
     Elephant, Accepted (nature)
     Curious, Accepted (open)
     Massai Woman, Accepted (open)
     Rhythm of Winter, Accepted (open)
     Massai Old Man, Accepted (open)

10. Chen-Jianmin
     Construction site, Accepted (open)

11. Cheng-Anli
     Live earth, Accepted (open)
     Starry sky, Accepted (open)
     Snow ghost, Accepted (open)

12. chengyi zhao
     Morning of the wild fruit fore, Accepted (open)
     Green, Accepted (open)

13. chongping zhu
     Camels in the desert, Accepted (travel)
     Going out, Accepted (open)
     Fishing market by the river, Accepted (open)

     Play, Accepted (travel)
     Morning of the old teahouse, Accepted (travel)
     Autumn, Accepted (open)
     Pick up the fry, Accepted (open)

15. dawei zou
     Go to the heaven, Accepted (travel)
     Square kiss in 2012, Accepted (open)

16. deguo sun
     Water town, Accepted (open)

17. dengwen zhao
     Horses dance on the snow, Accepted (travel)
     Intractable sheep, Accepted (open)

18. dongping li
     Morning of cattle pen, Accepted (travel)
     Tibetan girl who carrys the co, Accepted (travel)
     Herding, Accepted (travel)
     One falls down another stands , Accepted (nature)
     The grassland is full of pearl, Accepted (open)

19. Du Xuedong
     desert camel bell, Accepted (travel)
     Childhood laughter, Accepted (open)

     Devotion devoutness, Accepted (open)

21. ge xiao
     Wildebeest group, Accepted (travel)
     Zebra migration, Accepted (travel)
     Impala across the surface of t, Accepted (travel)
     Impala and birds, Accepted (nature)
     Below the clouds, Accepted (nature)
     Elephant mother and son, Accepted (open)

22. Geng Hongjie
     Pink and Ink, Accepted (open)

23. guangjian li
     Fairytale, Diploma 5 (travel)
     Strive for, Accepted (travel)
     Freely, Accepted (travel)
     Walk out of the mountain, Accepted (open)
     Camels in the desert, Accepted (open)

24. guobin zhu
     Wildebeest Migration, Accepted (nature)
     Love, Accepted (nature)
     Jump, Accepted (nature)
     Together in the way of wind an, Accepted (nature)
     Joy at meeting, Accepted (open)
     Love, Accepted (open)

25. guoliang gu
     Chant sutras, Accepted (open)
     Give a hand, Accepted (open)
     Look forward to, Accepted (open)

26. guomei yang
     Jungle may, Accepted (nature)
     Conversation, Accepted (nature)
     Love, Accepted (nature)
     Morning of shoal, Accepted (open)
     Heaven on earth, Accepted (open)
     The desert, Accepted (open)

27. hanju zhu
     Castle recall, Accepted (travel)
     Dream of red flowe, Accepted (open)

28. He-Yunsheng
     The misty rain, UPI Honorable Mention 2 (travel)
     Golden homeland, Accepted (travel)
     Early in the morning Sails, Accepted (travel)
     The movement of dedication, Accepted (experimental)
     Visit, Accepted (open)
     Ancient rhyme, Accepted (open)
     Waiting, Accepted (open)
     Weaving dreams, Accepted (open)

29. hongxia zhang
     Struggle, Accepted (open)

30. hua wang
     Desert, Accepted (open)

     Cliff family, Accepted (travel)

32. jian you
     Local accent, Accepted (travel)
     Stay with each other no matte, Accepted (travel)

33. jiancheng dai
     The grand meeting on grasslan, Accepted (open)
     Fighting, Accepted (open)

     Soul minder, Accepted (open)
     Silent grassland, Accepted (open)
     Running in the vast grassland, Accepted (open)
     Heros, Accepted (open)

35. jianming huang
     Childhood, Accepted (nature)

36. jianping li
     Foggy bridge, Accepted (travel)
     The root of the earth, Accepted (open)

37. jianxiu pan
     Solitary sail, Accepted (travel)

38. jianzhong yao
     Green water golden beach, Accepted (travel)

39. jiguang tan
     Lake in Badain Jaran Desert, Accepted (nature)

40. jing guo
     Shadow in the palace, Accepted (travel)
     Innocent, Accepted (travel)

41. jingzhong fu
     Go home, Accepted (travel)
     The Tai Lake, Accepted (open)

     Roar sheep, Accepted (open)

43. jun lan
     Reconstruction of old city, Accepted (open)

     Focus, Accepted (nature)
     Run out of Kenya, Accepted (nature)
     Fighting, Accepted (nature)
     Back shadow, Accepted (open)
     Childhood dream, Accepted (open)
     India woman, Accepted (open)

45. kaijun tan
     Way to the west, Accepted (travel)
     Annual ring, Accepted (open)
     Beautiful looking back, Accepted (open)

46. kepian yang
     Pastorale, Accepted (open)

47. KONG Tonglong
     living, Accepted (travel)
     Be tired, Accepted (open)
     Waiting for hope, Accepted (open)

48. Leaf Bell
     WANGHU, Accepted (travel)
     Back to sea, Accepted (open)
     Morning for, Accepted (open)

49. Li Peng
     Cooking, Accepted (travel)
     Believers, Accepted (travel)
     GO TO WORSHIP WITH SNOW, Accepted (open)
     Longing, Accepted (open)
     A Little Girl, Accepted (open)
     Look and Expect, Accepted (open)

50. Li-Manna
     Sunset for cooking, Accepted (open)
     Brave winds and waves, Accepted (open)
     Seashell on the beach, Accepted (open)
     The artist of land, Accepted (open)

     The morning of the small villa, Accepted (travel)

52. Liao Xiaoxi
     Ball Game in Village, Accepted (travel)
     Curiousness, UPI Honorable Mention 5 (travel)
     Tajiks movement, Accepted (travel)
     Harmonious World, Accepted (travel)
     Breathing, Accepted (experimental)
     Time Tunnel, Accepted (experimental)
     Sacrifice, Accepted (experimental)
     Outridden Lifeline, Accepted (nature)
     Glorious Dusk, Accepted (nature)
     Dawn in Africa, Accepted (nature)
     Eye, Diploma 8 (open)
     Set Out, Accepted (open)
     Pray, Accepted (open)
     Harvest, Accepted (open)

53. liewen ouyang
     Terrace, Accepted (travel)
     Hope for, Accepted (open)

54. lifeng zhu
     Body maimed but morale doesn, Accepted (open)
     Peace is a great event, Accepted (open)

     Morning glow, Accepted (nature)

     Keep watching, Accepted (open)
     Homestead, Accepted (open)
     Sacrifice, Accepted (open)

57. Liu Yue
     On the way to school, Accepted (travel)
     Knights frustration, Accepted (travel)
     Ranch sunrise, Accepted (open)
     Jing Xiu pastoral, Accepted (open)

58. Liu-Xu
     With a dream for a horse 2, Accepted (experimental)
     With a dream for a horse 4, Accepted (experimental)

59. lixiang chen
     Catch, Accepted (open)
     Peace and happiness, Accepted (open)

60. liya sheng
     Brothers, Accepted (open)
     Market, Accepted (open)

61. Lou Baoli
     Boatman in Acient Tow, Accepted (travel)
     Massai Dancing, Accepted (travel)
     Tadpole, Accepted (nature)
     Zebra Shouting, Accepted (nature)
     Sunset Glow, Accepted (open)
     Cranes Flying, Accepted (open)
     Reed Pond in Autumn, Accepted (open)

     Strong and vigorous, Accepted (nature)
     Attention, Accepted (nature)
     Dance of light, Accepted (open)

63. ming ren
     Mother, Accepted (open)
     Happy old man, Accepted (open)
     Pray, Accepted (open)
     Back from herding, Accepted (open)

64. Mo Zhigang
     Driving the Horses, Accepted (travel)
     On the Way to School, Accepted (travel)
     New Year Eve, Accepted (travel)
     Camels Team, Accepted (open)
     Beautiful Rainbow, Accepted (open)

65. mu xu
     On a long way, Accepted (travel)
     Move way, Accepted (travel)
     Barranco, Accepted (nature)
     Rosy clouds, Accepted (open)
     A woman at her bath, Accepted (open)
     Miner, Accepted (open)

66. nian liu
     Sacrifice to heaven, Accepted (travel)
     Happy days, Accepted (travel)
     Colors of the dusk, Accepted (open)
     Sisters, Accepted (open)

67. peide yuan
     Shangri La, Accepted (travel)
     Wind and rain, Accepted (open)
     Light of the holy land, Accepted (open)

68. peizhi zhang
     Picturesque Hong village, Accepted (travel)
     Mount Huang clouds, Accepted (nature)
     Wind of Shanbei, Accepted (open)
     Family affairs, Accepted (open)
     Miner brother, Accepted (open)
     Buddha in the heart, Accepted (open)

69. ping yang
     Hope for, Accepted (travel)
     Eyes, Accepted (travel)
     Feeding, Accepted (travel)
     Tung-chia, Accepted (travel)

     Morning, Accepted (travel)
     Shaolin kung fu 2, Accepted (open)
     Fly monk, Accepted (open)

71. qing zhou
     Reflection of the snow, Accepted (open)

72. quanlin yi
     Homestead, Accepted (travel)
     Old mate, Accepted (open)

73. renshun xu
     Herd in the rural, Accepted (open)
     Set sail, Accepted (open)
     Hometown in the dream, Accepted (open)

     Ink morning fog, Accepted (open)
     Stockaded village, Accepted (open)

75. shaobo ye
     Longing, Accepted (open)

76. She-Jiahu
     All stars enclosed bright moon, Accepted (open)
     Picturesque countryside, Accepted (open)

77. shengli wang
     After the sun, Accepted (open)
     Fruit of the black earth, Accepted (open)
     Past such as smoke, Accepted (open)
     The movement of life, Accepted (open)

     Morning, Shanghai, Accepted (open)

79. shiquan li
     Flying dragon, Accepted (travel)

     Toys, Accepted (experimental)
     Naked chat, HPSC Silver Medal (experimental)
     Exhibition hall, Accepted (experimental)
     Music box, Accepted (experimental)
     Paint people- blue, Accepted (open)
     Paint people- red, Accepted (open)
     Paint people- white, Accepted (open)
     Paint people- black, Accepted (open)

81. shu jiang
     Who is he, Accepted (travel)

82. Shu Kun
     WHISPER, Accepted (open)

83. SHU MA
     Pace up and down, FIAP Honorable Mention 2 (experimental)
     Homestead, Accepted (open)
     Keep watching, Accepted (open)

84. shuili xue
     Go on an expedition, Accepted (travel)
     Running, Accepted (travel)
     Winter grazing, Accepted (travel)
     Wild camels in the snow, Accepted (open)
     The piece of sunshine, Accepted (open)

     Heaven on earth, Accepted (experimental)
     Conversatio, Accepted (experimental)
     Air-cure of the mood, Accepted (experimental)
     Flamingo, Accepted (nature)
     Body sketch, Accepted (open)

86. simin zhou
     Eagles, Accepted (travel)
     Morning pasture, Accepted (open)
     Sweetness, Accepted (open)

     Walking in the fields, Accepted (travel)

88. Tang Zhiming
     In the woods, Accepted (experimental)
     Nocturne, Accepted (experimental)
     Misty, Accepted (nature)
     Dream, Accepted (open)
     Morning sunlight, Accepted (open)
     Go to school, Accepted (open)

89. tian huo
     The source of life, Accepted (nature)
     Garden, Accepted (open)

     Red wall, Accepted (open)

91. tianming zhang
     Golden net, Accepted (open)
     Early fishing, Accepted (open)

92. Wan Yi
     Uygur old man, Accepted (travel)
     sibling, Diploma 10 (travel)
     Desert territory NO.2, Accepted (travel)
     jehiel, Accepted (travel)
     Ethereal, Accepted (experimental)
     Light and shadow, Accepted (experimental)
     Fittness, Accepted (experimental)
     Mountain scenery, Accepted (nature)
     Groom, Accepted (open)
     stay, Accepted (open)
     Grandpa and grandson, Accepted (open)
     Tianshan grassland, Accepted (open)

93. Wang Li
     Morning Sunlight, HPSC Honorable Mention (travel)
     Morning Light, Accepted (open)

94. Wang Long
     Warm Prompt, HPSC Bronze Medal (experimental)
     Gallery anecdotes, Accepted (experimental)
     Water Girl, Accepted (experimental)
     Clouds over the Mountain, Accepted (open)
     Smiles, Accepted (open)

     Happy China, Accepted (open)

     Years, Accepted (open)

97. Wu Liang
     Fishing in the Morning, Accepted (travel)
     Fishing, Accepted (travel)
     LION 2, Accepted (nature)
     Junction, Accepted (open)
     Ancestor Worship, Accepted (open)
     Morning of Shanghai, Accepted (open)
     Pastoral in the Clouds, Accepted (open)

98. Wu Zeling
     Hani home, Accepted (travel)
     Autumnal winds, Accepted (experimental)
     Pastoral poetry.4, Accepted (open)
     Colorful and flourishing, Accepted (open)
     Cleaning.2, Accepted (open)

99. Xi Heping
     LONGMEN GROTTOES, Accepted (travel)
     The Yellow River people, Accepted (travel)
     DREAM HOMES, Accepted (open)
     EXPECTATIONS IN THE SNOW, Accepted (open)
     FISHING LIGHT SONG, Accepted (open)

100. Xia Hongjun
     Have a Picnic, Accepted (travel)
     Two Sheep, Accepted (nature)
     Happy Kids, Accepted (open)
     PURDUE BEINGS, Accepted (open)
     Thirst, Accepted (open)
     FAM, Accepted (open)

101. xia lin
     Smoker, Accepted (travel)
     Passerby, Accepted (travel)
     Eyes, Accepted (travel)
     Another harvest year, Accepted (open)
     Break, Accepted (open)
     Grow up, Accepted (open)

102. Xia Qihong
     Head of Sheep, Accepted (open)
     Embroidered Land, Accepted (open)
     Like a Picture, Accepted (open)

     Nightfall, Accepted (travel)
     Go home, Accepted (travel)
     Earth sketch 3, Accepted (nature)
     The pas, Diploma 2 (open)
     Sunshine again, Accepted (open)
     Pushkar woman, Accepted (open)
     Lachman uncle, Accepted (open)

104. xiaocun yan
     Bay, Accepted (open)
     Morning fog, Accepted (open)

105. xiaofeng xia
     Morning catching, Accepted (open)
     Songyang, Accepted (open)

     Tibetan, Accepted (travel)
     Fisherman, Accepted (open)

107. Xiaowei Zhao
     Steel meets fire, Accepted (open)

108. xiaoyu xing
     Herdsman, FIAP Gold Medal (travel)
     Camels, Accepted (open)
     Pray, Accepted (open)
     Morning, Accepted (open)
     A woman who feeds pigeons, Accepted (open)

109. Xie Hongmei
     smile, Accepted (travel)
     the way home, Accepted (travel)
     lion king, Accepted (nature)
     family in the jungle, Accepted (nature)
     Hurry On The Jourmey, Accepted (open)
     lonely desert, Accepted (open)

110. Xie-Dacai
     Hardships, Accepted (travel)
     XianGe human, Judges Choice 1 (travel)
     Go home, Diploma 1 (open)
     Snow husbandry, Accepted (open)
     Way back, Accepted (open)
     No more tears to cry, Accepted (open)

111. Xie-Yongmin
     Rural wedding, Accepted (open)
     Playmate, Accepted (open)

112. XU JIAN
     PEACOCK DANCE 2, Accepted (open)
     PEACOCK DANCE 1, Accepted (open)

113. xuehai lv
     Baptism, Accepted (travel)
     Dance, Accepted (experimental)

     Love, Accepted (experimental)
     Happy new couple, Accepted (experimental)
     Thousands Hands Guanyin, Accepted (experimental)
     Deeply kiss, Judges Choice 3 (nature)
     Fishing, Accepted (open)
     Sounds of the waves, Accepted (open)

115. yanya wang
     Death valley 4, Accepted (open)

     Dye, Accepted (travel)
     Carry, Accepted (travel)
     Who is more beautiful, Accepted (nature)
     Together, Accepted (open)
     Review, Accepted (open)

117. YONG GU
     Wine, Accepted (experimental)
     The colors of wine, Accepted (experimental)
     Ice wine, Accepted (experimental)
     Yearn for, Accepted (nature)
     Fly dance, Accepted (nature)
     The West Lake, Accepted (open)
     Sichuan big cherry, Accepted (open)
     Tranquility, Accepted (open)

118. Yu
     Bottle and tomato, Accepted (experimental)
     Tranquility, Accepted (open)
     Dialogue, Accepted (open)
     Infatuation, Accepted (open)

119. yue zhang
     Fisherman, Accepted (travel)
     Terrace, Accepted (travel)
     Stare, Accepted (nature)
     Metastasis, Accepted (open)
     The White stone mountain, Accepted (open)
     Back from herding, Accepted (open)
     The Great Wall in snow, Accepted (open)

     The voice of sky, HPSC Silver Medal (open)
     Longing, Accepted (open)
     Coming form the desert, Accepted (open)
     Years, Accepted (open)

     Fight for hero, Accepted (nature)
     Tango, Accepted (nature)
     Mom asks me to sing, Accepted (open)
     Tell, Accepted (open)

122. Zhang Xun
     Qiang village at sunset, Accepted (travel)
     Injection on the street, Accepted (open)
     get out of kiln, Accepted (open)

123. ZHANG Yinyue
     india girl, Accepted (travel)
     The first snow, Accepted (travel)

     Walk to the heaven, Accepted (open)
     Plateau sacrifice, Accepted (open)
     Hometown in the dream, Accepted (open)
     Snow, Accepted (open)

125. zheng zhang
     Tribe, Accepted (travel)
     Melody of Life, Accepted (nature)
     Double Crossing, Accepted (nature)
     Naked, Accepted (open)
     Your Eyes, Accepted (open)

126. zhenyi pang
     Autumn of the grassland, Accepted (travel)
     Harvest, Accepted (travel)

127. zhigang hua
     Knit, Accepted (open)
     Mill of tofu, Accepted (open)

128. Zhu-Yalei
     The Wings Gliding Across Sky, Accepted (open)

     In the way with sunset, Accepted (open)


1. Brautovic Igor
     Fellini Street, Accepted (travel)
     Love Song, Accepted (open)
     Light At The End Of A Bridge, Accepted (open)

2. Knebl Biljana
     Blizzard, Accepted (open)
     B&W Sunshine, Accepted (open)

3. Racki Neda
     Little worlds, Accepted (experimental)
     Tkalca street, Accepted (open)
     Red circle, Accepted (open)
     Stil, Accepted (open)
     Dancing on the stairs, Accepted (open)

4. Radicanin Zvonko
     Ab Ovo, Accepted (experimental)
     Masks, Accepted (open)
     Mimicry, Accepted (open)
     Dancing with the Shadow, Accepted (open)

5. Sabol Petar
     Desert tree, Accepted (travel)
     Natural abstract, Accepted (nature)
     Future and past, Accepted (nature)
     Fight, Accepted (nature)
     Butterfly magic 2, Accepted (nature)
     Complementary colors, Accepted (open)
     Butterfly love 3, Accepted (open)

6. Tomulic Aleksandar
     Storm, Accepted (open)
     In the pavilion, Accepted (open)
     Green umbrella, Accepted (open)


1. ANDREOU L Andreas
     BEEHIVE2, Accepted (experimental)
     SKY THE LIMIT, Accepted (open)
     KID S EXPRESSION, Accepted (open)

2. Arkatites Kyriacos
     Rough path, Accepted (travel)
     The green house people, Accepted (travel)
     Ready to explode, Accepted (experimental)
     Gate keeper, Accepted (experimental)

3. Charalambous Constantinos
     By the door, Accepted (travel)
     Mixed dancing, Accepted (experimental)

4. East John R.
     Ruppells Warbler 2, Accepted (nature)

5. Efthyvoulou Costas
     mysterious boy, Accepted (experimental)
     summer memories, Accepted (open)

6. Gavrielidou Niki
     Zik-zak Malta, Accepted (travel)
     Hole of life, Accepted (experimental)

7. Georgiou Yiorgos
     Little Harbor Fisherman, Accepted (travel)
     Hala Sultan Teke, Accepted (travel)
     Eternal, Accepted (experimental)
     Swamp Stories, Accepted (experimental)
     waterpolo player, Accepted (open)
     And with Light and with Death, Accepted (open)
     Sweet Ice Flirt, Accepted (open)

     Kiss me please, Accepted (nature)

9. Makridou Alexia
     Out of your life, Accepted (open)

10. Michalakis Makri
     Resting, UPI Honorable Mention 3 (travel)
     Light House, Accepted (travel)
     Great Football Players, Accepted (travel)
     Responsibilities, Accepted (travel)
     Snow Games, Accepted (experimental)
     Through an Illusionary Path, Accepted (experimental)
     Life Long Learning, Accepted (open)
     Facing the Cuillin Mountains, Accepted (open)

