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1st Salon "CRETE" - Awards

Best of 1st Salon "CRETE"


Paradowski Leszek, Poland

1st Salon "CRETE" - Category OPEN

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
Dinah Jayes Girl in the Meadow UPI Gold Medal United Kingdom
Le Quang Thai At the break of Dawn FIAP Gold Medal Vietnam
Paradowski Leszek June PSA Gold Medal Poland
Chen Lie The Shadow of Netts HPSC Gold Medal China
Boemke - Reinhard Juliette 1 002 UPI Silver Medal Germany
James Lu Shaking UPI Bronze Medal Australia
HELIMAKI JUSSI Early in the morning 4 HPSC Silver Medal Finland
Cheeseman - Barry Anguish HPSC Bronze Medal Australia
David L Edwards Fighting to win UPI Honorable Mention 1 United Kingdom
Wibisono-Ario JOYFUL UPI Honorable Mention 2 Indonesia
Perini Valerio Yoko UPI Honorable Mention 3 Italy
suszkiewicz Ole Watches UPI Honorable Mention 4 Denmark
Bova-Dina Silence Before UPI Honorable Mention 5 Israel
HO Yau Ming Charles Working at dawn UPI Honorable Mention 6 Hong Kong
Alessandro Ballini Taverne D Arbia 10 PSA Honorable Mention Italy
Kerekes Istvan Tearful eyes HPSC Honorable Mention Hungary
Yeoh - Fendy P.C. Spider lady Diploma 1 Indonesia
TAM JOSEPH Braving the Storm Diploma 2 Australia
Stefan Stuppnig Altes Haus Diploma 3 Austria
Nagawan - Pimpin The Beauty Ballerina Diploma 4 Indonesia
Hung Hoa Lu Winter afternoon Diploma 5 Vietnam
David Byrne The Copse Diploma 6 United Kingdom
Cheng-Anli Live earth Diploma 7 China
Bunanta Agatha Herding the horses Diploma 8 Indonesia
Browko Kryzsytof Green waves Diploma 9 Poland
Brigitta Moser man and dog Diploma 10 Austria
Bart Zandbergen Frozen moments VI Judges Choice 1 Netherlands
Zurmuhle A Peaceful Place Judges Choice 2 Switzerland
Sixsmith, John Becky Judges Choice 3 United Kingdom

1st Salon "CRETE" - Category TRAVEL

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
HO Yau Ming Charles Start work at dawn UPI Gold Medal Hong Kong
GIBERTONI Dino Odoardo First light 3 FIAP Gold Medal Italy
ge xiao  Zebra migration PSA Gold Medal China
Wang Li Morning Sunlight HPSC Gold Medal China
Palfrader Josef Abendrot UPI Silver Medal Austria
Nagy Lajos Mountain farm UPI Bronze Medal Romania
Roman golden seconds HPSC Silver Medal Poland
Phung Noi Slope HPSC Bronze Medal Canada
Momeni - Mohammadreza Parallel UPI Honorable Mention 1 Iran
Kerekes Istvan Alpen tale UPI Honorable Mention 2 Hungary
Wachtarczyk Helmut the arab and the camel UPI Honorable Mention 3 Germany
Roger JOURDAIN WILD NAMIB DESERT UPI Honorable Mention 4 France
Papadakis Giorgos Heraklion Venetian port UPI Honorable Mention 5 Greece
peizhi zhang Picturesque Hong village UPI Honorable Mention 6 China
KARTSONAKIS MANOLIS Athens Olympic stadium FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Greece
Gerry Andrews Early Morning Catch FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Ireland
Ip Ngai Leung Go yo school PSA Honorable Mention Hong Kong
Kintonis Hristos IN SANTORINI HPSC Honorable Mention Greece
Podobnik Rafael Rime Diploma 1 Slovenia
Scaramelli Massimo Mattinata estiva Diploma 2 Italy
YONG GU  West Lake remexs Diploma 3 China
Wan Yi Desert territory NO.2 Diploma 4 China
KWOK-Miu Anthony Buddhism celebration Diploma 5 Hong Kong
alfarsi yasir i love camel Diploma 6 Oman
Browko Kryzsytof Ten Diploma 7 Poland
godnic boris salt fields3 Diploma 8 Slovenia
 Huang-Yu Pei Village Life Diploma 9 Taiwan
Le Quang Thai Early Morning Diploma 10 Vietnam
RAFLY RINALDY Morning at Rawa Pening Judges Choice 1 Indonesia
Korpihete Kari Lone Rider Judges Choice 2 Finland
MACINAI MICHELE tuscan golden sunrise 3 Judges Choice 3 Italy