11. Milikouri Antigoni
     At the mosque, Accepted (open)
     Blackboard, Accepted (open)

12. Muezzinoglu Mustafa
     Moon, Accepted (open)

13. Nassim Eloud
     rice fields vietnam, Accepted (travel)
     eyes of sorrow, Accepted (experimental)
     stop, Accepted (experimental)
     help Forest fire, Accepted (experimental)
     The two old boats, Accepted (open)
     Enjoying the view, Accepted (open)

14. Nicolaides Pantelis
     oia santorini, Accepted (travel)
     white lion, Accepted (nature)
     motocross, Accepted (open)

     Deers Whispering, Accepted (nature)
     Fairytale without ending, Accepted (open)
     Escaping from the Underworld, Accepted (open)

16. Oratou Ioannidou Lenia
     India, Accepted (travel)
     Multiple entries, Accepted (open)

     The rock, Accepted (open)
     Afternoon light, Accepted (open)
     Once upon a time..., Accepted (open)
     Last birth, Accepted (open)

18. Panayiota Ioannou
     Airplanes, Accepted (experimental)
     Thinkng, Accepted (open)
     Relax, Accepted (open)

19. Panayiotou Gregoris
     A New World, Diploma 8 (experimental)
     Once Upon a Time, Accepted (experimental)
     Rose Painter, Accepted (experimental)

     Flying Away , Accepted (travel)
     Rixe mia xaria kali..., Accepted (open)

21. Philippou Natalia
     Under water, Accepted (experimental)

22. Ppalis Michalakis
     Street Football, Accepted (travel)
     Two Flamingos, Accepted (nature)
     Dragon fly, Accepted (nature)
     Grandmothers Smile, Accepted (open)

     Thunder Dance, Accepted (experimental)
     Flaming Water, Accepted (experimental)
     Andreas, Accepted (open)
     Friendship, Accepted (open)

24. Socratous - Loucas
     Mogley, Accepted (open)
     The Cello, The People, Accepted (open)

     BIG BEN 5, Accepted (travel)
     BLUE TUBES, Accepted (open)

26. Taramides Agis
     Siesta, Accepted (travel)
     Stairs, Accepted (experimental)
     Walking in the rain, Accepted (experimental)

27. Taramidis Marios
     Serenity in Ruins, Accepted (travel)
     Going Home, Accepted (travel)
     Living in Color, Accepted (travel)
     Touch me Mom, Accepted (nature)

     Mirage, Accepted (open)
     Through the pinhole, Accepted (open)

Czech Republic

1. Durdik Jiri
     The swimmer, Accepted (experimental)

     VENESIA, Accepted (open)
     BRUGGY, Accepted (open)


1. Alveen - Leif
     Downtown Manhattan panorama, Accepted (travel)
     Ellis Island panorama, Accepted (travel)
     All ends, Accepted (experimental)
     Global warming, Accepted (experimental)
     Jackdaw on perch, Accepted (nature)
     The Old coachbuilder, Accepted (open)
     Lonely tree, Accepted (open)
     Cleaning windows, Accepted (open)

2. Gilboa Levi
     Mennesket, Accepted (experimental)
     Gannets, Accepted (nature)
     Red Deer, Accepted (nature)
     SEX, Accepted (nature)
     Tatra 1, Accepted (open)
     Red Deer 2, Accepted (open)

3. Helle Lorenzen
     Canton Hill, Accepted (travel)
     Siblings, Accepted (open)

4. Ioneanu Dragos
     Eyes to see the world, Accepted (open)

5. Jensen, Ernst
     Rail Station, Accepted (open)

6. Joergen Kristensen
     Sledding 2, Accepted (travel)
     Deer 5, Accepted (nature)
     Squirrel 3, Accepted (nature)
     Sledding 3, Accepted (open)
     Bent Ove 2, Accepted (open)

7. Johansen Danne
     MIX, Accepted (experimental)
     Flying, Accepted (open)

8. Larsen - Christian Gydelund
     Roads of Garda, Accepted (travel)
     Seagull grey, Accepted (nature)
     Mexican Pier - Naples, Accepted (open)
     potatoe fields, Accepted (open)

9. Roland Jensen
     Hohenwerfen, Accepted (travel)
     Munken, Accepted (travel)
     Eggs, UPI Honorable Mention 5 (experimental)
     Hatched, Accepted (experimental)
     Winter, HPSC Bronze Medal (nature)
     Fox In Lens, Accepted (nature)
     Sidensvans, Accepted (nature)
     Fall, Accepted (nature)
     Biblen, Accepted (open)
     Crazy Horses 1, Accepted (open)
     Autumn Morning, Accepted (open)

10. suszkiewicz Ole
     Passengers, Accepted (travel)
     Mother and Child, Accepted (experimental)
     Stillleben, Accepted (experimental)
     Watches, Accepted (open)
     Sun Center, Accepted (open)
     Bathing Girls, Accepted (open)
     Old Farm, Accepted (open)

11. Teglmand, John
     Greenland Shack, Accepted (open)
     Snow Trees, Accepted (open)


1. Al Awadi - Ibraheem
     Milkyway in Djerba, Accepted (travel)
     Archs of glory, Accepted (travel)
     DarkSide, Accepted (open)
     Part of a wonderful world, Accepted (open)

2. amira nour
     hope, Accepted (open)
     bread, Accepted (open)

3. Lotfy Ayman
     Ayman Lotfy 4, Accepted (experimental)
     Ayman Lotfy 8, Accepted (experimental)
     Ayman Lotfy 5, Accepted (experimental)
     Ayman Lotfy 7, Accepted (open)
     Ayman Lotfy 1, Accepted (open)

4. Makled Amr
     Silence, Accepted (open)

5. Sara Fouad Fayez
     fighting to live, Accepted (travel)
     communication, Accepted (open)


1. asikainen
     berry bird, Diploma 4 (nature)
     red buildings, Accepted (open)

2. Eskelinen Jouko
     Sampo seals, Accepted (travel)
     Selfportrait 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Santa is writing back, Accepted (open)
     From here to eternity, Accepted (open)

3. Hauta-aho Eero
     Water Drops 3, Accepted (experimental)
     Waitress, Accepted (nature)
     Gentle Touch, Accepted (nature)
     Too Heavy, Accepted (nature)

     Coenagrion hastulatum 2, Accepted (nature)
     Spider and droplets, Accepted (nature)
     Foggy winter day 2, Accepted (open)
     Early in the morning 4, Accepted (open)

5. Hypen Kai
     Geranium suffering, Accepted (open)

6. Jouko Taukojarvi
     Polar Summer, Accepted (travel)

7. Kantele Veijo
     Trought Port, Accepted (open)

8. Kauko Keranen
     Over, Accepted (nature)
     eagles fighting, Accepted (nature)
     knight, Accepted (nature)
     The Water Field, Accepted (open)

9. Kihlberg Tapio
     Nothern Lights 1, Accepted (open)

10. Korpihete Kari
     Thira, Accepted (travel)
     Lone Rider, Accepted (travel)
     Evening, Accepted (travel)

11. Kristian Frantz
     Cliff 2, Accepted (nature)

12. Kukkonen Eero
     Bom Jesus, Accepted (travel)
     Vampire end, Accepted (experimental)
     Curves, Accepted (experimental)

13. Kuronen Vili
     Siesta in Cambodia, Accepted (travel)
     Rowan Berry, Accepted (nature)
     Golden Park in Berlin, Accepted (open)
     Looking the rain, Accepted (open)

14. Lahtinen Timo
     Time Flies, PSA Gold Medal (experimental)
     Suppertime, Accepted (nature)
     Foreststar, Accepted (nature)
     Saucerjelly, Accepted (nature)
     Silent Violin, Accepted (open)
     Wheres My Hammer, Accepted (open)
     Afrodites Children, Accepted (open)

15. Lehtonen Kauko
     To the future, Accepted (open)

     Still Life, Accepted (open)

17. Lommi Sami
     Machine, Accepted (experimental)
     In Love, Accepted (open)
     Chained Dancer, Accepted (open)
     Waterfall, Accepted (open)

18. Mankki Jukka
     Nordic Walker 2, Accepted (open)

19. Mantykangas Jarmo
     Kingfisher and Northen lights, Accepted (travel)
     Peanut fighters, Accepted (open)

20. Markku Nurmi
     in tandem, Accepted (open)

21. Marko Airismeri
     Forrest Of Lost Souls, Accepted (experimental)
     Navigating In Paris, Accepted (experimental)
     She Was a Soldier Of Rome, Accepted (open)
     Whats Your Problem, Accepted (open)

22. Mussalo Petteri
     It takes two to Tango, Accepted (open)

23. Niemi Matti
     Church View, Accepted (travel)
     Mr and Mrs Frog, Accepted (open)

24. Peltonen Seppo
     Vanessa cardui, Accepted (nature)
     Foggy River in March 2, Accepted (open)

25. Rekimies Aila
     Shell Face, Accepted (experimental)
     The Smile, Accepted (open)

     DAWN SWANS, Accepted (open)
     91 CRANES, Accepted (open)

27. Rosenqvist Susanne
     Midsummer bonfire, Accepted (travel)
     Wave, Accepted (open)
     Stage, Accepted (open)

28. Salo Janina
     Attention, Accepted (open)
     Race, Accepted (open)
     Puppy, Accepted (open)

29. Salo Rainer
     Lunchtime, Accepted (nature)

30. Salonen Kalle
     In the Cafe, Accepted (open)
     Incomplete, Accepted (open)

31. Sarparanta Heikki
     Afternoon in Serengeti 7, Accepted (nature)
     Winternight in Turku, Accepted (open)
     Twilight time, Accepted (open)

32. Talvitie - Jussi
     Split, Accepted (experimental)
     Blue & Violet, Accepted (experimental)
     To the Bone, Accepted (experimental)
     Game On, Accepted (open)
     Shower, Accepted (open)

33. Tiirinen Eila
     Little Hawk Owl, Accepted (nature)
     My Little Kids, Accepted (nature)
     Whooper-Swan-Family, Accepted (nature)

34. Tolvanen Kirsi
     Are all the doors closed, Accepted (travel)
     Red, Accepted (open)
     Closed, Accepted (open)
     His business, Accepted (open)

35. Tuomaala Seppo
     Egypt, Accepted (travel)
     Ecuadorian children, Accepted (travel)
     Stop!, Accepted (open)
     Alone, Accepted (open)

36. Vaahtera Timo
     Just Like Old Times, Accepted (open)


1. BACLE jean claude
     La corne du naga, Accepted (travel)
     Falco and prey, Accepted (nature)
     Luscinia singing, Accepted (nature)

2. BARBIER Gerard
     Gorge bleue chant, Accepted (nature)
     La huppe nourrit, Accepted (nature)
     La peur, Accepted (open)
     Enfant dragan, Accepted (open)

3. BLONDEL Christian
     MARCHAND DE BROCHETTES, Accepted (travel)
     LA PAUSE, Accepted (travel)
     TRIO DE GIRAFES, Accepted (nature)
     COUCOU 2, Accepted (open)
     PONT VAN GOGH, Accepted (open)

4. Bruno
     Brouillard ecossais, Accepted (travel)
     Le clown de la mer, Accepted (nature)
     Epave, Accepted (open)
     Larbre et le nuage, Accepted (open)

5. CAUSSE Eric
     Les marionnettes, Diploma 6 (experimental)
     Cache cache, Accepted (experimental)
     Boite de dauphin, Accepted (experimental)
     Poursuite, Accepted (experimental)
     Jeune aigrette, Accepted (nature)
     Corrida Equestre 2, Accepted (open)
     Camargues 8, Accepted (open)
     Marc Laroque, Accepted (open)

6. Christiane
     Chaman, Accepted (travel)

     Le Chat, Accepted (open)
     La Moisson, Accepted (open)

8. Dupouy Michel
     Au sommet de la dune, Accepted (travel)
     Desespoir, Accepted (experimental)
     Dechirure, Accepted (open)

9. Feret Michel
     la presse de benares, Accepted (travel)
     toilette sur le gange, Accepted (travel)
     le journal de benares, Accepted (travel)
     regard sur le gange, Accepted (open)
     colere a benares, Accepted (open)

10. GEUS Serge
     Triptyque., Accepted (experimental)
     A good pipe., Accepted (open)
     The last one., Accepted (open)

11. Jacques
     pecheurs a la senne, Accepted (travel)

     Pouring rain, Accepted (travel)
     Poppies on the beach, Accepted (experimental)

13. LE TENIER Michel
     Trois hommes, Judges Choice 1 (experimental)
     Home Sweet Home, Accepted (experimental)
     Grand Canyon, Accepted (open)
     Vulcania, Accepted (open)
     Combustion, Accepted (open)

14. Marc
     Teinture au Maroc, Accepted (travel)

15. Marc
     Rainette Du Midi, Accepted (nature)
     Capture Agrodiaetus, Accepted (nature)
     Fenetre Meteo, Accepted (open)
     Pigeonnier Et Lavandes, Accepted (open)
     Logisson 3, Accepted (open)

16. Marc
     Bourget et glace, Accepted (open)

     Charbonniers, Accepted (travel)
     Vendeuses de bredes, Accepted (travel)
     Peche a la traine, Accepted (travel)
     Legare, Accepted (open)
     Le calin, Accepted (open)

18. Philippe FARET
     Balinaise, Accepted (travel)
     Purple Jellyfish, Accepted (nature)
     Lagoon, Accepted (nature)
     O Toulouse, Accepted (open)

19. Roger JOURDAIN
     WILD NAMIB DESERT, Accepted (travel)
     TENDERNESS IN BABOONS, UPI Honorable Mention 1 (nature)
     BLUE TIT IN WINTER, Accepted (nature)
     LEOPARD AND KILL, Accepted (nature)
     FREE WHEELS 2011 No01, Diploma 5 (open)
     OLD HONFLEUR, Accepted (open)

20. RONDEL Brigitte
     Athletor 164, Accepted (open)

21. Samoyault Guy B.
     Au fil de la Dordogne, Accepted (open)
     Le cri, Accepted (open)

22. Yvon HAZE
     DUNE ET PECHEURS 4, Accepted (travel)
     RACETRACK 1, Accepted (nature)
     DUNE ET PECHEURS 6, Accepted (open)
     PECHEUR AU VIETNAM 2, Accepted (open)

French Guiana

1. Claude
     Fromage et vin, Accepted (open)
     Studio, Accepted (open)


1. Andrea Harmssen
     Puffin 3, Accepted (nature)
     Abandoned Village 9221, Accepted (open)
     Rest in Peace 93211, Accepted (open)
     Salen old Pier 2, Accepted (open)

2. Baumann Christina
     Grossglockner Gletschersee, Accepted (travel)
     Eilig, Accepted (open)
     Nach Norden, Accepted (open)

3. Becker Reinhard
     Piano 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Kimberly 1, Accepted (experimental)
     Fenster, Accepted (experimental)
     Polarfuchs 1, Accepted (nature)
     Kimberly 2, Accepted (open)

4. Becker Werner
     Libellula Depressa, Accepted (nature)
     Shy, Accepted (open)
     Diagonal, Accepted (open)
     Sandra, Accepted (open)

5. Block - Dirk
     Seebensee, Accepted (travel)

6. Boehm, Gerhard
     Ramstein, Accepted (open)
     Wind, Accepted (open)
     Zabriskie Point, Accepted (open)

7. Boemke - Reinhard
     gannet, Accepted (nature)
     Juliette 1 002, Accepted (open)
     Tanja 2, Accepted (open)

8. Busse Juergen
     Stonehenge sunset, Accepted (travel)
     Grand Mosque 15, Accepted (travel)
     Arctic ice, Accepted (travel)
     Mystic Door, Accepted (experimental)
     Protected by Aliens, Accepted (experimental)

9. Dieter Boehm
     Sahara-Becken, Accepted (experimental)
     Puffin 0843, Accepted (nature)
     Zaunkoenig 4508, Accepted (nature)

10. Doerks Angela
     doppelter Pelikan, Accepted (nature)
     Augenkrallengriff, Accepted (nature)
     der Maler, Accepted (open)

11. Foeller Jochen
     Gottesdienst, Accepted (travel)
     Auf dem heimweg, Accepted (experimental)
     Illusionen N0 07, Accepted (experimental)
     Schattenspiele, Accepted (open)

12. Francis Huettner
     harphyie, Accepted (nature)
     samenstrang, Accepted (nature)

13. Gebel, Holger Michael
     resurrection, Accepted (experimental)
     strix nebulosa, Accepted (nature)
     pelican 01, Accepted (nature)
     mandrillus sphinx 01, Accepted (nature)
     city lights 001, Accepted (open)

14. Gilges Wolfgang
     Esther, Accepted (open)
     Table Act 2, Accepted (open)
     Joanna, Accepted (open)
     Nostalgie, Accepted (open)

15. Habryka Marek
     Drummer 1, Accepted (experimental)
     Harness racing 3, Accepted (experimental)
     Wolves 6, Accepted (nature)
     Pelikan 4, Accepted (nature)
     Winter play 1, Accepted (nature)
     I and my car 1, Accepted (open)
     Harnass racing 2, Accepted (open)

16. Hankel Martin
     Skyscraper, Accepted (open)
     Shopping Center 8, Accepted (open)

17. Hochhaus - Alexander
     Dream room, UPI Silver Medal (experimental)
     Pisces, Accepted (experimental)
     Expecting, Accepted (open)
     Alleyway, Accepted (open)

18. Josef Sauter
     Meeting, Accepted (nature)
     Atlasfalter, Accepted (nature)
     November, Accepted (open)
     An Mohnknospe, Accepted (open)

19. Jung Susanne
     Tanzendes Maedchen, Accepted (experimental)
     Abschied, Accepted (experimental)
     Atemlos, Accepted (experimental)
     Spuren, Accepted (experimental)
     Nele lernt fliegen, Accepted (open)
     Fischer, Accepted (open)
     Claras Weg, Accepted (open)
     Am Bahnhof, Accepted (open)

20. Koepf, Achim
     Antarctic Art 46, Accepted (travel)
     Antarctica 769, Diploma 2 (nature)
     Lonely Penguin, Accepted (nature)
     South Georgia 427, Accepted (nature)
     Tasha 23, Accepted (open)
     Silia 6, Accepted (open)

21. Lazaridis, Kosmas
     Babys Dream, Accepted (experimental)
     Endladung, Accepted (experimental)
     Beginning, Accepted (open)

22. Leyendecker Peter
     Taj Mahal nr2, Accepted (travel)
     Women, Accepted (travel)
     Against the rules, Accepted (experimental)
     Exhibition, Accepted (experimental)
     Space Hotel, Accepted (experimental)
     Monster aus Stahl, Accepted (experimental)
     Children of our world, Accepted (open)
     Tamara, Accepted (open)
     Midnight, Accepted (open)

23. Loke, Wolfgang
     Modern Moses, Accepted (travel)
     Camel Beauty Contest, Accepted (travel)
     Rusty Susi, Accepted (experimental)

24. Mai, Bernd
     Living with Mondrian, Accepted (open)

25. Markloff, Karl
     Bodenturner, Accepted (open)
     Hundemuede, Accepted (open)

     Come With Me, Accepted (nature)

27. Olfert Peter
     Rescue island., Accepted (travel)
     First dreams., Accepted (nature)
     Idyl., Accepted (nature)
     Mothers joy., Accepted (nature)
     Mothers worris., Accepted (open)
     No kiss., Accepted (open)

28. Patrick ERNST
     Paradiesgarten, Accepted (experimental)
     Flaschen, Accepted (experimental)
     Sonnenkinder, Accepted (experimental)
     Freundinnen, Accepted (open)
     Auto_Treppe, Accepted (open)
     Relax, Accepted (open)

29. Petersohn Uwe
     Liechtenstein Castle-2, Accepted (travel)
     The last cigarette-1, Accepted (open)

30. Rahaus - Markus
     Lovely couple, Accepted (nature)
     Rockhoppers, Accepted (nature)
     Victory in sight, Accepted (open)
     At the full gallop, Accepted (open)

31. RAMGE Peter
     Tight Grip, Accepted (open)
     Ofterschwang, Accepted (open)
     Woman Sprint, Accepted (open)

32. Rau, Frank
     Book Of Wisdom, Accepted (experimental)
     Fantasy Forest, Accepted (experimental)
     Pechlibelle, Accepted (nature)
     Stuttgart Library fish, Accepted (open)

33. riehle - gunther
     big ben and kings v3, Accepted (nature)
     my favourite 4, Accepted (nature)
     chin snow wings out, Accepted (nature)
     adelie troop on iceberg 12, Accepted (open)
     harp seal pup curious, Accepted (open)
     my favourite 16, Accepted (open)

34. Roemisch, Heiko
     Texel lighthouse , Accepted (travel)
     red deer at dune 2315, Accepted (nature)
     red deer below in misty mornin, Accepted (nature)
     after rain 011, Accepted (nature)
     Arkaden wtih red lady 01, Accepted (open)
     red nails 7007, Accepted (open)
     unreal beach 4679 mod, Accepted (open)

35. Schweiger - Christian
     Kiilopaa Lapland, Accepted (nature)

36. Selzer Klaus-Peter
     The Clan, Accepted (nature)
     Lion King, Accepted (nature)
     Jemenchamaeleon, Accepted (nature)
     Masai Mara, Accepted (open)
     William, Accepted (open)

37. Tanja Zech
     Vergaenglich, Accepted (experimental)
     Giraffe II, Accepted (nature)
     Elefant V, Accepted (nature)
     Medien, Accepted (open)
     Heuernte, Accepted (open)

38. Textores - Ulrich
     Why, PSA Honorable Mention (experimental)
     Lebenswasser, Accepted (experimental)
     An Earth is born, Accepted (experimental)
     Phantasy 12, Accepted (experimental)
     Familie Erdmaennchen, Accepted (nature)
     Dream, Accepted (open)

39. Voss - Manfred
     Mighty Nature, Accepted (travel)
     Inner Peace, Accepted (travel)
     Jelly Lights, Accepted (nature)
     Gotham City, Accepted (open)
     Sunrise Dunes, Accepted (open)

40. Wachtarczyk Helmut
     the arab and the camel, UPI Bronze Medal (travel)
     the helping hand, Accepted (travel)
     the live in the desert, Accepted (travel)
     the garbage collector, Accepted (travel)
     winnder and loosers, UPI Honorable Mention 2 (experimental)
     anger, Accepted (open)
     this is not my place, Accepted (open)
     the victim, Accepted (open)

41. weigl werner.r
     iceland robben, Accepted (nature)
     am kilimanjaro kenia, Accepted (open)
     betrachter, Accepted (open)

42. Wolfgang
     allein, Accepted (open)
     am Fenster, Accepted (open)

     View into vulture eyes, Accepted (nature)
     Two Elfs, Accepted (open)
     View forward, Accepted (open)
     Race in the Watt, Accepted (open)


1. Amparo Guerreiro
     Tiredness, Accepted (open)
     Kostantina, Accepted (open)

     The red queen, Accepted (experimental)
     Fade in you, Accepted (experimental)

3. Antonakakis Eleftherios
     The dark side of her, Accepted (open)

4. Antonellos Dimitris
     saylors life, Accepted (open)

5. Avgoustinaki Pavlina
     fighting tigers, Accepted (nature)
     tigers, Accepted (open)
     feeding the elephant, Accepted (open)

6. baladakis giorgos
     spiderwoman, Accepted (experimental)
     the mystery girl, Accepted (experimental)
     bell foundry 3, Accepted (open)
     Athens 3, Accepted (open)
     Vanessa, Accepted (open)
     Athens 2, Accepted (open)

7. Bellou Kalli
     AGRA INDIA 2, Accepted (travel)
     NUDE 4, Accepted (open)

8. Chalkiadakis Michalis
     Girizontas apo ta xorta, Accepted (travel)

9. Dalaberos Kostas
     talos, Accepted (open)
     radar, Accepted (open)

10. Delinikola Anna
     Yep, Its true, Accepted (travel)
     Cuba In The 21st Century, Accepted (travel)

11. dimitris kokolakis
     Public , Accepted (open)

12. Douzlatzis Akis
     Newspaper Boy, HPSC Bronze Medal (open)
     Restless, Accepted (open)
     Cigar, Accepted (open)
     Loneliness, Accepted (open)

13. Estanislao Rafael
     THE NEXT GENERATION, Accepted (open)
     TOGETHER FOREVER, Accepted (open)
     102 YEARS OLD CRETAN, Accepted (open)
     ALONE, Accepted (open)

14. Eusthatiadis Stathis
     Venice, Accepted (travel)
     Embellishment, Accepted (open)
     Motion, Accepted (open)

15. Faliakakis Dimitris
     entasi, Accepted (open)
     yper ygeias, Accepted (open)

     Chair and Yarns, Accepted (open)

     mr Antonis, Accepted (open)

18. Giannis Kritikos
     Through the lens, Diploma 4 (experimental)

     Perama, Accepted (open)

20. Giortamis Dimitrios
     Desires, Accepted (experimental)
     Agios Nikolaos 1, Accepted (experimental)

21. Grigoriadis Ioannis
     Mirrors, Accepted (open)

22. Hadjistephanou Anna Maria
     ANAXORISI, Accepted (open)

23. Harry Nakos
     Eye capture, Accepted (open)

24. Hatzakis Manolis
     IOANNA, Accepted (experimental)
     looking, Accepted (open)

25. Iatropoulos Spiros
     ORANG ASLI WOMAN, Accepted (travel)
     THE GUARDS AT SNOW, Accepted (travel)

26. Ioannidis Harry
     Mykonos Panagia Paraportiani, Accepted (travel)

     Vienna - Karlskirche, Accepted (travel)
     In the waterfall, Accepted (open)

28. Kazantzidis Theofilos
     When will i grow up, Accepted (experimental)
     Geena, Accepted (open)

29. Kazazis Mihalis
     GREEK COFFE, Accepted (travel)
     THE NEWS, Accepted (open)

30. Kintonis Hristos
     IN SANTORINI, Accepted (travel)
     IN MYKONOS, Accepted (travel)
     IEW FROM THE TOP, Accepted (travel)

31. Kokkos Kyriakos
     TO THE DARK, Accepted (open)

32. Konstantinou Ioannis
     travel_3, Accepted (travel)
     travel_4, Accepted (travel)
     open_1, Accepted (open)

     in the afternoon, Accepted (experimental)
     M.Apezanon, Accepted (open)
     music, Accepted (open)

34. Lemonakis Antonios
     Milos, Accepted (travel)
     Andros2, Accepted (travel)
     Andros1, Accepted (travel)
     Mommy_I_m_flying, Accepted (experimental)
     The_cut, Accepted (experimental)
     Fullmoon1, Accepted (open)
     Grounding, Accepted (open)
     Ballet, Accepted (open)

     Streets Of Rome, Accepted (travel)
     Recession, Accepted (travel)
     Into The Lightning, Accepted (experimental)

36. manolis.koutsakis
     REFLECTION 1, Accepted (nature)

37. Maria Chalkiadaki
     waiting, Accepted (experimental)
     Freedom, Accepted (experimental)
     Home, Accepted (open)
     Womans Perfume, Accepted (open)

     loneliness..., Accepted (open)

     Playground, FIAP Honorable Mention 1 (open)
     Sheeps No1, Accepted (open)
     Portrait No5, Accepted (open)
     Neighbors, Accepted (open)

40. Markopoulos Stavros
     Stages in life, Accepted (nature)

     big ben, Accepted (travel)

42. Metaxaki Antigoni
     Anticipation2, Accepted (travel)
     Dreamland, Accepted (experimental)
     Nervous look, Accepted (open)
     Music note, Accepted (open)

     looking, Accepted (travel)
     painting, Accepted (open)

44. Millis Tassos
     METRO MAN, Accepted (experimental)
     SHADOWS, Accepted (open)
     REFLECTIONS, Accepted (open)

     Autumn Beauty, Accepted (open)
     Red riding Hood, Accepted (open)

     untitled 2, Accepted (travel)
     street shot 2, Accepted (open)
     street shot 1, Accepted (open)
     street shot 4, Accepted (open)

     Agrafa, Accepted (travel)
     fairys land 1, Accepted (open)
     misty forest, Accepted (open)
     after the storm, Accepted (open)

48. Papadakis Giorgos
     Heraklion Venetian port, Accepted (travel)
     Old castle, Accepted (travel)
     Cretan tradition, Accepted (travel)
     The past and the present, Accepted (open)
     Sadness, Accepted (open)

     great crested grebes, Accepted (nature)
     common buzzard., Accepted (nature)
     red footed falcons., Accepted (nature)

50. Papahatzaki Aikaterini
     An upcoming tragedy, Accepted (experimental)

51. papaioannou maria
     fishing boats, Accepted (open)

52. Paraskevakis Dimitrios
     Tables, Accepted (travel)
     Runner Falls, Accepted (open)
     Tsolias, Accepted (open)

53. Sapounakis Pantelis
     Oionos, Accepted (open)
     African sunset, Accepted (open)

     tatoo, Accepted (open)

55. Symiakakis Costas
     the villager, Accepted (travel)
     before the storm, Accepted (open)
     maria nb2, Accepted (open)
     tonia, Accepted (open)
     maria nb1, Accepted (open)

56. Tatakis Augustis
     THE ATTACK, Accepted (travel)
     HARD LIFE, Accepted (open)

57. Terezaki Eleftheria
     reflections, Accepted (open)

58. Toutoudakis Nikos
     decorated tree, Accepted (open)

59. Trikali Mina
     touareg man Mali, Accepted (travel)
     Theogefyro Ioannina, Accepted (nature)
     memories, Accepted (open)
     why, Accepted (open)
     mirrors in her eyes, Accepted (open)

60. Tsiouvakas Dimitris
     Waiting, Accepted (open)

61. Tsoulelis Efstratios
     Olympos Karpathos, Accepted (travel)
     Still at Work, Accepted (travel)
     On the way back, Accepted (open)

     At the coffee shop, Accepted (travel)
     Happen in Crete, Accepted (travel)
     Women of Syria, Accepted (travel)
     Walking in the rain, Accepted (experimental)
     MEMORIES, Accepted (open)

63. Vasilakis Spiros
     Poseidon Temple, Accepted (open)

     PLANET CONGREGATION, Accepted (experimental)
     FIGURES IN NICE, Accepted (experimental)
     WATCHING THE RAIN, Accepted (open)
     READING THE NEWS, Accepted (open)

     Romantic town, Accepted (travel)
     The tortured tree, Accepted (experimental)

66. Vogiatzaki Maria
     Lunch time, Accepted (nature)
     Meeting point, Accepted (open)
     Facades, Accepted (open)
     Different directions, Accepted (open)

67. Zuzana Marcinkova
     Haifa gardens, Accepted (travel)
     saint, Accepted (open)

Hong Kong

1. CHAN H.W.
     Swan 3, HPSC Honorable Mention (nature)
     Bathe after, Accepted (nature)
     Cattle Egret, Accepted (nature)
     Mountain and Waters 2, Accepted (open)
     Has happy appearance, Accepted (open)
     Fly in peaceful 2, Accepted (open)

2. CHEN Ming-fat, Fat
     Budda Cleaning, Accepted (travel)
     Duck farmer, Accepted (travel)
     Worship, Accepted (travel)
     Morning market, Accepted (travel)
     Sudden, Accepted (open)
     Cult, Accepted (open)
     Working in misty morning, Accepted (open)

3. Cheung Chi Hung
     Dragon Boat, Accepted (travel)
     Path Shadow, Accepted (experimental)
     Duck Fight, Accepted (open)
     Color Fork, Accepted (open)
     Golden Bridge, Accepted (open)

4. Chung-Ming Lai
     Sunset and Camels, Accepted (travel)

5. Ho Henry
     Team Spirit, Accepted (travel)
     Morning Fishing, Accepted (travel)
     Help, Accepted (travel)
     Vertical Prostation, Diploma 9 (experimental)
     Netting All, Accepted (experimental)
     I Am Hungry Too, Accepted (nature)
     Wrestling In The Air, Accepted (nature)
     Set Sail, Accepted (open)
     Trailing After Moses, Accepted (open)

6. HO Yau Ming Charles
     Loading of seaweeds, Accepted (travel)
     Fishermen village, Accepted (travel)
     Start work at dawn, Accepted (travel)
     Tien Hau Festival, Accepted (experimental)
     Mothers love (1), Diploma 6 (nature)
     The fish is mine, Accepted (nature)
     Mothers love (2), Accepted (nature)
     Building the nest, Accepted (nature)
     Working at dawn, Accepted (open)
     Birds world, Accepted (open)
     A warm bath, Accepted (open)

7. Ip Ngai Leung
     Go yo school, Accepted (travel)
     Window, Accepted (travel)
     Sunset in embankment, Accepted (open)
     Shipyard, Accepted (open)
     Goal_1, Accepted (open)
     Dragon dance, Accepted (open)

8. KWOK-Miu Anthony
     Fire dancing, Accepted (travel)
     Funny dragon boat, Accepted (travel)
     Climbing, Accepted (travel)
     Buddhism celebration, Accepted (travel)
     Space journey, Accepted (experimental)
     Goddess of SUN, Accepted (experimental)
     Dream, Accepted (experimental)
     Give me first, FIAP Gold Medal (nature)
     Against, Accepted (nature)
     Where you go, Accepted (nature)
     Horse group, Diploma 6 (open)
     Eagle and snake, Accepted (open)
     Tail dancing, Accepted (open)
     Shipyard welding, Accepted (open)

9. Lau - Hin Lun
     Radiance, Accepted (open)
     Impending Darkness, Accepted (open)
     Looking Down, Accepted (open)
     Spotted, Accepted (open)

10. Lee Hon-Kwong
     Corner of repair, Accepted (experimental)
     Appreciated, Accepted (experimental)
     Happy Enviroment, Accepted (experimental)
     Raining of Old Street, Accepted (open)
     Silent Dawn, Accepted (open)
     Co-operation, Accepted (open)
     The Burma Sunset, Accepted (open)


1. Bedo Kornel
     Canceled breakfast, Accepted (nature)
     Dictatorial bridge, Accepted (nature)
     Splash, Accepted (nature)
     Breakfast, Accepted (nature)

2. Csilla Zelko
     Mistical Connection, Accepted (travel)
     Village School, Accepted (travel)
     Big Planet-Small People, Accepted (travel)
     Three Kings, Accepted (nature)
     Chit-Chatting, Judges Choice 1 (nature)
     Like a Balerina, Accepted (nature)
     Hoopoe, Accepted (nature)
     Biblical Scene, Accepted (open)
     Praying Nun, Accepted (open)
     All Roads Meet, Accepted (open)

3. DANIS Janos
     My Loved Kitty, Accepted (travel)
     Lakeside Church, Accepted (experimental)
     Color Study, Accepted (experimental)
     Resting, Accepted (open)
     Childrens Chore, Accepted (open)

4. Geczy Dorottya
     Purple heron, Accepted (nature)
     Stream, Accepted (nature)
     Attention, Accepted (nature)
     Boats in Norway, Accepted (open)
     Egret ballet, Accepted (open)
     Calmness, Accepted (open)

5. Gyula Bedi
     Varanasi, Accepted (travel)
     prayer, Accepted (travel)
     merchant, Accepted (travel)
     magic, Accepted (experimental)
     peace, Accepted (nature)
     homage, Accepted (nature)
     pilot, Accepted (open)

6. Havasmezoi Tunde
     My family, Accepted (open)

7. Istvan Forgacs
     Snail tale, Accepted (nature)
     Systematikally, Accepted (nature)
     86 years, Accepted (open)
     Red in the morning, Accepted (open)

8. Jozsef Agocs
     The end of the day, Accepted (travel)
     Reichstag cupolathe, Accepted (travel)

9. Kerekes Istvan
     Alpen tale, Accepted (travel)
     Road to home, Accepted (travel)
     Evening in Alps, Accepted (travel)
     Flying moment, Accepted (nature)
     Trice with dragonflies, Accepted (nature)
     Tearful eyes, HPSC Gold Medal (open)
     Best friends, Accepted (open)
     Yelena, Accepted (open)

10. Lajos Biro
     Parasol, Accepted (nature)
     Game over, Accepted (nature)
     Dominance, Accepted (nature)
     Gray cattles, Accepted (open)
     Winter river, Accepted (open)
     Were here, Accepted (open)

11. Laszlo Erdos
     Memories, Accepted (travel)
     Charcoal-burner, Accepted (open)
     Death of racehorse, Accepted (open)

12. Laszlo Siman dr.
     honeymooners, Accepted (nature)
     Lao children, Accepted (open)

13. Lokos Zoltan
     Dawn 1, Accepted (experimental)
     Judie, Accepted (experimental)
     Embrace, Accepted (open)

     coffee morning , Accepted (open)
     cigarette break , Accepted (open)
     parental home , Accepted (open)

15. Milchram Kurt
     Duck Only, Accepted (open)
     Openpit Mining 3, Accepted (open)

16. Pal Teravagimov
     Morning bath, Accepted (travel)
     Pilgrim, Accepted (travel)
     Before the storm, Accepted (travel)
     I am getting angry, Accepted (nature)

17. Papp Elek
     The ill lamb, HPSC Silver Medal (travel)
     Joy of the music, Accepted (travel)
     Artificer, Accepted (open)
     Boats, Accepted (open)
     Joviality, Accepted (open)
     The Gipsy Chief, Accepted (open)

18. Paul Agg
     Red Skin, Accepted (open)
     Sitting on a chair, Accepted (open)
     Vodka pose, Accepted (open)

19. Peli Laszlo
     Groove problem, Accepted (open)
     Jacob, Accepted (open)

20. Racz Peter
     Landing, Accepted (nature)
     Neverwhere, Accepted (open)
     Little Devil, Accepted (open)

21. Roth Balazs
     Family, Accepted (open)

22. Szupkay Ildiko
     Royal Red, Diploma 8 (nature)
     Kingfisher, Accepted (nature)
     Ascension, Accepted (nature)

23. Tarcsa Balazs
     Clare, Accepted (experimental)
     Shaman VIII., Accepted (experimental)
     Shaman IV.ex, Accepted (experimental)
     Uncle Lajos, Accepted (open)
     The Look, Accepted (open)
     Amphora, Accepted (open)
     The Last Musician, Accepted (open)

24. Tibor Jeno Toth
     Barefoot, Accepted (open)

25. Zoltan Vass
     Nobile Pair, Accepted (nature)
     Landing, Accepted (nature)
     The Puffin, Accepted (nature)
     Misty Morning, Accepted (open)

26. ZoltanBese
     Railwayman, Accepted (travel)
     Nymph, Accepted (open)


1. Joshi Sarvesh
     Earthen Lamps, Diploma 4 (travel)
     Maru Yatra, Accepted (travel)
     peeping, Accepted (travel)
     All in colour, Accepted (open)
     At work, Accepted (open)

     Elephant family, Accepted (nature)

     HOPE IN EYE, Accepted (open)
     ADOLESCENCE, Accepted (open)

     SHI...SSS, Accepted (experimental)
     STAR, Accepted (nature)
     CATERPILLER, Accepted (nature)
     SO FAST, Accepted (open)

5. Balasubramanian Mahesh
     Mystic Morning in Jal Mahal, Accepted (travel)
     School Days , Accepted (open)
     The Walking Stick , Accepted (open)

6. Bandyopadhyay Mrinal Kumar
     Between Concept and Creation, Accepted (experimental)
     Rhythm, Accepted (experimental)
     Psyche, Accepted (open)
     Through The Forest, Accepted (open)

     LONELY EVENING, Accepted (nature)
     FREEDOM, Accepted (open)

     LAND OF GOD, Accepted (travel)
     MOTHER & CHILD, Accepted (open)

9. Bysack Subrata
     Morning Choir, Accepted (travel)
     Sing-a-Song, Accepted (travel)
     For My Family, Accepted (open)
     My Mother, Accepted (open)
     Wheels of Fate, Accepted (open)
     Awe, Accepted (open)

     Transfixed, Accepted (experimental)
     Inner Child, Accepted (experimental)
     Children Sitting, Accepted (open)
     Charismatic Folk Singer, Accepted (open)
     Tulip, Accepted (open)

     JELLIKATTU, Accepted (open)
     FOR WATER, Accepted (open)
     MORNING PLAY, Accepted (open)
     BULL FIGHT, Accepted (open)

     Illusion, Accepted (experimental)
     The Power, Accepted (experimental)
     Festive Dance, Accepted (experimental)
     Connoisseur, Accepted (open)
     The Red Cherry, Accepted (open)

     Ashi prinia feeding young one, Accepted (nature)
     Indian roller catchin the feed, Accepted (nature)
     Spectacular Show, Accepted (open)
     Flock returns, Accepted (open)
     Returning herd, Accepted (open)

14. D G Mallikarjuna
     PrayingMantisFacingGrasshopper, Accepted (nature)
     BlackBucksRunning, Accepted (nature)
     BlueTailedBeeEaterPair, Accepted (nature)
     SheepsOnDune, Accepted (open)
     BrightOldMan, Accepted (open)
     SkyPattern, Accepted (open)
     SmokingRajasthani, Accepted (open)

15. das basab
     desert festival, Accepted (open)
     dream, Accepted (open)

     FRENCH COUPLE, Accepted (travel)
     LOOKING AWAY, Accepted (experimental)
     FREGERGUNJ 2, Accepted (open)
     GRANDFATHER, Accepted (open)
     FREGERGUNJ 5, Accepted (open)

17. Dasgupta Mridul
     Blessings, Accepted (travel)
     Shekhawati, Accepted (travel)
     We two, Accepted (experimental)
     Hanu, Accepted (nature)
     Only Feeder, Accepted (open)
     Brickworks, Accepted (open)
     Speechless, Accepted (open)

     ROCKCUT TEMPLE, Accepted (travel)
     IMAM BARA, Accepted (travel)
     GAVIAL -2, Accepted (nature)
     CLEAN SWEEP, Accepted (open)
     VILLAGE LIFE, Accepted (open)