1st Salon "CRETE" - Category NATURE

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
VAN ECHELPOEL Rene Red Deer in the Fog UPI Gold Medal Belgium
Momeni - Mohammadreza Shrub FIAP Gold Medal Iran
guobin zhu Jump PSA Gold Medal China
 Yeh  Chun- Liang Spider-7 HPSC Gold Medal Taiwan
Yun Feng Perng     C3-feeding  02 UPI Silver Medal Taiwan
Schabetsberger Rudolf Gorilla UPI Bronze Medal Austria
 Huang-Yu Pei household HPSC Silver Medal Taiwan
Godec Rok Bloke 01 HPSC Bronze Medal Slovenia
Rogerson Janet Tidal Reveal UPI Honorable Mention 1 Australia
Roland Jensen Winter UPI Honorable Mention 2 Denmark
van Balken Marcel Elephant parade UPI Honorable Mention 3 Netherlands
yue zhang Stare UPI Honorable Mention 4 China
KWOK-Miu Anthony Give me first UPI Honorable Mention 5 Hong Kong
WEIDONG SUN The starry sky UPI Honorable Mention 6 China
Parker - Craig All alone on an iceberg FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Australia
John Coumbias sudden departure FIAP Honorable Mention 2 South Africa
Schweiger - Christian Kiilopaa Lapland PSA Honorable Mention Germany
Mohd Alhadi Steadfast HPSC Honorable Mention Oman
Yeo Eng Siong Cheetah and Fawn Diploma 1 Singapore
Van Mensel Dre Eating Gyrfalcon Diploma 2 Belgium
Tsai Chi- Chang My Father Back Diploma 3 Taiwan
Staub Felix Elephant Seal Fight 2 Diploma 5 Australia
ilario ledda hardness Diploma 6 Italy
IL-TAE LIM Providence Diploma 7 Korea, South
Hammer Jacqueline Nest Building Diploma 8 Australia
Francesco Alberghina Masai Mara Light Beams Diploma 9 Italy
Cheng,Ming-Hui The Mothers Love-96 Diploma 10 Taiwan
Nemeroff Ira Sea Dance 1 Judges Choice 1 United States
Kwan Phillip Snow Monkey Family Judges Choice 2 Canada
PETRITSCH Erwin Erich Autumn Mist 03 Judges Choice 3 Austria

1st Salon "CRETE" - Category EXPERIMENTAL

Participant Photo Title AWARD Country
BONDAR Mikhail Attachment to the Sea-3 UPI Gold Medal Ukraine
Leyla EMEKTAR Training FIAP Gold Medal Turkey
 Huang-Yu Pei Faint PSA Gold Medal Taiwan
Wachtarczyk Helmut winnder and loosers HPSC Gold Medal Germany
Metaxaki Antigoni Dreamland UPI Silver Medal Greece
Teo Yong-Kang Scary woman UPI Bronze Medal Afghanistan
Carrieri Luigi Space visions 05 HPSC Silver Medal Italy
GHOSH SWARNENDU Corset HPSC Bronze Medal India
Manuel Lopez Puerma El Pirata UPI Honorable Mention 1 Spain
Lines Adrian Fallen Angel UPI Honorable Mention 2 United Kingdom
Joergen Kristensen Andreas UPI Honorable Mention 3 Denmark
van Balken Marcel Farewell letter UPI Honorable Mention 4 Netherlands
Stake,  Jan-Thomas Newborn UPI Honorable Mention 5 Sweden
Palfrader Josef Ich muss auch mal UPI Honorable Mention 6 Austria
Schmelz Ewald Alien Fertility & Mortal Agony FIAP Honorable Mention 1 Austria
Leyendecker  Peter Exhibition FIAP Honorable Mention 2 Germany
LYBAERT Daniel Mono Contpiep PSA Honorable Mention Netherlands
Pencheva Elena No name HPSC Honorable Mention Bulgaria
LUISMA BARRIO The Front Diploma 1 Spain
Jose Carlos Martinez Robles Mens Shame III Diploma 2 Spain
Hansen, Jim Escape Diploma 3 Norway
Ganahl Andreas Power of Earth Diploma 4 Austria
Dao Tien Dat S.O.S  No 3        Diploma 5 Vietnam
Wong Beow-Leng Ready to dance Diploma 6 Singapore
Proshin Dreamer Diploma 7 Russia
Shmueli Gil Demon Dance Diploma 8 Israel
SHU MA  Pace up and down Diploma 9 China
Tang Kai Lon Space Dance Diploma 10 Macau
law john DREAMTEAM Judges Choice 1 United Kingdom
Munuera Sola, Jose Antonio Musica en la calle Judges Choice 2 Spain
Sorensen, May Britt Under the pier Judges Choice 3 Norway

A photographic salon opens its doors to all photographers all over the world. Every photographer amateur or not can participate in this photographic contest.

A photographic exhibition, in one photographic circuit with four salons and four categories each. Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature and Travel, up to 16 photos per entrant.

In this photographic competition 500 awards wait the best photos of the photographers to be given to.

A Grand prize of 1 week accomodation in Greece!

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