19. Dolui Kaushik
     Old mans dream, Accepted (open)
     Within shadow, Accepted (open)

20. Dr. Pankaj Sharma
     ON DUTY, Accepted (open)
     DRUMMERS IN ACTION, Accepted (open)
     SMOKE IN VALLEY, Accepted (open)

21. Dr.Jayadev B
     MOTHERS TOUCH, Accepted (nature)
     RIVER TERN FEEDING, Accepted (nature)

22. Dutta - Debajit
     Hermit, Accepted (open)
     Rowing Race, Accepted (open)

     SLICED FACE, Accepted (experimental)
     EMBRACE, Accepted (open)
     JUMP JUMP, Accepted (open)

     Bonding in process, Accepted (open)

     Corset, Diploma 5 (experimental)
     Desire, Accepted (experimental)
     HIV, Accepted (experimental)
     Three, Accepted (experimental)

     Bee Eater Mating, Accepted (nature)
     Brahminy Kite with feed, Accepted (nature)
     Indian Roller in flight, Accepted (open)
     Hunting Cheetah, Accepted (open)
     Indian Roller in flight 2, Accepted (open)

     HIDE & SEEK, Accepted (travel)
     ROUTINE-1, Accepted (travel)
     IN SEARCH OF LIFE, Accepted (experimental)
     INNOCENT BEAUTY, Accepted (open)
     STILL LIFE-1, Accepted (open)
     AT DAWN, Accepted (open)
     HOME BOUND, Accepted (open)

28. Hegde Ganapathi
     Kalathigiri, Accepted (travel)
     Rural Life_India, Accepted (open)
     Kids Play, Accepted (open)

29. Hemachandra Jain
     Blue tailed green bee eater, Accepted (nature)

     Boat ride to Taj, Accepted (travel)
     Govinda 9, Accepted (travel)
     Morning Due, Accepted (travel)
     Lion Metting, Accepted (nature)
     Water Rapling, Accepted (open)
     Villager, Accepted (open)

     GUESTS AT TRAVEL, Accepted (travel)
     PURPLE SUNBIRD, Accepted (nature)
     PIED MAYNA WITH YONG, Accepted (nature)
     THE FINAL JUMP, Accepted (open)
     SAFE CUSTODY, Accepted (open)
     MOTHERS CUSTODY, Accepted (open)

     KRUTI-2, Accepted (experimental)
     POTS AND PEARLS, Accepted (open)

33. karmakar malay
     raj-1, Accepted (open)
     dream, Accepted (open)

     Daily Melody, Accepted (open)
     Alone in the forest path, Accepted (open)
     Parasol, Accepted (open)

     Ode to the Sun, Accepted (travel)
     Mudra, Accepted (experimental)

     SARSE KHET, Accepted (open)
     KHATI, Accepted (open)

     MASAI DANCERS, Accepted (travel)
     NOTHING BETTER THAN, Accepted (nature)
     DREAM, Accepted (open)

     Chhat, Accepted (travel)
     New Born, Accepted (experimental)
     Awaiting, Accepted (experimental)
     Dancing Bird, Accepted (nature)
     Existence, Accepted (open)
     Gooblu, Accepted (open)
     Amma, Accepted (open)
     The Swan, Accepted (open)

     GOSSIP, Judges Choice 3 (travel)
     THREE MUSKETEERS, Accepted (travel)
     SKY DIVING, Accepted (open)
     WEAVING DREAMS, Accepted (open)

40. Mukherji S P
     Serene Sailing, Accepted (open)
     A Family Picnic, Accepted (open)
     Alone In The Mountains, Accepted (open)

41. Narasimhan
     Playful World, Accepted (nature)
     Art of Love Making, Accepted (nature)
     Life is a Mist, Accepted (nature)

     DHOL, Accepted (travel)
     ORANGE DROP, Accepted (experimental)
     MULTIPLE GLASSES, Accepted (experimental)
     CHEMALEON, Diploma 10 (nature)
     ANGRY WITH HUNGER, Accepted (nature)
     SUNBIRD IN FLIGHT, Accepted (nature)
     FLYING IN AIR, Accepted (open)
     made for each other, Accepted (open)

     Frightened, Accepted (open)
     Cat & Fish, Accepted (open)
     After Disaster, Accepted (open)

     LAKE, Accepted (travel)
     DUET, HPSC Honorable Mention (experimental)
     REVELATION, Accepted (experimental)
     EMPTY, Accepted (experimental)
     NIGHT MARE, Accepted (experimental)

     EGRETS IN FIGHT, Accepted (nature)

     SUN SET POINT, Accepted (travel)
     THIRSTY, Accepted (travel)
     BALANCING, Accepted (open)
     DESERT DUSK, Accepted (open)

     Steps, Accepted (open)
     The red car, Accepted (open)
     Homebound, Accepted (open)
     Musician, Accepted (open)

48. Pawaskar Prasad
     Nude 5, Accepted (open)
     Mood, Accepted (open)
     Nude 3, Accepted (open)

     RIDING IN DUNES, Accepted (travel)
     VINTAGE CAR, Accepted (experimental)
     AMONG TREES, Accepted (open)
     MORNING DUTY, Accepted (open)
     TOGETHER, Accepted (open)

50. Rachakonda Venkata Satya Seshadri
     Tribal Dance(1), Accepted (travel)
     Purple Sun Bird (M), Accepted (nature)
     Mating Hawks, Accepted (nature)
     Fighting Vultures, Accepted (nature)
     Fishing Boats, Accepted (open)

51. Rajan Avanish
     LIONESS WITH KILL, Accepted (nature)
     FUTURE, Accepted (open)

52. Roy Subir
     Currious, Accepted (open)
     Hunger, Accepted (open)

53. Roy Dipak kumar
     Long Journey, Accepted (open)
     Run, Accepted (open)
     Loving, Accepted (open)

     HOLY BATH 2, Accepted (travel)
     THE FISHERMAN, Accepted (open)
     MISTY MORNING 2, Accepted (open)
     ULTIMATE SHELTER, Accepted (open)

     memories of the monument, Accepted (travel)
     morning lights, Accepted (travel)
     haunted memories, Accepted (experimental)
     lightening at taj, Accepted (experimental)
     silence interrupted, Accepted (open)

     Framed, Accepted (nature)
     Tiny, Accepted (nature)
     A Man in the Crowd, Accepted (open)
     Misty Morn, Accepted (open)

57. saha buddhadeb
     the harmit, Accepted (travel)
     amritkumbha, Accepted (open)
     reflection, Accepted (open)
     my daughter, Accepted (open)

58. Saha Prosanta Kumar
     Stairs of Life, Accepted (open)
     Struggle for Existence, Accepted (open)
     Line of Life, Accepted (open)

     Sunny, Accepted (experimental)
     Water and Life, Accepted (open)
     Rangoli, Accepted (open)
     Joy ho, Accepted (open)

     Black and white, Accepted (travel)
     The fire breather, Accepted (travel)
     Dream girl, Accepted (experimental)
     Eye in the sky, Accepted (nature)
     Enjoying the rain together, PSA Gold Medal (open)
     Mysterious, Accepted (open)
     Among the wood crafts, Accepted (open)
     A girl playing with ganders in, Accepted (open)

     KALNA TEMPLE, Accepted (travel)
     FORT DANCE, Accepted (travel)
     THIRST FOR ADVENTURE, Accepted (open)
     IN THE RAIN, Accepted (open)
     STATUE, Accepted (open)

     carrying grass, Accepted (travel)
     Blue jay with feed, Accepted (nature)
     Camel, Accepted (open)
     Kalbeliys, Accepted (open)

     Young Monk, Accepted (travel)
     Supervisors, Accepted (experimental)
     Security, Accepted (open)
     Young Shopkeepers, Accepted (open)

64. Singh Satpal
     Overloaded, Accepted (travel)
     The Ghaat, Accepted (travel)

     THREE FRIENDS, Accepted (travel)
     TOWARDS DESTINATION, Accepted (travel)
     FEEDING, Accepted (nature)
     FORMS, Accepted (open)

     BlueTailed Bee Eater Couple, Accepted (nature)

67. SP
     ABISHEK, Accepted (travel)
     SUN BIRD FEEDING TIME, Accepted (nature)
     BLUE CAPPED ROCKTHRUSH FEED, Accepted (nature)
     ASHY PRINIA WITH FEED, Accepted (nature)
     PILOT, Accepted (open)
     MORNING WALK, Accepted (open)

     TOWARDS THE PEAK, Accepted (travel)
     BOATS AT NAINITAL, Accepted (travel)
     IN MOON LIGHT, Accepted (experimental)
     SUPERCEDE, Accepted (nature)
     BLACK BUCK, Accepted (nature)
     PERSONALITY, Accepted (open)
     FISHING-2, Accepted (open)
     SMILE-5, Accepted (open)

     ON WAY TO ETERNITY, Accepted (travel)
     SILVER LINE, Accepted (travel)
     TRANSFER, Accepted (open)
     RAINY MOMENTS nr 02, Accepted (open)
     WE ARE HERE, Accepted (open)
     LEIZURE, Accepted (open)

70. swar sanjib
     eager_arid, Accepted (open)
     at rest, Accepted (open)

     BALLOON SAFARI, Accepted (travel)
     DAY BEGINS AT THAR DESERT, Accepted (travel)
     WESTMINSTER BRIDGE, Accepted (travel)
     IN YOUR FOOTSTEPS, FIAP Honorable Mention 2 (nature)
     HELPING HAND, Accepted (open)
     BULL RACE, Accepted (open)
     PEEKABOO, Accepted (open)
     EYES MIRROR OF THE SOUL, Accepted (open)

     SMOLDERS, Accepted (travel)
     NO WAY TO ESCAPE, Accepted (travel)
     GRADING 02, Accepted (open)
     NET OF LIFE 06, Accepted (open)

     FOR DAILY LABOUR, Accepted (open)

74. Vinay K.
     Ashy Prinia with Grass Hopper, Accepted (nature)
     Red Munia in action, Accepted (nature)
     Stirred but not shaken, Accepted (nature)
     A gesture of love, Accepted (nature)
     The inevitable whiplash, Accepted (open)
     Returning home at dusk, Accepted (open)
     Female Red Munia landing, Accepted (open)
     Kambala, Accepted (open)

75. Vyas Ramji
     dandia, Accepted (travel)
     Water at desert, Accepted (travel)
     Desert Traveller, Accepted (open)
     Desert Life, Accepted (open)
     Freedom, Accepted (open)


1. adijuwono, slamet
     pacu jawi 8, Accepted (open)

     hard rain, Accepted (nature)
     fish hunt, Accepted (nature)
     protectiing, Accepted (open)
     berdampingan, Accepted (open)

3. Angela Muliani Hartojo
     Bajao Woman, Accepted (travel)
     Silky Road, Accepted (travel)
     Wushu 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Bird Reflection, Accepted (nature)
     Investigation, Accepted (nature)
     Cooking Ketupat 2, Diploma 10 (open)
     Playmate, Accepted (open)
     Clean Up Buffalo, Accepted (open)
     To Plow 2, Accepted (open)

     CATCH YAAA, PSA Gold Medal (travel)
     LEARN PAINTING, Accepted (travel)
     ON WORK, Accepted (travel)
     PYAAAR, Accepted (travel)
     Blow Up the Fire, Accepted (open)
     The Farmer, Accepted (open)
     Happy Time, Accepted (open)
     Balerina Flying Circle, Accepted (open)

5. Bunanta Agatha
     Sulphur Mining Worker, Accepted (travel)
     Climbing the Mt Bromo, Accepted (travel)
     Breakfast for 3 kids, Accepted (nature)
     Herding the horses, Accepted (open)
     Fast Racing, Accepted (open)
     Working in Sulphur Mining, Accepted (open)

6. David Somali Chow
     Traveling nuns, Accepted (travel)
     Masai traders, Accepted (travel)
     Siblings, Accepted (open)
     I am sweating, Accepted (open)
     Beautiful color of corals, Accepted (open)

7. Deddy Suwanda
     Sawarna 4, Accepted (nature)
     Playing with Roosters 2, HPSC Honorable Mention (open)
     Fighting Roosters 1, Accepted (open)
     Painting The Batik, Accepted (open)

     Catching the ponnies, Accepted (travel)
     Three Novices, Accepted (travel)
     Horse Herding in Winter, Accepted (open)
     Final Race, Accepted (open)

     BLOW UP, Accepted (travel)
     THE OWL, Accepted (nature)
     GRANDPA, Accepted (open)
     BEAUTY, Accepted (open)

10. Hendro Hioe
     Crossing, Accepted (nature)
     Surf 11 Mentawai, Accepted (open)
     Mentawai Tribe women, Accepted (open)
     The Mentawais, Accepted (open)

11. Ida Bagus - Putra Adnyana
     Make Peace Not War, Accepted (open)
     Sheperd, Accepted (open)
     Lonely, Accepted (open)
     Blue Point, Accepted (open)

12. Margo Harto-Solichin
     Armada, Accepted (travel)
     Holy Water, Accepted (travel)
     Kecak Dance, Accepted (travel)
     Traditional House, Accepted (open)
     Naughty Birds, Accepted (open)

13. Nagawan - Pimpin
     Cheers, Accepted (experimental)
     The Dancing Tiger, Accepted (nature)
     Toward To Death, Diploma 1 (nature)
     Sprayed, FIAP Gold Medal (open)
     Cock Fighting, Accepted (open)
     The Beauty Ballerina, Accepted (open)
     The Wood Carver, Accepted (open)

     Morning at Rawa Pening, Accepted (travel)
     Enjoy the journey, Accepted (nature)
     Angels Footsteps, Accepted (open)
     Duck Shepherd, Accepted (open)
     Kecak dance in motion, Accepted (open)

     Im Hungry Mom!!, Accepted (nature)
     Morning Bath, Accepted (open)
     Sunset Picture, Accepted (open)
     Morning by the Sea, Accepted (open)

16. Wibisono-Ario
     Cockfight, UPI Silver Medal (travel)
     Studying For The Final Exam, Accepted (travel)
     Morning Dance, Accepted (travel)
     Welcome Home Baby, Accepted (open)
     The Greatest Love Of All, Accepted (open)
     Dance Like No One Is Watching, Accepted (open)
     JOYFUL, Accepted (open)

17. Yeoh - Fendy P.C.
     Acrobatic jump, Accepted (open)
     Spider lady, Accepted (open)


1. Arastouei Mehdi
     The Shoeblack, Accepted (travel)
     Eagle, Accepted (open)
     Yellow Leaves, Accepted (open)

2. Momeni - Mohammadreza
     Colorful, HPSC Bronze Medal (travel)
     Dusk, Accepted (travel)
     Happy Morning, Accepted (travel)
     Parallel, Accepted (travel)
     Aba Texture, Accepted (experimental)
     Shadow in the light, Accepted (nature)
     Light and Shadow, Accepted (nature)
     Shrub, Accepted (nature)
     In House, Accepted (open)
     Walk after raining, Accepted (open)
     Before Migration, Accepted (open)
     Wish, Accepted (open)


1. Byrd, Gareth
     Momenti Mori, Accepted (experimental)
     The Mantra, Accepted (open)
     Returning Muse, Accepted (open)
     The Wilding, Accepted (open)

2. Coroliu Alexandru
     Aerial fight, Accepted (nature)
     accident, Accepted (open)

3. Gerry Andrews
     Early Morning Catch, Accepted (travel)
     Burmese Fisherman, Accepted (travel)
     Mursi Tribeswoman, Accepted (travel)
     Stairway to Heaven, Accepted (travel)
     Burmese Farmer, Accepted (open)
     Dawn on Inle Lake, Accepted (open)

4. Leite, Javier
     Bregagh Road , Accepted (open)

5. Maher Paul
     Black Valley Cottage, Accepted (open)

6. Mc Donnell Tony
     The Game of Draughts, Accepted (travel)
     Yellow-Billed Hornbill, Accepted (nature)
     Curious Look, Accepted (open)
     Boys Will Be Boys, Accepted (open)

7. Wesley Law
     Sunbeam in Pink, Accepted (open)
     Sunbeam in Blue, Accepted (open)

8. William Gleeson
     Broken Barrier , Accepted (open)


1. Bova-Dina
     Sulamith - Return to Innosence, Accepted (experimental)
     Quaere Veritatem, Accepted (experimental)
     Lunatics Soil, Accepted (experimental)
     Silence Before, Accepted (open)
     Relativity - Time Traveler, Accepted (open)
     At Home Among Strange, Accepted (open)

2. Kaneh Arik
     ATLAS, Accepted (experimental)
     STARTER BEFORE DINNER, Accepted (nature)
     First moment of Baptism, Accepted (open)

3. Kantor Galina
     Waiting, Accepted (experimental)
     Happy landing , Accepted (open)

     At the top of the tree, Accepted (nature)
     Looking suspicious, Accepted (nature)
     Lost his way, Accepted (open)
     Rainbow on a wintry day T, Accepted (open)

5. Shmueli Gil
     Virgin Angels, Accepted (experimental)
     Magic Tower, Accepted (open)

6. yehuda sameach
     Mursi tribe girls-4094, Accepted (travel)
     Ethiopian woman-valley of Omoo, Accepted (travel)
     Coconuts for sale1346, Accepted (travel)
     No one is left behind-0627, Accepted (travel)
     Cranes in the sunrise5387, Accepted (nature)
     All leaf Rusted 2276, Accepted (open)


1. Adversi Ivano
     Boat riding at_dusk, Accepted (travel)
     Myanmar temple, Accepted (travel)
     fight for food, Accepted (nature)

2. Antonio Persano
     Essence, Accepted (open)
     Rachel, Accepted (open)

3. Baiola Fabrizio
     Colorare in strada, Accepted (open)
     Gita a Zanzibar, Accepted (open)

4. Bardossi VIRGILIO
     Verso casa, Accepted (travel)
     To-the-marke, Accepted (travel)
     Nel villagio, Accepted (open)
     Hortobagy, Accepted (open)

5. Baroni Pierfrancesco
     No more wars, Accepted (open)
     Extreme maintenance light, Accepted (open)

6. Bianchini Simone
     5 Terre 2, Accepted (travel)
     Siena landscape 9, Accepted (travel)
     Look beyond, Accepted (open)
     Jump, Accepted (open)

7. Boddi Simone
     Iron Shop, Accepted (travel)
     Family Dogon, Accepted (travel)

8. Broetto
     Salome 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Salome 4, Accepted (experimental)
     Salome 3, Accepted (experimental)
     Geme Elle 4, Accepted (open)
     Geme Elle 3, Accepted (open)

9. Bugli Pietro
     The castle, Accepted (travel)
     La bicyclette rouge, Accepted (open)

     NEL SUK, Accepted (travel)
     BUS, Accepted (travel)
     UZBEKISTAN, Accepted (open)
     VERSO LA LUCE, Accepted (open)

11. Carrieri Luigi
     Venice carnival 01, Accepted (travel)
     I wanna dance, Accepted (travel)
     Space visions 05, Accepted (experimental)
     Space visions 08, Accepted (experimental)
     Space visions 01, Accepted (experimental)
     Space visions 04, Accepted (experimental)
     Episyrphus balteatus coupling, Accepted (nature)
     Macroglossum stellatarum 03, Accepted (nature)
     Light painting 07, Accepted (open)

12. Del Ghianda Fabio
     Ksar Ait Ben-Haddou, Accepted (travel)
     Butterfly of rhythmic gymnastics 3, Accepted (open)
     Fencing 1, Accepted (open)
     Butterfly of rhythmic gymnastics 4, Accepted (open)

     Finalmente la luna, Accepted (experimental)
     Fiore calpestato 1, Accepted (experimental)
     Self portrait, Accepted (open)

     Cambodian smile 3, Accepted (travel)
     Cambodian smile 1, Accepted (travel)
     Giulia, Accepted (experimental)
     Sandra, Accepted (experimental)
     Primate, Accepted (nature)
     Tempesta, Accepted (open)

15. Eugenio Fieni
     Thurpos 2, Accepted (open)
     Thurpos 1, Accepted (open)
     Winter Landscape 1, Accepted (open)

16. Francesco Alberghina
     Beyond The Net, Accepted (travel)
     Camel Kiss, Accepted (travel)
     Arab Call, Accepted (travel)
     No Line, Accepted (experimental)
     This is not a game, Accepted (experimental)
     Melting Time, Accepted (experimental)
     Masai Mara Light Beams, Accepted (nature)
     Following Mum, Accepted (nature)
     Samburu Boys, Accepted (open)
     Water Forest, Accepted (open)
     Desert Tracks, Accepted (open)
     Samburu Mother, Accepted (open)

17. Fratini Franco
     Pilgrims, Accepted (travel)
     Street workers, Accepted (travel)
     Lunch time, Accepted (nature)
     Wing, Accepted (nature)
     Elegant flight, Accepted (nature)
     Alone, Accepted (open)
     Fusion, Accepted (open)

18. Gaberthuel Walter
     Zanardi, Accepted (open)
     Search for shade, Accepted (open)
     White cap, Accepted (open)

     BURANO PITTURA, Accepted (travel)
     VENEZIA , Accepted (travel)
     CONTRASTI, Accepted (open)
     APPUNTI, Accepted (open)

20. Garabello Marco
     Fiera, Accepted (travel)
     Attack, Accepted (travel)
     Curioso, Accepted (experimental)
     Omenaje a Dali, Accepted (experimental)
     Pomodoro, Accepted (experimental)
     Orior Lunae, Accepted (experimental)
     Moby Show, Accepted (nature)
     Reflejos, Accepted (open)
     Air, Accepted (open)

21. GIBERTONI Dino Odoardo
     Holland, Accepted (travel)
     Ora et Labora, Accepted (experimental)
     Il cerchio, Accepted (experimental)
     Autumn afternoon, Accepted (experimental)
     First love, Accepted (nature)
     Last sprint, Accepted (open)
     Memories of war, Accepted (open)
     Il team, Accepted (open)
     Il casolare, Accepted (open)

22. ilario ledda
     le rondini, Accepted (nature)
     hardness, Accepted (nature)
     Alle prime luci, Accepted (nature)
     valenzia1, Accepted (open)
     valenzia5, Accepted (open)

     DOHA (, Accepted (travel)
     DHOA 7, Accepted (travel)
     Verdoni in lotta 9, Accepted (nature)
     Vai via, Accepted (nature)
     Verdoni in lotta 7, Accepted (nature)
     Verdoni in lotta 8, Accepted (nature)
     rugby 12, Accepted (open)
     ritmica 21, Accepted (open)
     rugby 14, Accepted (open)

     tuscan cypreses, Accepted (travel)
     tit, Accepted (nature)
     which future, Accepted (open)
     merci, Accepted (open)

     YOUNG FAMILY, Accepted (travel)
     UNIVERSO FEMMINILE, Accepted (travel)
     BW EXPERIMENT, Accepted (experimental)
     VISIONI, Accepted (experimental)
     SA MIA GENTI, Accepted (open)
     NICE, Accepted (open)
     PAPAVERI, Accepted (open)

26. Magini Azelo
     Un posto al sole, Accepted (nature)
     Raganella, Accepted (nature)
     Macaone, Accepted (nature)
     Terrazza Mascagni, Accepted (open)
     Sito transitorio, Accepted (open)
     Trasparenza, Accepted (open)

27. Maina Andrea
     Shoemaker, Accepted (travel)
     Look behind you, Accepted (experimental)

     PONTE DEI SOSPIRI, Accepted (travel)
     IL FRATE, Accepted (open)
     LA CUOCA, Accepted (open)
     IL FABBRO, Accepted (open)

     ti prendo, Accepted (open)
     verite, Accepted (open)
     la piccola tamburina, Accepted (open)
     lo specchio della perfezione, Accepted (open)

30. Marchi Franco
     Pelican portrait, Accepted (nature)

     old lady, Accepted (travel)
     venice storical race, Accepted (travel)
     the look, Accepted (open)
     the first on the train, Accepted (open)

     The leader, Diploma 1 (travel)
     Crematory, Accepted (travel)
     Red point, Accepted (experimental)
     A hole in the heart, Accepted (experimental)
     Metamorphosy, Accepted (experimental)
     The meal, Accepted (nature)
     Heron, Accepted (nature)
     The world of Beppino, Accepted (open)
     Prosperita, Accepted (open)
     A man and his life, Accepted (open)
     Nepalese school, Accepted (open)

     family, Accepted (travel)
     this is trinidad, Accepted (travel)
     stork, Accepted (nature)
     claustrum, Accepted (open)
     venice masks, Accepted (open)

34. Morina Giovanni
     Ischnura elegans in love, Accepted (nature)
     Reds dragons, Accepted (nature)

     MASCHERE 3, Accepted (open)

     SPAZZINE, Accepted (travel)
     CUCINA PER STRADA, Accepted (open)
     IL PRANZO, Accepted (open)
     POVERO CON FEDE, Accepted (open)

37. Perini Valerio
     Chinese policeman of traffic, Accepted (travel)
     Venetian Mask, Accepted (experimental)
     Yoko, Accepted (open)
     The Best, UPI Honorable Mention 1 (open)
     Fatima, Accepted (open)
     Eyes, Accepted (open)

38. Quaglia Monica
     Dolphin, Accepted (nature)

     Paris, Accepted (travel)
     Portugal, Accepted (travel)
     Liberte Egalite Fraternite 3, Accepted (open)
     Eliza 2, Accepted (open)
     Self Portrait , Accepted (open)

40. Rossi Marco
     Marco Rossi - La mosca, Accepted (nature)
     Marco Rossi - Il gregge, Accepted (open)
     Marco ROssi - Il casale, Accepted (open)

41. Rubboli Veniero
     Cubes, Accepted (experimental)
     Bowling, Accepted (experimental)
     Presences 2, Accepted (open)
     Presences, Accepted (open)

42. Rubini Franco
     Makeup, Accepted (experimental)
     The bubble escapes, Accepted (open)

43. Salvaterra Alberto
     Hound, Accepted (open)
     Lake Harbour, Accepted (open)

44. Scaramelli Massimo
     Venezia e musica, Accepted (travel)
     Magico inverno, Accepted (nature)
     Orsi, Accepted (nature)
     Galaverna, Accepted (nature)
     Ombre, Accepted (open)
     Nino, Accepted (open)
     Io e la mongolfiera, Accepted (open)

     Bao Game - Playing in the mark, Accepted (travel)
     Bao game - In spare time, Accepted (travel)
     Bao game - The Winner, Accepted (travel)
     SULA BASSANA, Accepted (nature)
     EYES, Accepted (nature)
     SULA BASSANA N. 2, Accepted (nature)
     ATMOSFERA BRETONE, Accepted (open)
     GUAJIRO, Accepted (open)
     THE DRIVER, Accepted (open)
     CAR REPAIR, Accepted (open)

     THE NEW LOVERS OF ART, Accepted (open)

     Could be milk, Accepted (travel)
     Early in the morning, Accepted (travel)
     Lovers, Accepted (nature)
     Procession, Accepted (nature)
     To the pastures, Accepted (open)
     The Babas look, Accepted (open)
     The enchanted story, Accepted (open)
     Old Glasses, Accepted (open)

48. Testa Cristian
     Dancer, UPI Honorable Mention 6 (experimental)
     Ice and robin, Accepted (nature)
     Portrait of a fox, Accepted (nature)
     Syncronized swimming, Accepted (open)
     The cow, Accepted (open)

     The Sassi nr.1, Accepted (travel)
     The Sassi nr.3, Accepted (travel)
     The Sassi nr.2, Accepted (travel)
     The Sassi nr.4, Accepted (travel)
     Kiklades nr.1, Accepted (experimental)
     Kiklades nr.3, Accepted (experimental)
     Flamingos nr.2, Accepted (nature)
     Bad weather in Burano nr.2, Accepted (open)
     Bad weather in Burano nr.1, Accepted (open)
     Comacchio nr.5, Accepted (open)
     Comacchio nr 3, Accepted (open)

50. Vaiani Sergio
     Butterfly 2, Accepted (experimental)

51. Zaffonato Daniele
     Ground Zero 2010, Accepted (open)
     Alone, Accepted (open)
     We Saw The Death, Accepted (open)

     ON THE DOOR, Accepted (travel)
     ROMANIA 7, Accepted (travel)
     PERU 2011, Accepted (nature)
     JACHIE AND LIVIO, UPI Honorable Mention 2 (open)
     BEPPINO, Accepted (open)
     THE PARTY, Accepted (open)

53. Zuffo Emanuele
     Zanzibar, Accepted (travel)
     canoa s tail, Accepted (experimental)
     I colori di Varigotti, Accepted (experimental)
     Last prayer before departure, Accepted (open)
     Ricerca di mani, Accepted (open)
     Start, Accepted (open)

Korea, South

1. HeungYoul Yin
     Fantastic couple, Accepted (open)

     Beautiful Story, UPI Honorable Mention 4 (nature)
     Providence, Accepted (nature)
     Love of father, Accepted (nature)
     Dissatisfaction, Accepted (open)
     Composition, Accepted (open)
     Friend, Accepted (open)

3. Jong Il Lee
     Autumn, Accepted (experimental)
     The boy, Accepted (open)
     High up in the Sky, Accepted (open)

     The scenery of a snow field, Accepted (travel)


1. Hussain Alhashemi
     Motion, Accepted (travel)
     Lizard, Accepted (open)
     Volcano, Accepted (open)


1. Suys Willy A
     Kurdish Girls, Accepted (open)
     Movement, Accepted (open)
     Dresden, Accepted (open)


1. Tang Chan Seng
     Colorful Dance, Accepted (experimental)
     Dancing on Fire, Accepted (experimental)
     Jet Ski 2010, Accepted (open)

2. Tang Kai Lon
     White Lion 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Space Dance, Accepted (experimental)
     Mystique Forest, Accepted (open)
     Kharunisia, Accepted (open)
     Mystique Eyes, Accepted (open)


1. Alex Goh Chun Seong
     Klungkung Style, Accepted (open)
     Boat Girl, Accepted (open)
     Traditional Fishing, Accepted (open)

2. Chu Siew Thong
     Spider under the leaves, Accepted (nature)
     A Worker , Accepted (open)
     Handmade vase, Accepted (open)
     A happy worker, Accepted (open)

     My Room, Accepted (open)
     Im Back, Accepted (open)

     enjoying, Accepted (nature)
     desert dynasties, Accepted (open)

     Hungry, UPI Gold Medal (nature)
     Feeding Time, Accepted (nature)
     Volant Feeding, Accepted (nature)
     Love Life, Accepted (nature)
     Birdcage Shadow, UPI Honorable Mention 3 (open)
     Bonze Donation, Accepted (open)
     I am Mr Frog, Accepted (open)

6. Lau Tick Ngee
     Lady Bird, Accepted (nature)
     SunBird, Accepted (nature)
     Lady Bird, Accepted (open)
     Magnificent Spray nr2, Accepted (open)

7. Lim Chee Keong
     On the way home, Accepted (travel)
     Tired, Accepted (travel)
     Playing, Accepted (experimental)
     Phathalong 1, Accepted (experimental)
     Fight, HPSC Silver Medal (nature)
     Muddy Football, Accepted (open)
     racing with bulls, Accepted (open)

     Glaring Eyes 3, Accepted (open)
     Shoe For Repair, Accepted (open)
     Old Man Hair Shave, Accepted (open)
     Baby Enjoying Shaving, Accepted (open)

     breakfast, Accepted (nature)
     ant1, Accepted (nature)
     carpenterworm1, Accepted (nature)

     Pacu Jawi, Accepted (open)
     Praying, Accepted (open)
     Nepal Nightscape, Accepted (open)
     My Village, Accepted (open)

11. Wong Danny Yen Sin
     Prayer, Accepted (travel)
     Partners, Accepted (travel)
     Cutting Fish, Accepted (experimental)
     Beautiful Planet, Accepted (nature)
     Orang Utan, Accepted (nature)
     Helpless Soul, Accepted (open)
     Home Alone 2, Accepted (open)
     Going Home At Dusk, Accepted (open)

     awesome group photo, Accepted (travel)
     sprints racer, Accepted (open)
     couple talk, Accepted (open)


1. Bertram
     Born Model, Accepted (open)
     Generations, Accepted (open)

     FISHERMEN VILLAGE , Accepted (travel)
     LEFT OUT, Accepted (open)
     NAHIAD, Accepted (open)

3. Pirotta Joseph
     Maltese Good Friday Procession, Accepted (travel)
     La Hemisferie Valenzia 6, Accepted (travel)
     Mesmerising, Accepted (nature)
     Design 18, Accepted (open)
     Love Symbol, Accepted (open)
     Matters on her Mind, Accepted (open)


1. Meskine Mustapha
     Gallop, Accepted (experimental)


1. Anne-Marie Vermaat
     lost, Accepted (experimental)
     youre next, Accepted (experimental)
     concentration, Accepted (open)

2. Bart Zandbergen
     1647 Streets of London, Accepted (travel)
     Frozen moments VI, Accepted (open)
     2003 Diana at Kootwijk, Accepted (open)

3. Chris
     Valencia Flyover, Accepted (travel)
     Torpidity, Accepted (open)
     Dunes 2, Accepted (open)

4. Koerts Wim
     B1 Paint 009, Accepted (experimental)
     B2 Paint 011, Accepted (experimental)
     A1 Haar 7587, Accepted (open)
     A4 Cherelle 7798, Accepted (open)

5. LYBAERT Daniel
     Garnalenvissers, Accepted (travel)
     Hotel de L Ocean, Accepted (travel)
     Mono Contpiep, Accepted (experimental)
     Jesse en Justin exp, Accepted (experimental)
     Blauwgroene liefde, Accepted (nature)
     Vroege pantserjuffer, Accepted (open)
     Aanvliegende uil, Accepted (open)
     Fazant, Accepted (open)
     Lekkere prooi, Accepted (open)

6. Neijhorst Raul
     the shoe, Accepted (experimental)
     Smoking, Accepted (experimental)
     The eye, Accepted (experimental)
     Waiting, Accepted (open)
     Nicolle Butt, Accepted (open)

7. Ros Jan
     Oerang-Oetang in the Wild, Accepted (nature)
     Louvre, Accepted (open)

8. ten Tusscher, Rob
     Marokko-07, Accepted (travel)
     Boy on Step, Accepted (open)

9. van Balken Marcel
     Monk conversation, Accepted (travel)
     Segways, Accepted (travel)
     Stonescene, Accepted (travel)
     Rocky world, Accepted (experimental)
     Paradise, Accepted (experimental)
     Farewell letter, Accepted (experimental)
     Innocent, Accepted (experimental)
     Elephants shelter, Accepted (nature)
     Elephant parade, Diploma 5 (nature)
     Elephant song, Accepted (nature)
     Beach party, Accepted (open)
     Carport, Accepted (open)
     Visitation, Accepted (open)

10. van der Heijdt - Theo
     White Chair, Accepted (open)
     Glazenwasser, Accepted (open)

11. van der Loo - Angelique M.G.
     Purple Bubbles, Accepted (experimental)

12. van Son - Max
     Fighting Foxes, Accepted (nature)
     Fox in the Forest, Accepted (nature)
     Sculptural Staircase, Accepted (open)
     Fausto Beccalossi, Accepted (open)
     Triple Red, Accepted (open)

New Zealand

1. Charteris Karin
     Family in Transit, Accepted (travel)
     Gross National Happiness, Accepted (travel)
     My House_My Home, Accepted (open)
     Looking at You, Accepted (open)

2. Clayton Lynn
     Mohair Goats in Chinese Village, Accepted (travel)
     Elephant Calf and Mother -Botswana, Accepted (nature)
     Pipe Smoker, Accepted (open)

     Monarch Butterfly and Pupal Case, Accepted (nature)
     End of the Road, Accepted (open)
     Daisy Freeze, Accepted (open)

4. Scott Fowler
     Depression, Accepted (open)
     Got a grip, Accepted (open)


1. Aase - Jan Frode
     Cleaning the Room, Accepted (open)
     Old Town, Accepted (open)
     Thirsty, Accepted (open)
     Wool, Accepted (open)

2. Brodersen,Oyvind
     Walking alone, Accepted (open)

3. Eide - Rune
     Winter Morning, Accepted (open)
     No Escape, Accepted (open)

4. Hansen, Jim
     The light, Accepted (open)
     Shape 2, Accepted (open)
     Curve, Accepted (open)
     Christina 3, Accepted (open)

5. Hansen, Tom Armand
     Gondolier, Accepted (travel)
     Wild ural owl, Accepted (nature)
     Relaxing goose, Accepted (nature)

6. Harald Sorensen
     Liv, Accepted (open)
     William, Accepted (open)

7. Horgmo - Geir Ivar
     Cliche No 1, Accepted (travel)
     Cold Ride, Diploma 2 (travel)
     Are You Happy Now, Accepted (open)

8. Hult Tina signesdottir
     lina, Accepted (open)
     lost in the woods, Accepted (open)

9. Jarane - Tom
     Gondols, Accepted (travel)
     White tailed Eagle, Accepted (nature)
     Winter in Norway, Accepted (nature)
     Tuscan tree, Accepted (open)
     N, Accepted (open)

10. Jarle Harkestad
     Quriosity, Accepted (open)
     Underground, Accepted (open)

11. Kirsten Henriksen
     Outside the farmacy, Accepted (travel)
     Oil industry, Accepted (open)

12. Kitse Kaire
     Jenny, Accepted (open)
     Katinka, Accepted (open)

13. Kjaeran Rolf Tore
     The waterfall, Accepted (nature)
     Hope, Accepted (open)
     The sculpture, Accepted (open)
     The nude I, Accepted (open)
     Tina the look, Accepted (open)

     Tulips, Accepted (open)

15. Krona - Lillian
     Gunshot, Accepted (open)
     Alone, Accepted (open)
     At the top, Accepted (open)

     Fishing in calm sea, Accepted (open)
     Children in Sarande, Accepted (open)

     Vaskerelvens rose, Accepted (open)

18. Nyborg - Bjorn Ole
     Storkobbe, Accepted (nature)
     Nude no.12, Accepted (open)
     Good old days, Accepted (open)

19. Otterlei Marion
     Smile!, Accepted (open)
     Juniperus, Accepted (open)

20. Setsaas - John Erik
     Talk around the table, Accepted (experimental)
     One drink too many, Accepted (experimental)
     Uncolored mirror, Accepted (experimental)
     By the door, Accepted (open)
     Top of the hill, Accepted (open)
     Good morning, Accepted (open)

21. Skaret, Trond M.
     Audery iPm IX, Accepted (open)

22. Skrei Knut Erik
     hirtshals lighthouse, Accepted (open)

23. Sorensen, May Britt
     Under the pier, Accepted (experimental)
     Walking on the line, Accepted (open)

24. Steinsvag Christoffer
     new, Accepted (open)

25. Sveen-Atle
     Magical reading, Accepted (experimental)
     Curious deer, Accepted (nature)
     Shattered, Accepted (open)
     Beetles in the forest, Accepted (open)
     Blue reflections, Accepted (open)

26. Synnevag Roald
     Gratangen, Accepted (travel)

27. Tandberg Erik
     My way, Accepted (travel)
     Inn fra havet, Accepted (open)

28. Vint, John
     London Eye, Accepted (travel)
     Grafiti, Accepted (experimental)
     Eye in the Sky!, Accepted (nature)


1. Abdollah Al Ruzaiqi
     The emergence, Accepted (open)

2. ahmed abdullah nasser al mahroqi
     Horserace, Accepted (open)
     Women and girls, Accepted (open)

3. Ahmed Al-Shukaili
     Moment of Escape, Accepted (travel)
     Al Malid, Accepted (travel)
     Reflected Nature, Accepted (nature)
     Moments, UPI Honorable Mention 6 (open)
     Enchanting Laugh, Accepted (open)
     Story by wrinkles, Accepted (open)

4. Al Hadi Rahma
     Omani dress, Accepted (travel)
     The rhythm of drum, Accepted (travel)
     a passage to oblivion, Accepted (experimental)
     Heaven in her arms, Accepted (open)
     between the walls, Accepted (open)

5. Al Riyami Yaqoob
     From the window, Accepted (travel)
     Bedouin Man, Accepted (open)
     The Second Rest, Accepted (open)
     Forward, Accepted (open)
     Old lady from the south, Accepted (open)

     Rich and Poor, Accepted (open)

7. Alamri Mohamed
     innocent killer, Accepted (travel)
     sage of universe, Accepted (travel)
     relax, Accepted (open)
     touareg eyes, Accepted (open)

     Strong start, Accepted (travel)
     Jump distinctive, Accepted (travel)
     i love oman1, Accepted (travel)
     ASMAA2, Accepted (open)
     ASMAA, Accepted (open)
     Waiting2, Accepted (open)
     The face of Khabourah, Accepted (open)

     FUTUR LOOK, Accepted (open)

10. alfarsi yasir
     My friend and I, Accepted (travel)
     i love camel, Accepted (travel)
     Secret place, Accepted (nature)
     collect sardines1, Accepted (open)
     between birds, Accepted (open)
     collect sardines, Accepted (open)
     Omani look4, Accepted (open)

11. alhinai muatasim
     small kid, Accepted (travel)
     fish man, Accepted (travel)

12. Ali Alghafri
     love in sky, Accepted (travel)
     Eye in green , Accepted (open)
     Golding sand, Accepted (open)

13. Alsulaimi - Hamed
     In Terrible, Accepted (travel)
     Camels Owner, Accepted (travel)
     In Terrible 1, Accepted (travel)
     Drum Maker, Accepted (open)
     Decisive moment, Accepted (open)
     Decisive moment 1, Accepted (open)

14. Alzadjali Faisal
     stay strong, Accepted (travel)
     dream fantasy, Accepted (open)

15. Hamad ALmanwari
     Men from Oman, Accepted (travel)
     jalan boy, Judges Choice 3 (open)
     eyes language, Accepted (open)
     boy from Oman, Accepted (open)

     CHASING, Accepted (travel)
     TO WIN, Accepted (travel)
     BURNING CONCERNS, Accepted (open)
     STABILITY, Accepted (open)

17. Hawra Salim ALFahdi
     help me out, Accepted (experimental)
     Exposure, Accepted (experimental)
     Change case, Accepted (experimental)
     Alone in the woer, Accepted (experimental)

18. mohammed alhajri
     Waiting, Accepted (open)

19. Mohd Alhadi
     fish season 11, Accepted (travel)
     Lord of the Rings, Accepted (travel)
     Prestige, Accepted (open)

20. Moosa AlRezaiqi
     Arwa, Accepted (open)

21. Osama AL Kharusi
     Ebb & Flow, Accepted (nature)
     Silance, Accepted (open)
     The Shelter, Accepted (open)
     Story, Accepted (open)

22. Ruqaiah Hamed Al Areimi
     Srilanka woman, Accepted (travel)
     traditional clothing 4 Omanis, Accepted (travel)

23. suleiman khamis aljadidi
     Hello, Accepted (travel)
     Corridor market, Accepted (open)
     Lineup, Accepted (open)


1. Shaikh Amin
     Dusty Job, Accepted (open)
     Yellow Canoe, Accepted (open)
     Spraying 2, Accepted (open)


1. Browko Kryzsytof
     Autumn fields, Accepted (travel)
     Passion, Accepted (experimental)
     Line, Accepted (experimental)
     Green waves, Accepted (open)
     Cypress, Accepted (open)
     Baltic summer, Accepted (open)
     Six, Accepted (open)

2. Domagala Wojciech
     Mazovia, Accepted (travel)
     Encyclopedic Perspective, Accepted (nature)

3. Dubiel Cezary
     Hole, Accepted (experimental)
     Kite Flying, Accepted (experimental)
     Like A Plane, Accepted (open)
     Spring Fields, Accepted (open)

     Soul of Mr Hitchcock, Accepted (travel)
     Active shopping, Accepted (travel)
     Valley of gold, Accepted (travel)
     Alice, Accepted (open)
     The land of million suns, Accepted (open)
     Walk in clouds, Accepted (open)

5. Mozalewski Tadeusz
     WINTER VEIL, Accepted (nature)

6. Paradowski Leszek
     On the Way to Work, Accepted (travel)
     Norwegian Platform, Accepted (travel)
     Back From The Past, Accepted (experimental)
     Better Future, Accepted (experimental)
     Viewing Platform, Accepted (experimental)
     Race Against Time, Accepted (experimental)
     The First Scene, Accepted (nature)
     The Beech with Human Face, Accepted (nature)
     June, Accepted (open)
     Unreachable Dreams, Accepted (open)
     To Be Free, Accepted (open)
     Dreams, Accepted (open)

7. Roman
     in the sun, Accepted (open)
     ambrosja, Accepted (open)
     Li_La, Accepted (open)

8. Tomasz Sobczak
     Temptation of Adam, Accepted (experimental)
     A_secret shadow, Accepted (open)
     Balance, Accepted (open)
     A woman in the morning, Accepted (open)

9. Wojewoda Janusz
     Freedom, Accepted (experimental)
     My Best Photo Cessation, Accepted (experimental)
     Forebears, Accepted (experimental)
     View, Accepted (experimental)
     Forest, Accepted (open)
     Sheeps, Accepted (open)
     The Observer, Accepted (open)
     In Shoot-4, Accepted (open)

     track, Accepted (open)


1. Abrao Ana
     Capitolio, Accepted (travel)
     Look at me, Accepted (travel)
     Underwater Dreams 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Castelo, Accepted (nature)
     The Strenght of an Expression2, Accepted (open)
     The Strenght of an Expression1, Accepted (open)
     TheStrenght of an Expression4 , Accepted (open)

2. Taborda Joao
     Sacred Bath, Accepted (travel)
     Night in Venice, Accepted (travel)
     Aquarelle The Burano, Accepted (travel)
     Gold Lion Famely, Accepted (nature)
     Learning, Accepted (open)
     Go to the Storm, Accepted (open)
     Charming, Accepted (open)
     The Man and the Sea, Accepted (open)


     ON RICE TERACE, Accepted (travel)
     THE MAGICAL LINES, Accepted (experimental)
     LITLE PARADIS, Accepted (nature)
     BLAHNUKUR, Accepted (nature)
     RAFI, Accepted (open)

2. Mircea Chiriciuc
     Remember Me, Accepted (open)

3. Moldovan Zsolt
     Flying moment, Accepted (nature)
     Flying moment 2, Accepted (nature)
     Goshawk reflection, Accepted (nature)
     Bathing buzzard, Accepted (open)
     Rabbit reflection, Accepted (open)
     The conductor 2, Accepted (open)

4. Nagy Lajos
     Windmills in Ia, Accepted (travel)
     Go away, Accepted (experimental)
     What will happen , Accepted (experimental)
     Bee-eaters with loots, Accepted (nature)
     Teehouse, Accepted (open)
     With my son, Accepted (open)

5. Stan Valentina
     Stairs in Vatican, Accepted (travel)
     Vienna, Accepted (travel)
     City View 2, Accepted (open)
     The Hague, Accepted (open)
     Drying Clothes, Accepted (open)

6. Stanciu Gabriel
     Transfagarasan, Accepted (travel)
     Warwick Castle, Accepted (travel)
     Day Shift, Accepted (open)
     Stabilo, Accepted (open)

7. Teutsch Alpar
     gondolas, Accepted (travel)
     Village Tour, Accepted (travel)
     Hope, Accepted (open)
     Olah Tibor, Accepted (open)


1. Chesnokov Vladimir
     River of time, Judges Choice 2 (experimental)
     The Sleep, Accepted (experimental)
     A line shot, Accepted (experimental)
     Autumn sketch, Accepted (nature)
     Polar Formula One, Accepted (open)
     Capriole, Accepted (open)

2. Kanunnikov Viktor
     Rest, Accepted (open)
     Chinese actress 2, Accepted (open)

3. Kopalov Valentin
     Waiting, Accepted (experimental)
     TimeKeeper, Accepted (experimental)
     How, Accepted (experimental)
     Dark forest, Accepted (open)
     Portrait of man, Accepted (open)
     Try, Accepted (open)

4. Majorov Sergey
     Gold Egg, Accepted (experimental)
     Kiss, Accepted (nature)
     Iguana, Accepted (nature)
     Summer rain, Accepted (open)

5. Myagkov Vladimir
     Call from Tunisia, Accepted (travel)

6. Olga Shiropaeva
     Paris., Accepted (travel)
     Pilgrim., Accepted (travel)
     Pelican., Accepted (nature)
     Bravo!, Accepted (nature)
     Look., Accepted (nature)
     Last snow., Accepted (open)
     Before Golgotha., Accepted (open)
     Smile!, Accepted (open)
     Last love., Accepted (open)

7. Peremezhko Vasily
     Walking with Dinosaurs , Accepted (experimental)
     Enchantress, Accepted (experimental)
     The only, Accepted (experimental)
     Eiforia, Accepted (open)
     Wanderer, Accepted (open)

8. Proshin
     Dreamer, FIAP Gold Medal (experimental)
     Illusion-2, Accepted (experimental)
     Fantasy, Accepted (experimental)
     Young fisherman, Accepted (experimental)
     Promenade, Accepted (open)
     Chanel, Accepted (open)
     Sisters, Accepted (open)
     Mist-2, Accepted (open)

9. Silnov
     Fire Fighter, Accepted (open)

10. Vorontsov Yuri
     City center, Accepted (travel)
     Railroads, Accepted (travel)
     Championship race, Accepted (open)
     Aliens, Accepted (open)
     Last berth, Accepted (open)


1. Chape - Stuart
     Sydney harbour aerial, Accepted (travel)
     The priest, Accepted (travel)
     Why have you forsaken me, Accepted (experimental)
     Japanese macaques 2, Accepted (nature)
     Boat harbour, Accepted (open)
     Varanasi 3, Accepted (open)
     Sadhu 3, Accepted (open)

Saudi Arabia

1. Mishkhas Abdulaziz
     essaouira, Accepted (travel)

2. AlKharari Mohammed
     Traditional cooking, Accepted (travel)
     camels, Accepted (nature)
     Arabian horse, Accepted (open)
     sofi2, Accepted (open)

3. Alshehri Dhafer
     Sheikh Zayed Mosque ll, Accepted (travel)
     After the rain ll, Accepted (experimental)
     jump, Accepted (open)

4. Mohammed Al Sulaili
     Cook 3, Accepted (open)

5. Mohammed Baqer
     Green, Accepted (experimental)
     Decision, Accepted (open)
     Dreams, Accepted (open)
     Glance, Accepted (open)
     Search, Accepted (open)

6. mohammed hejji alhajji
     Convicted , Accepted (open)
     old is gold, Accepted (open)
     just wait , Accepted (open)
     make it simple , Accepted (open)

Serbia and Montenegro

1. Jevtic Radivoje
     Invitation, Accepted (travel)
     The Lake, Accepted (open)

2. Pesterac Vojislav
     Arena 319, Accepted (open)

3. Zupunski Anica
     Solar heating, Accepted (travel)


1. Heng Zee Kek
     Mudflat, Accepted (travel)
     Down the hill, Accepted (travel)
     Playful, Accepted (experimental)
     Wet and happy, Accepted (nature)
     Mountain view, Accepted (open)
     Pipe smoker, Accepted (open)
     Old friends, Accepted (open)
     Expecting, Accepted (open)

2. Sin Kok Yew
     Tree, Accepted (experimental)
     Art Face, Accepted (open)
     Photographer, Accepted (open)

3. Teo Yong-Kang
     shy, Accepted (experimental)
     Scary woman, Accepted (experimental)
     Let me down, Accepted (experimental)
     Good dancer, Accepted (open)
     Deep thought, Accepted (open)

4. Wong Beow-Leng
     Ready to dance, Accepted (experimental)
     Enjoyment, Accepted (experimental)
     Whos prettier, Accepted (experimental)
     Sweet girl, Accepted (open)

5. YEAW - Choonwee
     Sea Gypsy, Accepted (travel)
     Kitchen Works, Accepted (travel)
     Snow Monkeys, UPI Honorable Mention 3 (nature)
     Egrets, Accepted (nature)
     Yee Peng Festival, Accepted (open)
     Water Play, Accepted (open)
     Roosters Fighting, Accepted (open)
     Horse Race, Accepted (open)

6. Yeo Eng Siong
     Mating Lions, Diploma 3 (nature)
     Nice Catch 2, Accepted (nature)
     Cheetah and Fawn, Accepted (nature)


1. Belovezcik Andrej
     Glittering Dollar, Accepted (open)
     Hell on Moutains, Accepted (open)

2. Gabor Kanovits
     Look, Accepted (open)
     Danka, Accepted (open)
     Girl with guitar, Accepted (open)


1. Andrej Tarfila
     Ratitovec, Accepted (travel)

2. Borko IVO
     Masaic rain, Accepted (travel)
     At bushmans home, Accepted (travel)
     Eilean Donan castle, Accepted (travel)
     Cursed castle 3, Accepted (open)
     Cursed castle 2, Accepted (open)

     Opatija 01, Accepted (open)

4. DolencDomen
     mobile era, Accepted (travel)
     talking girl, Accepted (open)

5. Drago Metljak
     Red Jacket, Accepted (open)
     Dog and his Master, Accepted (open)
     Brigita 10, Accepted (open)

6. Erna
     Toscana Valey 1, Accepted (travel)

     SCHOOL, Accepted (travel)
     SIP, Accepted (travel)
     FLAGS, Accepted (experimental)
     CHILE TRUNK, Accepted (nature)
     RED AND GREY, Accepted (open)
     ORANGE 3, Accepted (open)

8. Godec Rok
     Awakening 09, Accepted (travel)
     On a Winter Day, Accepted (travel)
     Universe, Accepted (experimental)
     Sadness, Accepted (open)
     Himba in Namib, Accepted (open)

9. godnic boris
     salt fields3, Accepted (travel)
     vineyard_2013_01, Accepted (open)
     church_01, Accepted (open)
     climber_11, Accepted (open)

10. Izidor Jesenko
     Bukov Vrh, Accepted (travel)
     Crash, Accepted (experimental)
     Who is faster, Accepted (experimental)
     My sheep, Accepted (open)
     Serpentine, Accepted (open)

11. Lanisek Tomaz
     Menader nr2, Accepted (nature)
     Uphill, Accepted (open)

12. Marjan Cigoj
     Finally, I caught, Accepted (nature)
     Buteo Buteo, Accepted (nature)

13. Mauric Igor
     A4-In the shade, Accepted (open)
     A1-Cyprees, Accepted (open)
     A2-Flood, Accepted (open)
     A3-Burrerfly, Accepted (open)

14. Miran Krapez
     POPEYES VILLAGE, Accepted (travel)
     ELASTIC, Accepted (nature)
     BLOOD CIRCULATION, Accepted (open)
     HEAR THE BELL, Accepted (open)

15. p. B ranko Petauer
     Livanjski konj 178, Accepted (open)

16. Podnar Janez
     The Festival in Tabor 02, Accepted (travel)
     Dublin 2008, Accepted (experimental)
     The Spring on the Farm, Accepted (open)

17. Podobnik Rafael
     Open Air Theatre, Accepted (travel)

     Tannery in Fes, Accepted (travel)
     Vineyard in winter, Accepted (open)
     Time is running out, Accepted (open)

19. Primoz Hieng
     Church on the Field, Accepted (open)
     The Mask, Accepted (open)

20. Ravnak Andreja
     Toscana 2, Accepted (travel)
     zeitgeist, Accepted (experimental)
     internal space III, Accepted (open)
     my new chair, Accepted (open)
     Arabian portraits 4, Accepted (open)

21. Snoj Bostjan
     Milky way my way, Accepted (nature)
     The sun or the fog, Accepted (open)
     When the light goeswiththewind, Accepted (open)
     Snow storm, Accepted (open)

South Africa

1. Cronje Pieter
     Look at me, Accepted (nature)
     The Yawn, Accepted (nature)
     Triplets, Accepted (open)
     Super Sally, Accepted (open)

2. Evelyn Gibson
     Protecting cub, Accepted (nature)
     Sibling Love, Accepted (nature)
     Waiting Patiently, Accepted (open)
     Hand on the sword, Accepted (open)

     Ladies Meeting, Accepted (travel)
     Running Lion, Accepted (nature)

4. Fincham Eugene
     Wise Men, Accepted (travel)
     Parasail, Accepted (open)
     Keeper of Light and Men, Accepted (open)

5. John Coumbias
     two alike, Accepted (travel)
     happy smoke, Accepted (travel)
     all the family, Accepted (travel)
     passion, Accepted (nature)
     taking chances, Accepted (nature)
     conflict situation, Accepted (nature)
     lit dunes, Accepted (open)
     walking monk, Accepted (open)

6. Kruger Willem
     Cheeatah lookout 2, Accepted (nature)
     Elephants 3 in a row, Accepted (nature)

7. La Grange - Anton
     Red Head Gear at Sapa Market, Accepted (travel)
     Hoi An Fishers Lady, Accepted (travel)
     Sapa Ladies, Accepted (experimental)
     Ovahimba Tribe, Accepted (experimental)
     Love is in the Air, FIAP Honorable Mention 1 (nature)
     In flight Attack, Accepted (nature)
     Hippo Attack, Accepted (nature)
     Under the board walk, Accepted (open)

     SUNRISE IN THE MARA, Accepted (travel)
     CHEETHA GREETING, Accepted (nature)
     CHEETHA GOLDEN LIGHT, Accepted (open)
     AFRICAN FISH EAGLE, Accepted (open)
     HEY THAT MINE, Accepted (open)

9. Serfontein
     Live Ghecko Catch, UPI Honorable Mention 2 (nature)
     Silverback Jackal drinking, Accepted (nature)

10. Slaghuis
     Lost Fishing Boat, Accepted (experimental)
     Fight in Flight, Accepted (nature)
     Colour of Bacchus, Accepted (open)
     Our little brother, Accepted (open)

11. Van der Vyver Malie
     Collared Sunbird, Accepted (nature)
     Looking for Fish, Accepted (nature)
     Gazing Eyes, Accepted (open)

12. van Schijndel Annale
     Slender ant with prey, Accepted (nature)
     Red head, Accepted (open)


1. Alonso vicente, Javier
     Fabio, Accepted (open)

2. Andreu Noguero Cazorla
     Lloros en poblado massai, Accepted (travel)
     Pueblo de agua en China, Accepted (travel)
     Parasol Chino, Accepted (experimental)
     Incendio en la Gran Muralla, Accepted (experimental)
     Peces rojos, Accepted (experimental)
     Cebras, Accepted (nature)
     Espejo, Accepted (open)
     Mimo y camara, Accepted (open)
     Chino con abanico, Accepted (open)

3. Benito Zapata Angel
     gondolas, Accepted (travel)
     cuatro focos, Accepted (experimental)
     dos cebras, Accepted (nature)
     amanece fuego, Accepted (nature)
     en verde y amarillo, Accepted (open)
     le pont deux, Accepted (open)
     los ojos que miran, Accepted (open)

4. Garcia Pitarch Pili
     Lissian people, Accepted (travel)
     Venice Carnival II, Accepted (travel)
     In Wonderland, Accepted (experimental)
     Venecian dreams, Accepted (experimental)
     Imagine, Accepted (experimental)
     Crepusculo III, Accepted (open)
     Nina X, Accepted (open)
     Ashmi, Accepted (open)

5. Jaume Vila
     BREITLING, Diploma 1 (experimental)
     POR, Accepted (experimental)
     AGNI PERLES, Accepted (experimental)
     DRAK AND MONICX, Accepted (experimental)
     RUSSIAN EYES, Accepted (open)
     PATRY OLOT, Accepted (open)

6. Jose Carlos Martinez Robles
     Mens Shame III, Accepted (experimental)
     Puddles Creek II, Accepted (nature)

7. Jose Mesa Martinez
     Panoramica de Iguazu, Accepted (travel)
     Aparicion, Accepted (experimental)
     Reflejos, Accepted (open)

     The Boy, Accepted (travel)
     The Bored Guardian of the Temple, Accepted (travel)
     Floating Market II, Accepted (travel)
     The way to the market, Accepted (travel)
     Memories, Accepted (experimental)
     The Front, Accepted (experimental)
     La Mirada Detenida, Accepted (nature)
     Colibri, Accepted (nature)
     Monk, Accepted (open)
     Death or Glory, Accepted (open)
     Blue, Accepted (open)
     Kayan Woman, Accepted (open)

9. Manu Barreiro Rodriguez
     Delicadeza en B&N, Accepted (open)
     Vicky, Accepted (open)

10. Manuel Lama Baena
     Marruecos III, Accepted (travel)
     Marruecos IV, Accepted (travel)
     Marruecos II, Accepted (travel)

11. Manuel Lopez Puerma
     Otono, HPSC Gold Medal (experimental)
     El Pirata, Accepted (experimental)
     Fumando espero, Accepted (experimental)
     Charlot, Accepted (experimental)
     Duna, Accepted (nature)
     Danza, Accepted (open)
     Que pasa, Accepted (open)
     Rojo sobre rojo, Accepted (open)

12. Munuera Sola, Jose Antonio
     Familia china, Accepted (travel)
     Tienda, Accepted (travel)
     Lluvia en la plaza, Accepted (travel)
     Musica en la calle, Judges Choice 3 (experimental)
     Sirena, Accepted (experimental)
     Cuento viviente, Accepted (experimental)
     Musica en la calle III, Accepted (experimental)
     Sorpresa, Accepted (open)
     Caravana, Accepted (open)

     I will save you, Mommy, Accepted (experimental)

14. Reig Jordi
     MONTSE, Accepted (open)

15. Robert - Josep Maria
     Fotos Cargolades, Accepted (experimental)
     Paginas contiguas, Accepted (experimental)
     Yellowstone Cascada, Accepted (nature)
     Double Arc, Accepted (nature)
     Els Caminants, Accepted (open)
     Camino Retorcido, Accepted (open)

16. Sagues - Federico
     Varanasi, Accepted (travel)
     Ganges Riverside, Accepted (travel)
     Street Cow, Accepted (travel)
     Telescope, Accepted (experimental)
     Mask, Accepted (experimental)
     The Joy of Circus, Accepted (experimental)
     Washing, Accepted (open)
     Young Girl with Hat, Accepted (open)
     Rowing, Accepted (open)

Sri Lanka

1. Chandrasena Perera
     Warming at the Hearth, Accepted (open)
     Handsome old man, Accepted (open)
     Mr Gobinath, Accepted (open)

2. Ravindra Ranasinghe
     Rhythm of colours, Accepted (experimental)
     Peeping Eyes, Accepted (open)
     Ballerinas, Accepted (open)
     Fear, Accepted (open)
     Age and passing time, Accepted (open)


1. Hanni - Mari
     WILD HORSES, NAMIBIA, Accepted (experimental)


1. Allan Wallberg
     Fox in winter landscape, Accepted (nature)
     Goodbye, Accepted (open)
     As in The Winters Tale, Accepted (open)
     Runnig horses, Accepted (open)
     Leaves and ice, Accepted (open)

2. Andersson Arne
     Ingrid 1, Accepted (travel)
     Millis And Jennie, Accepted (open)

3. Carlsson, Bengt
     High profile, Accepted (open)

4. Cornelia Schmidt
     Respect, Accepted (open)
     Fearless, Accepted (open)
     Soccer, Accepted (open)

5. Jerlemar, Nils-Erik
     In Shades of Red and Grey No 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Towards Red Light, Accepted (experimental)
     Holocaust Memorial - Berlin No 3, UPI Silver Medal (open)
     Towards Green Light, Accepted (open)

6. Jungmyren Mats
     The Man Without Head, Accepted (open)

7. Stake, Jan-Thomas
     Newborn, UPI Honorable Mention 1 (experimental)
     Marie in red, Accepted (experimental)
     Seduced by music, Accepted (experimental)
     Full moon No5, Accepted (experimental)
     I feel so good, UPI Bronze Medal (open)
     My boy No2, Accepted (open)
     Red lips, Accepted (open)


1. Jenzer Urs
     China schlafender Handwerker, Accepted (travel)
     China Dacher 2, Accepted (travel)
     Basstolpel 8, Accepted (nature)
     Basstolpel 2, Accepted (nature)
     Peru Familie 1, Accepted (open)

2. Zurmuhle
     Paris from the Eiffel Tower, Accepted (travel)
     Boats in Venice, Accepted (travel)
     CMYK with Lynn, Accepted (experimental)
     A Peaceful Place, Accepted (open)
     Rockland, Accepted (open)
     The Gift, Accepted (open)


1. Huang-Yu Pei
     Village Life, Accepted (travel)
     the journey, Accepted (travel)
     insanity, Accepted (travel)
     household, Accepted (nature)
     Catch, Accepted (nature)
     feeding, Accepted (nature)
     Foggy morning, Accepted (open)
     compete, Accepted (open)
     Sulfur fire fishing, Accepted (open)
     Creek scenery, Accepted (open)

2. Yeh Chun- Liang
     Feeding-53, HPSC Gold Medal (nature)
     Snatches the food-13, Accepted (nature)
     Spider-7, Accepted (nature)
     Sand War-2, Accepted (open)
     The Hardships Of Parent-6, Accepted (open)
     To Prey On-3, Accepted (open)
     The boat in the ocean-2, Accepted (open)

3. Cheng,Ming-Hui
     Delicacies-5, UPI Silver Medal (nature)
     The Mothers Love-96, Accepted (nature)
     Green Cap Spider -27, Accepted (nature)
     Competition-29, Accepted (nature)
     Sand War -6, PSA Honorable Mention (open)
     Precipice, Accepted (open)
     Fight With Rough Sea -5, Accepted (open)
     Mud War, Accepted (open)

     Light dragon, Accepted (experimental)
     Bird a1, Accepted (nature)
     Spider 4, Accepted (nature)
     Dancing ribbon, Accepted (open)
     Fun with mud 2, Accepted (open)
     Fisher, Accepted (open)

5. Hsu , Chan-Cheng
     Wishing, Accepted (travel)
     A Sculptor in The Mountain, Accepted (travel)
     A Ladder Toward The Space , Accepted (experimental)
     Love of Damselfly 12, Accepted (nature)
     Impression of Africa, Accepted (open)

6. Hu-Yan Zong
     Crested Goshawk, Accepted (nature)
     Peucetis Formosensis2, Accepted (nature)

7. Huang - Chih Sheng
     The Quiet Morning, Accepted (travel)
     Sunrise at Yeh Liu, Accepted (travel)
     Ducks go to Beach, Accepted (experimental)
     Baby Cheer Up, Accepted (nature)
     Black-naped Blue Flycatcher Fe, Accepted (nature)
     Hold There, Accepted (nature)
     Cow Race Rider 07, Accepted (open)
     Rowing Home, Accepted (open)
     When No Customer, Accepted (open)
     Duck Commander, Accepted (open)

8. Huang-Chilai
     Salt field women, Accepted (travel)
     Send God in the morning, Accepted (travel)
     Flying jammed train, Accepted (experimental)
     Honey bird parents -2, Accepted (nature)
     Antarctic memory, Accepted (nature)
     Kingfisher catch-1, Accepted (nature)
     Deep feeling, Accepted (nature)
     Color humming bird, Accepted (open)
     Return from pasturing, Accepted (open)
     Out of mountain river, Accepted (open)
     Down sand mountain, Accepted (open)

9. Li Chen-You
     Couple 39, Accepted (nature)
     Dripping 5, Accepted (nature)
     Hunting 13, Accepted (nature)

10. Tsai Chi- Chang
     My Father Back, Accepted (nature)
     Lots of Competition, Accepted (nature)
     Im Hungry, Accepted (nature)
     Intense Moments, Accepted (nature)

11. Yun Feng Perng
     D3-Cattle and sheep flocks, Accepted (travel)
     D2- Dreamy rural, Accepted (travel)
     C3-feeding 02, Accepted (nature)
     C1- Eat moths, Accepted (nature)
     C2- Capture, Accepted (nature)
     C4-Foraging 10, Accepted (nature)
     A3-Wildebeest crossing the riv, Accepted (open)
     A1- Sheep home, Accepted (open)
     A4-Lion, Accepted (open)


1. A.Hikmet AVCI
     Sea-2, Accepted (travel)
     Waterfall, Accepted (nature)
     Fisher-1, Accepted (open)
     Dokumcu, Accepted (open)
     Fal, Accepted (open)
     Chine-1, Accepted (open)

2. Acar Akin
     merakli, UPI Honorable Mention 6 (nature)
     cok goz, Accepted (open)
     ?lk ?sik, Accepted (open)

     malay boy, Accepted (open)

4. Bilir Reha
     MY WINDOW, Accepted (travel)
     LEATHER, Accepted (open)
     SMOKE, Accepted (open)
     POTTERMAKER, Accepted (open)

     Centilmen, Accepted (travel)
     Life, Accepted (travel)
     Taskale, Accepted (travel)
     Bread, Accepted (open)
     Efort, Accepted (open)
     Huzun, Accepted (open)

6. Cetintas Ahmet
     Safranbolu, Accepted (travel)
     Sema, Accepted (travel)
     Deep into nature, Accepted (nature)
     Dream, Accepted (open)
     Wheel Maker, Accepted (open)

7. Demirkol Mehmet Naci
     DADES VALLEY, Accepted (travel)
     BELIEF, Accepted (open)
     SALINCAK, Accepted (open)

     SHADOWS, Accepted (open)
     WOMEN, Accepted (open)

9. Deniz Cihan
     missing, Accepted (open)
     Life difficult to, Accepted (open)
     laborers, Accepted (open)

10. Doganer Erol
     Karagol, Accepted (travel)
     Karlovary, Accepted (travel)
     Cheetahs, Accepted (nature)
     Cheetah, Accepted (nature)
     Tears, Accepted (open)
     Ray Of Light, Accepted (open)
     Uncle Muhtar, Accepted (open)
     Contradiction, Accepted (open)

     irritable, Accepted (travel)
     joyful, Accepted (open)
     foursquare, Accepted (open)
     old photo, Accepted (open)

12. erol sesi
     wrestling 1, Accepted (open)

13. GEZER Mustafa
     child and street, Accepted (open)
     temperature 39, Accepted (open)

14. Gezici Celal
     Kapadokya 2, Accepted (travel)
     The Breath Of Anatolia 2, Accepted (travel)
     Virgin Mary Monastery , Accepted (open)

15. GURAL Mustafa
     Big Fish, Accepted (open)
     Livelihood, Accepted (open)
     Oil Wrestling, Accepted (open)

16. Gurel Fatih
     Sunset In Venice, Accepted (travel)
     Handmade, Accepted (open)
     Pier, Accepted (open)
     Serenade, Accepted (open)

17. ibrahim
     old young, Accepted (experimental)
     potter, Accepted (open)
     harmonica2, Accepted (open)
     spoonbill, Accepted (open)

     BAGAN, Accepted (travel)
     UROSLAR, Accepted (travel)
     ANCHOR WAT, Accepted (travel)
     COBAN, Accepted (open)
     RAHIPLER, Accepted (open)
     KUS GIBI, Accepted (open)
     UBEIN, Accepted (open)

19. Kalenderli Erkan
     Camel and Man, Accepted (travel)
     Cleaning Green Onion, Accepted (travel)
     Journey, Accepted (travel)
     Balloons_3, Accepted (travel)
     Struggle for Existence, Accepted (experimental)
     Hayatin Maskeleri, Accepted (experimental)
     Two Shepherd, Accepted (open)
     Stairs, Accepted (open)
     At The Door_3, Accepted (open)
     Disabled, Accepted (open)

20. Leyla EMEKTAR
     sofra, HPSC Gold Medal (travel)
     arkadas, Accepted (travel)
     biber, Accepted (travel)
     salvation-1, UPI Bronze Medal (experimental)
     against time, Accepted (experimental)
     Training, Accepted (experimental)
     yoksulluk, Accepted (experimental)
     sera, Accepted (open)
     demirci usta-1, Accepted (open)
     calisma zamani, Accepted (open)
     Isik, Accepted (open)

21. mehmet mustafa bulakcibasi
     Hard Life, Accepted (travel)
     Eyes, Accepted (open)

22. mehmet turgut kirkgoz
     tinsmith, Accepted (travel)
     mother and children, Accepted (open)

23. Mirza-Cenk
     Rowboat and reflections, Accepted (open)

24. Muradi Hasan Hulki
     We want to peace, Accepted (experimental)
     The sorrow, Accepted (open)
     Foundry, Accepted (open)

25. pasa eser
     under the rain, Accepted (open)
     isolation, Accepted (open)

     REVERSE SILHOUETTE, Accepted (experimental)
     AS TIME GOES BY, Accepted (experimental)
     UNFAITHFUL, Accepted (open)
     I CAN NOT PLAY, Accepted (open)
     PROTEST, Accepted (open)
     PAINT PROS, Accepted (open)

     TOMATO PASTE, Accepted (open)
     DREAM OF SWIMMING, Accepted (open)

28. Tiryaki Ali Riza
     sokagin muzigi, Accepted (travel)
     bakis, Accepted (open)
     martilar, Accepted (open)
     sokagin renkleri, Accepted (open)

29. yaldiz mehmet fatih
     three pipes with a man , Accepted (open)
     sisters, Accepted (open)
     sonbahar, Accepted (open)

30. yenici seckin
     wedding home, Accepted (travel)
     blue, Accepted (open)
     shadow, Accepted (open)
     street football, Accepted (open)


1. Sarkisian Vyacheslav
     Carpet makers, Accepted (open)


1. Baklanov Denis
     Church of the Savior on Blood, Accepted (travel)

2. BONDAR Mikhail
     Man from Balaclava, Accepted (travel)
     Village on the i.Khortytsya, Accepted (travel)
     On a Pasture, Accepted (travel)
     Aviator, UPI Gold Medal (experimental)
     Rising Planet-10, Accepted (experimental)
     Attachment to the Sea-3, Accepted (experimental)
     Under a Rain-2, Diploma 9 (open)
     Attack, Accepted (open)
     Danil, Accepted (open)

3. Borozentseva Svetlana
     On the waves of my memory , Accepted (open)
     Volcano of Bulganak 1, Accepted (open)
     ?arefree childhood, Accepted (open)

4. Fesenko Yevgeny
     Sun at the palm, Accepted (open)
     Greek letters of autumn, Accepted (open)

5. Lyzhechka Orest
     Folk music, Accepted (open)

6. SIPKO Vitaly
     Envoys, Accepted (experimental)
     Lightning keeper, Accepted (experimental)
     Beauty and the Beast, Accepted (experimental)
     Thunder-storm , Accepted (open)
     Time of haumaking, Accepted (open)
     Legend about of tree, Accepted (open)
     Yan and Nun, Accepted (open)

     Entertainment, Accepted (travel)
     Craze to wonderful, Accepted (experimental)
     Dialogue with melancholy, Accepted (nature)
     Elegant dancers, Accepted (nature)
     Offensively, Accepted (open)
     Sounds of violoncello, Accepted (open)
     Sunny angel, Accepted (open)

United Arab Emirates

1. Al Falasi Moza
     Little Falconer, Accepted (open)
     Heritage in a Photograph, Accepted (open)
     To the Horizon, Accepted (open)

2. Kar Sankha
     Lake Side, Accepted (open)
     Leisure, Accepted (open)

     Maya, Accepted (open)
     Me and my Friends, Accepted (open)
     Smok, Accepted (open)
     Message, Accepted (open)

     Great Holidays, Accepted (travel)
     and finally the sunset , Accepted (travel)
     Tower s Glass, Accepted (open)
     Sailor , Accepted (open)

United Kingdom

1. Alison Rawson
     Perch rock lighthouse, Accepted (travel)
     Liverpool Reflections, Accepted (travel)
     Playing the spoons, Accepted (open)
     Black Country Living Museum, Accepted (open)

2. Alistair Sinclair
     Misty Voyage, Accepted (experimental)
     Longhorn Beetle, Accepted (nature)
     Autumn Bells, Accepted (open)
     Duet, Accepted (open)
     The Watcher, Accepted (open)

3. Baker- Brian
     SARA PAINTS SARA., Accepted (experimental)
     ARMAGEDDON., Accepted (experimental)

4. Basterfield Peter
     Bee-eater with butterfly, Accepted (nature)
     European Roller preening, Accepted (nature)
     Greenshank feeding, Accepted (nature)

5. Berry Karen
     Yellow Dung fly with Prey, Accepted (nature)

6. Blackburn Malcolm
     Female Emerald Damselfly, Accepted (nature)
     Allens Hummingbird 1, Accepted (nature)
     Lorenzo, Accepted (open)
     Adoration, Accepted (open)
     Tango Theatre, Accepted (open)
     Loch Leathan Skye, Accepted (open)

7. Boothby - David
     Waxwing with Privet Berry, Accepted (nature)
     Gannet Pair, Accepted (nature)

8. Bown - Richard
     Andean Journey, Accepted (travel)
     Tamworth Two, Accepted (open)
     Community Elder, Accepted (open)

9. Bramham Gordon
     Stealing Bear Food, Accepted (nature)
     Snow Leopard 3674, Accepted (nature)
     Bison Yellowstone, Accepted (nature)

10. Butler - David
     Pensive, Accepted (open)
     Fugitive, Accepted (open)

11. Cantrille David
     Willet with crab, Accepted (nature)

12. Cawley Alison
     Ripples, Accepted (open)

13. Coates Sheila
     Lone Hoodoo, Bryce, Accepted (open)

14. Coles Gerry
     Farewell, Accepted (experimental)
     Loner, Accepted (open)

15. Collier Tony
     Sweepers Jaisalmer, Accepted (travel)
     Puffins, Accepted (nature)
     Defending His Hareem, Accepted (open)
     In The Doorway, Accepted (open)

16. Copner, Pat
     First Light, Accepted (open)
     Between the Bridges, Accepted (open)

17. Couper Christine
     The Gentle Sea, Accepted (open)
     The Sea Posts, Accepted (open)

18. Cowdrey Mike
     Blackbird and Berries, Accepted (nature)
     Swan Lake, Accepted (open)

19. Crump, Stuart
     Dawn, The Cobb, Accepted (travel)
     Torridon Dawn, Accepted (open)
     Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Accepted (open)
     Fighting Time, Accepted (open)
     Grace, Accepted (open)

20. Cushing Steve
     Red squirrel running, Accepted (nature)

21. David Byrne
     The Copse, Accepted (open)
     Grit and Mud, Accepted (open)
     Riding his Luck, Accepted (open)
     What happens Next, Accepted (open)

22. David L Edwards
     Fishing the rapids at Popa Falls, Accepted (travel)
     Whooper Swan flypast, Accepted (nature)
     Grooming Macaque, Accepted (nature)
     Puma jumping through snow, Accepted (nature)
     White Tailed Eagle with fish, Accepted (nature)
     Fighting to win, Diploma 7 (open)
     Stallions High Kick, Accepted (open)

23. Davis Shirley
     going fishing India, Accepted (travel)
     people preserved, Accepted (experimental)
     frosty misty morning, Accepted (open)
     walking into the sunlight, Accepted (open)
     balancing on the bar, Accepted (open)

24. Dennis Bob
     After the Blizzard, Accepted (open)

25. Devine
     Cheetah with kill in Masai, Accepted (nature)
     Mating Lions 13, Accepted (nature)
     Goshawk 1, Accepted (nature)

26. diane morrison
     Tomatoes, Accepted (experimental)
     969, Accepted (experimental)
     squares and chair, Accepted (experimental)
     Fennel in a jug, Accepted (open)
     nasturtium, Accepted (open)

27. Dinah Jayes
     Wrestling a steer in Calgary, Accepted (travel)
     Little Mermaid, Accepted (experimental)
     Awakening Beauty, Accepted (experimental)
     Girl in the Meadow, Accepted (open)
     Window Light, Accepted (open)
     Dancing into the Light, Accepted (open)

28. Donnelly Terry
     Venom, Accepted (open)
     Southbank Smooch, Accepted (open)
     Manhattan Showers, Accepted (open)

29. Duncan - Greg
     A Clockwork Orange, Accepted (experimental)
     Oh Good No Bears, Accepted (experimental)
     Long Tailed Tit, Accepted (nature)
     Great Spotted Woodpecker, Accepted (nature)
     Working Together, Accepted (open)
     Chloe At The Station, Accepted (open)

30. Duncan Valerie
     Alien Encounter, Accepted (experimental)
     Invitation to Hell, Accepted (experimental)
     The Defender, Accepted (experimental)
     Coal Tit Reflection, Accepted (nature)
     Red Squirrel, Accepted (nature)
     Pas de Deux 03, Accepted (open)
     Novice Photographers, Accepted (open)

31. Edwards Alan
     Chainsaw Carver and Creation, Accepted (experimental)
     Gas Station, Accepted (experimental)
     Brewery Street, Accepted (experimental)
     Coyote on Kill, Accepted (nature)
     Gert and Daisy, Accepted (open)

32. Ellis Robert
     Cambridge May Ball, Accepted (open)
     Yellow Tribe, Accepted (open)
     Winter Jess, Accepted (open)

33. Etchells - Sue
     Escape!, Accepted (nature)
     Laikipia Lake at Sunrise, Accepted (open)

34. Falconer Bob
     Splash and grab, Accepted (nature)
     Imtimacy, Accepted (open)
     I wonder, Accepted (open)

35. Finbow Sofiya
     Giovanni, Accepted (open)

36. Fryer - Alison Jane
     Late Afternoon, Accepted (open)

37. Fryer - Andy
     Coastal Protection, Accepted (travel)
     Gost Log, Accepted (open)
     Distracted from the Paper, Accepted (open)

     Hong Kong Skyline, Accepted (travel)
     Winter in Wollaton, Accepted (open)
     Santorini, Accepted (open)
     Before the Storm, Lake Como, Accepted (open)

39. Graham BAINES
     Family at Narayanthon, Accepted (travel)
     Good Friday in Palermo, Accepted (travel)
     Saddhus at Pashupatinath, Accepted (travel)
     The Loggers, Accepted (travel)
     The Visitor (triptych), Accepted (experimental)
     Dream of Childhood, Accepted (experimental)
     Breasting the Wave, Accepted (open)
     Platform 10, Accepted (open)

40. Gutteridge - Andy
     Do not Cross the Line, Accepted (travel)
     Brickfaced Woman, Accepted (experimental)
     Anger and Envy, Accepted (experimental)
     Beauty and the Bowler, Accepted (open)
     Billy, Accepted (open)

41. Guy Peter
     Spitfire Flypast, Accepted (open)

42. Hargreaves Jeffrey
     Predel Fortress, Accepted (travel)
     Anastasia Rodionova, Accepted (open)

43. Harris - Timothy
     The Old Mill under Moonlight, Accepted (open)
     The Boating Pool, Margate, Accepted (open)

44. Heaton Mike
     Landing, Accepted (nature)
     On the Rocks, Accepted (open)

45. Hodson Phillip
     Feeding goldfinch, Accepted (nature)
     Gold spot moth, Accepted (nature)
     Evening dog walk, Accepted (open)
     Late PM Ribble estuary, Accepted (open)

46. Hughes Mike
     The Northumbrian, Accepted (experimental)
     Empire and Status, Accepted (experimental)

47. hunter trevor
     red kite three, Accepted (nature)

48. Ian Silvester
     Lao man with grilled fish, Accepted (travel)
     Stean amd Smoke 34053, Accepted (open)
     Steamy Morning, Accepted (open)
     Reflection Mirpur Kas, Accepted (open)

49. James Su
     Let us out please, Accepted (open)

50. Janet Haines
     Those magnificent men, Accepted (experimental)
     Freya, Accepted (open)
     Belly Dance, Accepted (open)
     Walk tall, Accepted (open)

51. Jarvis Ronald
     Artistic impressions, Accepted (experimental)

52. JENKIN - Malcolm
     Over the Bar, Accepted (experimental)

53. JENKIN- Barbara
     The Hub, Accepted (experimental)
     Tiles and Sky, Accepted (open)

54. John White
     Winter Trees, Accepted (experimental)
     Time Passes Slowly, Accepted (open)

55. Johnston, Eion
     Looking up, Accepted (open)
     Billie, Accepted (open)
     Margo 1, Accepted (open)

     Cascade, Accepted (open)

     Lone Penguin in Sandstorm, Accepted (nature)
     Gentoo Penguin Surfing Ashore, Accepted (nature)

58. Keel David
     Jumping through the flames, Accepted (open)
     Flying stump and bails, Accepted (open)

59. Ken Bryan
     Dune Grass and Sea Breeze, Accepted (open)

60. Kitto-Malcolm
     Stop that Dog, Accepted (experimental)
     Just Paddling, Accepted (experimental)
     The Waders, Accepted (open)
     The Tango, Accepted (open)

61. Knight Keith
     Buttermere Pines, Accepted (open)
     Into the Atlas Mountains, Accepted (open)

62. Larry - John
     African Dawn, Accepted (travel)
     The Butchery, Accepted (travel)
     Samburu Goat Herders, Accepted (travel)
     The Last Battle, Accepted (experimental)
     Wolf, Accepted (experimental)
     In a Far Off Land, Accepted (experimental)
     Man and his Dog, Accepted (open)
     Man on Fire, Accepted (open)

63. law john
     CHURCH PARIS, Accepted (experimental)

64. Ledgard-Ian
     Face in flames, Accepted (experimental)

65. Lines Adrian
     Fallen Angel, Accepted (experimental)
     Clowns, Diploma 2 (experimental)
     No Fishing, Accepted (experimental)
     The Last Journey, Accepted (experimental)
     X Marks the Spot, Accepted (open)
     Andy Capp, Accepted (open)

66. Louis Rumis
     Indian tailors, Accepted (travel)
     Village potter, Accepted (travel)
     Goatherders, evening sun, Accepted (travel)
     Chickpea sellers, Accepted (travel)
     Leopard at kill, Accepted (nature)
     Puffin, with sandeels, Accepted (nature)
     Grizzly, skinning salmon, Accepted (nature)

67. Magor Brian
     Crypt, Accepted (experimental)
     Lady in black and red, Accepted (open)
     Wolves at play, Accepted (open)

68. Magor-Diana
     Goth at Tintern, Accepted (open)
     Delicate curves, Accepted (open)

69. marsh rodney
     Loaded and Ready to Go, Vietam, Accepted (travel)
     Rorous, Norway, Accepted (travel)
     Macaque and Young, Accepted (nature)
     Hellifield Track Racing, Accepted (open)

70. Matthews Darron
     Immature Common Blue Damselfly, Accepted (nature)
     German Wasp and Mites, Accepted (nature)

     At the Brickyard, Accepted (travel)
     Beer Shop, Accepted (experimental)
     Dad,s Shoes, Accepted (open)
     Wintery, Accepted (open)
     Holy Ritual, Accepted (open)
     Ayanna, Accepted (open)

72. McKelvey Ross
     Falling Beauty, Accepted (experimental)
     Ruby in Cornfield, Accepted (experimental)
     Tied to the Past, Accepted (experimental)
     Drowning in a Sea of Blue, Accepted (experimental)
     Stephen, Accepted (open)
     All Curled Up, Accepted (open)
     Underground Glamour, Accepted (open)

73. Millin - Robert
     Cheeky Kiss, Accepted (experimental)
     Three Busts, Accepted (experimental)
     Red Rose, Accepted (experimental)
     Peacock Tree Frog 3, Accepted (open)

74. Milsom Peter
     Canoe Slalom, Accepted (open)
     Freya Jones, Accepted (open)

75. Nicoll
     Black-headed Gull catching Fly, Accepted (nature)
     Brown Hare running in the Snow, Accepted (nature)
     Hobby hunting Mayfly, Accepted (nature)

76. Nigel Goode
     Vespers, Accepted (open)

77. Nutter Richard
     Nuthatch on Stump Calling, Accepted (nature)
     Powering Down the River, Accepted (open)
     Red Arrows Smoke Trail, Accepted (open)

78. Palmer Leo
     Denver Street Corner, Accepted (travel)
     Men at Work 2, Accepted (open)
     Jack Home Farm, Accepted (open)

79. Poad Reginald
     North Face Eiger, Accepted (travel)
     Seed heads flying, Accepted (open)

80. Portus Phil
     Sea View, Accepted (experimental)
     The Engineer, Accepted (experimental)
     Holding The Moment, Accepted (open)
     Interpretation, Accepted (open)

     Statue of Liberty, Accepted (travel)
     Islamic School, Accepted (open)
     A Quiet Smoke, Accepted (open)

82. Radcliffe - Kate
     Red Squirrel 05, Accepted (nature)
     Leaping Red Squirrel, Accepted (nature)

83. Rees-peter
     Solitude, Accepted (open)

84. Reynolds-Steve
     One careful owner, Accepted (open)
     Sleeping Lions, Accepted (open)
     In Red, Accepted (open)

85. Roger Creber
     Venetian Dawn, Accepted (travel)

86. Ron Tear
     Zabriskie Point, Accepted (travel)
     Calving Glacier and Kittywakes, Accepted (nature)
     Polar Bear Advancing, Accepted (nature)
     Bridge of Snow, Accepted (open)
     Joceline, Accepted (open)

87. Sellers - Jon
     The Liberator, Accepted (experimental)
     The Bank Job, Accepted (experimental)
     Time To Say Goodbye, Accepted (experimental)
     Eagle Owl, Accepted (nature)
     The Tram Stop, Accepted (open)
     The Miner, Accepted (open)
     The Engine Driver, Accepted (open)
     Guarding The Abbey, Accepted (open)

88. shanks robert
     camargue horses, Accepted (open)
     crooked red beacon, Accepted (open)

89. Shaw-Stephen
     Short eared owl 2, Accepted (nature)

90. Shepherd Nicola
     Red Reflections, Accepted (open)

91. Shinner Gary
     Edinburgh roof tops, Accepted (travel)
     Coloured glass study No2, Accepted (open)
     What are you looking at, Accepted (open)
     First signs of Autumn, Accepted (open)

92. Shirley Hollis
     Taking The Dog For A Walk, Accepted (experimental)
     Turning Pages, Accepted (open)

93. Sixsmith Margaret
     The Chase, Accepted (experimental)
     Toad, Accepted (nature)
     Snow monkeys grooming, Accepted (open)
     Two ponies, Accepted (open)
     The Hunter, Accepted (open)

94. Sixsmith, John
     Collecting nesting material, Accepted (nature)
     Bottle on window sill, Accepted (open)
     The Bothy, Accepted (open)
     Becky, Accepted (open)

95. Stone
     Kokboru, Kyrgyz Game, Accepted (travel)
     Snug on Mum, Diploma 7 (nature)
     Ice Contest, Accepted (nature)
     Minus 36 degree Celsius, Accepted (nature)
     Elder Sister, Accepted (open)
     Look at me, Doggy, Accepted (open)
     Fierce Predators, Accepted (open)

96. Tarbox Jim
     Puffin with sandeels, Accepted (nature)

97. thompson phil
     atkinson, Accepted (experimental)
     runners, Accepted (open)

98. Thomson - Ian
     Three Ladies of Itri, Accepted (travel)
     Corridor of Colour, Accepted (open)
     The Lark Ascending, Accepted (open)
     Collision Course, Accepted (open)

99. Tickner - Richard
     Streetlight, Accepted (travel)
     Man With Cigar, Accepted (travel)
     Black Gold 2, Accepted (open)

100. Tillman Kleinhans
     Man, Myth and Magic 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Naked Christ 2, Accepted (experimental)
     Ladybird and Aphid, Accepted (nature)
     Jetty at Coniston, Accepted (open)

101. Toft - David
     Brickyard, Accepted (travel)
     Wild Alligator, Accepted (nature)
     Kids, Accepted (open)
     To the Summit, Accepted (open)

102. Tulloch, Peter
     ROADSIDE HERERO WOMAN, Accepted (travel)
     HEAD UP NAMIBIA, Accepted (travel)
     WATCHFUL LION AT ZEBRA KILL, Accepted (nature)
     TOWARDS BEACHY HEAD, Accepted (open)
     THE ENGINE DRIVER, Accepted (open)

103. VERNIMMEN Douglas
     Konstantina (1), Accepted (open)

104. Walker Michael
     Boscombe Pier 2, Accepted (open)

105. Walters - Terry
     In The Battlefield Shadows, Accepted (open)

106. Welford-Peter-M-
     English Rose, Accepted (open)
     Top Dog, Accepted (open)

United States

1. Adhikari-Amit
     Berry Eating Bulbul, Accepted (nature)

2. Beller, Dorothy
     Duck & Ducklongs 4, Accepted (experimental)
     Red Truck on Curvedd Road, Accepted (open)

3. Beller, Larry
     Portland Towers, Accepted (open)

4. Chang Wendell
     The Common Tern 6, Accepted (nature)
     Hummingbird 7, Accepted (nature)

5. Cowles Larry
     Linda in Thought, Accepted (open)
     Julie Fur Blue Eyes, Accepted (open)
     Kirat Red Vail, Accepted (open)
     Linda Profile Wrap, Accepted (open)

6. Dave Whitson
     Ravishing Megan, Accepted (open)

     Balloon Fantacy, Accepted (experimental)

8. Elena McTighe
     Cascading Bouquet, Accepted (experimental)
     Orange Breast, Accepted (nature)
     Courting, Accepted (nature)
     Gentle Hills, Accepted (open)
     Fox Resting, Accepted (open)

9. Forrest, Marjorie
     Bad Hair Day, Accepted (experimental)
     Red Vixen Sniffing, Accepted (nature)
     Carcaras in Flight, Accepted (nature)
     Opal Sky with Sailboat, Accepted (open)

10. Frey Eric
     Solace, Accepted (travel)

11. Gene SCHWOPE
     Painting Washingtons Roof, Accepted (open)

12. Hollinger Linda
     Sunset In Pushkar India, Accepted (travel)
     Rajasthan Kitchen India, Accepted (travel)
     Sweeping Amber Fort India, Accepted (travel)
     Gadi Sagar Lake India, Accepted (travel)

13. Huong-Hoa Nguyen
     Butterfly on Flower, Accepted (open)
     Frog Eyes, Accepted (open)

14. Jacky Wong
     Hummingbird, Accepted (nature)
     My Meal, Accepted (nature)

15. Judy Burr
     Colorful Harbor, Accepted (open)
     Ghost Rider, Accepted (open)

16. Ken Lee
     Fly in the Sky, Accepted (experimental)
     Cardinal, Accepted (open)
     Golden Wheatland, Accepted (open)

     EARLY FISHING, Accepted (travel)
     RUNNING DOWNHILL, Accepted (travel)
     DETERMINATION, Accepted (travel)
     A LIFE TO PONDER, Accepted (open)
     MOTOCROSS, Accepted (open)
     SPLASH, Accepted (open)

18. Le Tam
     THE STAIR STEPS, Accepted (travel)
     XIA PU SUNRISE, Accepted (travel)
     MAKING THE GRADE, Accepted (travel)
     APPROACH FOR LANDING, Accepted (nature)
     SEAWEED FARM 0217, Accepted (open)
     JIN MAO CIRCLE OF LIFE, Accepted (open)

19. Leong- Wing Chane
     Huge Bubble, Accepted (experimental)
     Dragonfly on Lotus, Accepted (open)
     Fishing At Dawn, Accepted (open)
     My Fur Lady, Accepted (open)

20. Liang Xin Xin
     The fall of leaf, Accepted (travel)
     Colorful, Accepted (experimental)
     Art of Space, Accepted (experimental)
     The swan family, Accepted (nature)

21. Miller, Marvin
     Sailing Out, Accepted (experimental)

22. Miller, Mary
     Fish Fight, Accepted (nature)
     Sunset At The Pier, Accepted (open)

23. Moertl - Paul
     Brick Wall, Accepted (open)
     Takkaka Falls 1, Accepted (open)

24. Muhrlein, Hal
     Just Blue Berries, Accepted (open)

25. Nemeroff Ira
     View Of The Future, Accepted (experimental)
     Milkweed Pod, Accepted (nature)
     Sea Dance 1, Accepted (nature)
     Blue Glasses, Accepted (open)

26. Nguyen - Andy
     City Center, Accepted (travel)
     Surprised Hawk, Accepted (nature)
     The Stalker, Accepted (open)
     Tricolored Heron, Accepted (open)
     Hawkeye, Accepted (open)

27. Norman Johnson
     Cubs Following Mom, Accepted (nature)
     Polar Bears Dancing, Accepted (nature)
     Big Stretch, Accepted (nature)
     Bobcat in Forest, Accepted (open)

28. Otero Marie
     Fractured Thought, Accepted (experimental)
     Deconstructing Butterflies, Accepted (experimental)
     The Shipwrecked Stranger, Accepted (experimental)
     A Sculptured Dive, Accepted (experimental)
     Falcons Portrait, Accepted (nature)

29. Ou Guo Jiang
     Creek between trees, Accepted (travel)
     Temples in Bagan, Accepted (travel)
     Young Monk, Accepted (experimental)

30. Pang, Paul
     Morning Fog, Accepted (nature)
     Rodeo 2, Accepted (open)
     Antarctica 16, Accepted (open)

31. POTTS - Gary
     Gold Hill Stroll, Accepted (travel)
     Old Friends, Accepted (nature)

32. Qui
     Tea Time, Accepted (travel)
     Green Salt Field, Accepted (travel)
     Circle of Life, Accepted (travel)
     Mud Of The Mind, Accepted (experimental)
     About To Fight, Diploma 9 (nature)
     Wondering, Accepted (nature)
     The Emerald Pool of Subway, Accepted (nature)
     Flows Into Green Staff, Accepted (open)
     The Blue Tango, Accepted (open)
     The Dead Autumn, Accepted (open)
     Thirsty Frog, Accepted (open)

33. SALIM - Mohammad Ali
     After Storm, Accepted (experimental)

34. Schleim, Klaus-Dieter
     Snowy Catching Killies, Accepted (nature)

     Upper Antelope 3470, Accepted (open)

36. Stone- Loye
     Viewing Monument Valley, Accepted (travel)
     Mount Rushmore, Accepted (travel)

37. Susan Cowles
     Showing Off Colors, Accepted (nature)
     Sandhill Cranes Sunrise, Accepted (nature)
     Belen Adjusting Her Hat, Accepted (open)
     Michelle Sophisticated In Fur, Accepted (open)

38. Tauber Tom
     Painted Monastery Romania, Accepted (travel)
     Mrs Li - Guizhou China, Accepted (open)
     A Long and Simple Life, Accepted (open)
     Golden Gate in Fog, Accepted (open)

39. Tichy, SuAnn
     Copper-rumped Hummingbird, Accepted (nature)
     Nubble Light, Accepted (open)
     Coming Hone, Accepted (open)

40. Tran Ha
     Enjoy-The-Ride, Accepted (travel)
     Li Shui-01, Accepted (travel)
     Xia-Pu-Sand-Bar-17, Accepted (travel)
     SURFING-47, Accepted (experimental)
     ARCHES NATIONAL PARK-FILMSTRIP, Accepted (experimental)
     Blue Heron With Fish, Accepted (nature)
     The Red Barn-4, Accepted (open)
     Palouse Hills Sunrise-2, Accepted (open)

41. Xiang Ming Zheng
     Night Heron, Accepted (open)
     Splash, Accepted (open)
     Cleaning, Accepted (open)
     Surfing Girl, Accepted (open)

42. York Don
     Ice Over Field, Accepted (open)


     Twogeneration no 3, FIAP Honorable Mention 1 (travel)
     Childhoo Tay nguyen 07, Accepted (travel)
     New sunlight, Accepted (travel)
     Concentration, UPI Honorable Mention 4 (open)
     Grandfather and kid no 2, Accepted (open)
     Dependency no 4 , Accepted (open)
     Competition, Accepted (open)

2. Dao Tien Dat
     TRADITIONAL CAREER No 2 , FIAP Honorable Mention 2 (travel)
     LIFE , Accepted (experimental)
     S.O.S No 3 , Accepted (experimental)
     ORDINATION CEREMONY OF BUDDHISM , Accepted (experimental)
     FRIENDS No 2, Accepted (open)
     CHILDREN No 1 , Accepted (open)
     CATCHING GAYALS No 3 , Accepted (open)
     SOLITARY No 2 , Accepted (open)

     On the River, Accepted (travel)
     Fresh Water, Accepted (travel)
     Pounding Rice 2, Accepted (open)
     Old Age, Accepted (open)
     Harvest Coffee, Accepted (open)
     Work at home, Accepted (open)

     C?U NGUY?N, Accepted (open)
     DU?NG D?N CHUA, Accepted (open)
     SONG QUE, Accepted (open)

5. Duy Tuong Nguyen
     Mothers love, Judges Choice 2 (nature)
     Snail, Accepted (nature)
     Babys eyes, Accepted (open)
     Life activity, Accepted (open)
     Children in high land 1, Accepted (open)
     Terraces ricefields 24, Accepted (open)

6. Hung Hoa Lu
     Present and future, Accepted (open)
     A cosy life, UPI Honorable Mention 5 (open)
     waiting..., Accepted (open)
     Winter afternoon, Accepted (open)

     Childhood 6, Accepted (travel)
     Amorning on the River 20, Accepted (travel)
     Onthe Way home 15, Diploma 6 (travel)
     Fisher mam 20, Accepted (travel)
     Look 4, Accepted (open)
     Look At 1, Accepted (open)
     Amorning onthe River 4, Accepted (open)
     Teriified 1, Accepted (open)

8. Le Quang Thai
     Early Morning, Diploma 7 (travel)
     In the sunlight 5, Accepted (travel)
     Innocent 5, Accepted (travel)
     Worlds, Diploma 3 (experimental)
     Flying Up, Accepted (experimental)
     Flying, Accepted (open)
     At the break of Dawn, Accepted (open)
     Praying, Accepted (open)
     Surrounding, Accepted (open)

     WAIT, Accepted (travel)
     MAN AND THE SEA, Accepted (travel)
     MORNING ON THE RIVER, Accepted (travel)
     CHAMPA CERAMICS, Accepted (open)
     TRADITIONAL VILLAGES , Accepted (open)
     TWO FRIENDS, Accepted (open)
     ADORN WORKS, Accepted (open)

     TAN TAO, Accepted (travel)
     NANG SOM TRENDONG MUOI, Accepted (travel)
     BEP AM, Accepted (travel)
     ong va chau, Accepted (open)
     tung chai, Accepted (open)
     hoai co, Accepted (open)
     NHIN 2, Accepted (open)

     BEN DOI, Accepted (travel)
     VE BEN, Accepted (travel)
     GANH DA DIA, Accepted (travel)
     THU GIAN, Accepted (open)
     BA CHAU, Accepted (open)
     VUOT QUA BAO TO, Accepted (open)
     BIEN DONG, Accepted (open)

     OLD MOTHER 02, Accepted (travel)
     SPREAD FISHING NET 04, Accepted (open)
     WAY BACK HOME, Accepted (open)

     Production cap, Diploma 9 (travel)
     Upland people, Accepted (travel)
     Shieling, Diploma 4 (open)
     Come back home, Accepted (open)
     Resumption of love, Accepted (open)
     The river of childhood, Accepted (open)

14. Thach, Nguyen Ngoc
     Bana Dancing 01, Accepted (travel)
     Two Neighbors, Accepted (open)
     The Eyes, Accepted (open)
     Giao mua, Accepted (open)
     Countryside, Accepted (open)

15. Todd, Sharp
     Ashlin in the Dahlias 1, Accepted (experimental)
     Lily Stamen Closeup 1, Accepted (open)
     Chechen Itza with Boy, Accepted (open)

     EARLY SUN, Accepted (travel)
     TRADITIONAL, Accepted (open)
     NEW COLORS, Accepted (open)
     AFTER THE WAR, Accepted (open)
     SMILE, Accepted (open)

     Exported Cononut Fibre, UPI Gold Medal (travel)
     Helping Mother, Accepted (travel)
     In the salt field 2, Accepted (travel)
     Two Generations, Accepted (travel)
     Alone 2, UPI Gold Medal (open)
     Afternoon in highland, Accepted (open)

     Smoke, PSA Honorable Mention (travel)
     To the market, Accepted (travel)
     Fisherman, Accepted (travel)
     Summer day, Accepted (travel)
     Early morning, Diploma 3 (open)
     The drought, Accepted (open)
     Dance in the sun, Accepted (open)
     Overcoming sea waves, Accepted (open)

Virgin Islands

1. Davis brian
     girl weaving mat ~ Morocco, Accepted (travel)
     in days of old, Accepted (open)
     heading for heavern ~ assissi, Accepted (open)

A photographic salon opens its doors to all photographers all over the world. Every photographer amateur or not can participate in this photographic contest.

A photographic exhibition, in one photographic circuit with four salons and four categories each. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature and Travel, up to 16 photos per entrant.

In this photographic competition 500 awards wait the best photos of the photographers to be given to.

A Grand prize of 1 week accomodation in Greece!

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